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My son went in for a cleaning and xrays on Saturday January 14, 2017. They did xrays, cleaned his teeth, and poked around in his mouth. He woke up on January 15, 2017 with his jaw swollen. Took him to the doctor and a different dentist. They admitted him to the hospital.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Anderson, SC He had gotten an infection from his cleaning he got from kool smiles. They had to pull 5 baby teeth to drain the infection. He had to stay 3 days in the hospital. Very very scary when a healthy 8 year old has such a bad infection from getting his teeth cleaned from a suppose to be good dentist office.

Kool Smiles

Jan 22, 2017
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  • Ka
      Jan 23, 2017

    I am so sorry this happened to your son. My little man had a traumatic experience at Kool Smiles in Orangeburg, SC last year. He went in for a cleaning and fillings. The dentist was MEAN, and would not listen to me at all when told them what had worked with him previously. She, instead, had 2 assistants help strap him to a cradle board. A third assistant then held him down with a towel across his forehead. They kicked me out of the room because he and I were both "too upset". I sat outside of the room and listened to my son scream as they forced him to get the work done. While they were "working", I spoke with the manager, and complained about the dentist who was working on my son. When that dentist came out of the room, she told me to never bring my son back there, because he was too "uncooperative". He was FIVE and very afraid due to being man-handled as they did. I filed complaints with both the Kool Smiles corporate office and the office where this happened. I was blown off by both, and my phone calls and emails went unanswered. I did receive a nice bill for work that had not been done tho, which I refuse to pay. Since this ordeal, my son is very anxious about going to the dentist, and has to undergo oral surgery at the hospital in order to have ANY procedure done. In my opinion, Kool Smiles needs to be under heavy investigation, and should pay restitution to the children they have injured and traumatized. I will NEVER recommend a Kool smiles dentist to anyone looking for pediatric dentistry.

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  • Rl
      Feb 07, 2017

    This is an ongoing problem. I took my daughter to the dentist on January 7, 2017. I was told because of the new year, I have not yet reached my deductible and had to pay an out of pocket fee. The receptionist came back and stated that it would be an additional fee for service. I paid the fee. The following week, I received a call that stated that she needed a follow-up and arranged an appointment. She went on to announce the insurance that I have and I mentioned that there is a primary and a secondary insurance. She stated that there is only one listed. I informed her that there are 2 listed on the patient information form and as well as having both at the appointment. I have called since January 23, 2017 to have them add the secondary insurance and bill them. I have been told that they do not bill a secondary insurance, only to talk to someone at the call center that say they do. Every time I call, I am instructed to call back in a few days. As of today, February 7th, I was told that it only takes 1 to 2 days to verify the secondary insurance, which has not been done and AGAIN, told to call back in a few days. And on top of this, I received a bill for service for January 7th.

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  • Ju
      May 31, 2018

    Kool Smiles has been sued for fraud and mistreatment of children. Avoid them at all costs!

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  • St
      Apr 18, 2019

    I went back I. March for a tooth he sat for hr in waitj g room they then took me to back roo. A d sat for another half hr they finally took a xray then I sat for another half hr. Finally dentist comes over shows me xray says I need to teeth pulled. Made me a appointment for 5 weeks later and gave me antibiotics and pain med for two weeks and I said I have to wait this long and this is all the medication I get. And she smiled and said it should be okay I am in terrible pain that's why I am here. So now she gives me my appointment and says see you in 5 weeks. We'll 5weeks now I go back to get teeth pulled and get there 15 minutes early she hands me forms again to fill out. I fill out and sit down. She calls me back up laughing to her other secretary not looking at me and says oh the dentist that's suppose to pull your teeth isn't here. Then says hold on so I sit back down and she calls me back up and laughs again and says oh he is here today so you can ha e your teeth pulled and it's a hr drive to get to Kool smiles from where I live. So she tells me sit down and wait. So ten minutes later she calls me back up and says how are you paying today and I say excuse me you have not told me anything about a price and they both laugh as I feel humility she says I need 248.00 and I say you never told me I needed to bring any money and you never explained what my insurance covered and didn't cover. And again they laugh and she says well no money then we can't pull your teeth. I am just dumbfounded that they never said a word about any of this at my first appointment. So now We drove a hour for nothing I am in severe pain and she tells me when you have money come back what kind of place does this.

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