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Kodak ESP3250 All-in-One Prnter / Misleading; consumes color ink when printing B&W

1 United States

I purchased a Kodak 3250 printer three months ago. It starts up very slowly, and the scan start-up is slow, but accepted that this printer was not as responsive as other printers I have own.

Overall, I expected a higher quality product from Kodak, given my past experience with Kodak products. I grew up in a household with dozens of Kodak products since my father was a professional photographer for over 35 years. In my opinion this printer does not live up to the Kodak name and reputation.

I primarily use my printer to print black and white Word documents with black text. I noticed the color ink level was going down slowly and didn’t understand why. Today, my printer stopped printing because the color ink cartridge is empty. I feel a printer should be able to print using just the black ink cartridge, especially when printing B&W text documents.

I feel forced to purchase color ink I don’t use nor want to use. I saw nothing on the package or in the advertising warns consumers of the need to have a full color ink cartridge to accommodate black and white printing.

From what I could make out from the Customer Service representative’s explanation, the 3250 All-In-One printer design requires consuming color ink to print black.

I have used different brands of printers in the past (Dell, Epson, Hewlett Packard among others) and have always been able to print with just the black cartridge installed. Is there some way to use this printer using black ink only without consuming color ink when printing black only?

Nowhere on the package or the instructions or marketing materials did I see that one must use a color cartridge to print black. To me, this is very deceptive.

To me, it’s a consumer rip-off. Kodak touts buying its printer to lower ink costs, and then maintains that unsuspecting consumers must purchase color ink cartridges to operate the black and white function on the printer. I don’t see the savings when I was able to print using only black ink cartridge on other printers even without having the color ink cartridge installed.

I find all your marketing materials and advertising misleading when there is no mention that the black printing consumers color ink.

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