Kotak Mahindra Bank / customer service

Lucknow, India

Kotak is india's worst bank, their customer service is pathetic, their employees don't know how to talk to a customer.
I wanted to open a basic saving account(zero balance), so recieved kotak's representative at my home.
That guy was very rude, he was forcing me to open an account with 10000 rupees, when i said i don't need that becoz i already have two more accounts in diffrent banks, he said apko kuch nhi pata apko kuch nhi karna hai.
That guy's way of talking was like an uneducated illiterate person.
An organization should sell what a customer want, not what an organization want.

Dear kotak either shut your bank forever or start hiring educated and well mannerd employees.

Oct 17, 2017

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