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I bought a kodak camera in New Zealand. It broke. I returned it to the business I bought it from, they sent it to Kodak repairs in New South Wales, Australia. When I phoned to check 1 week later what was going on I was told it needed a new LCD screen but there were none in stock and they didn't know when the parts would arrive. I phoned 1 week later same story. I requested a replacement or refund, Was told they don't give refunds and had none in stock to replace. By the way I am now dealing with people in Manilla! I phoned 1 week later and was told the same thing. No idea when the parts would be in, no replacement or refund. I have no camera and no idea when I might get it back. It has now been 31/2 weeks which may not seem long but that is not the kind of service we are used to.


  • Ba
    Badger Mar 27, 2009

    I agree, my camera died after 6 months of using it, it was great wee camera then just died, never dropped it or anything. The first problem was, how the hell all that dust and pollen got inside my camera lcd screen.
    I took it back to Walmart as I purchased it in the states when at work there, they just said we dont know how that could happen?
    I came home and it worked perfectly well for a month then died.
    I cant do anything about it, I just lost out on £70.


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  • Pr
    pranshu garg May 08, 2009

    i hav buyed a digital camera of kodak and it wasnt working since i hav bought it but when i send it to its servise station wasting one day and giving it to them for 1 months and when it return the problem was same

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  • La
    Laxminarayan Tripathi Jun 07, 2009

    I Bought a Kodak Digital Camera through Sify.com Website Order Number: s-000694216-m
    Order Date: 2009-02-19 09:29:42...The Camera has a big defect it Video Recording button does not work. and also drains off a lot of battery Consumption.. I have no choice but to ask for a replacemt for this Camera.. or a Full refund...

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  • Al
    Alok_anb Jan 18, 2010

    i just want to know that if the camera is with them for repairs for mare than a month or so then we loose our warrenty period also, so do we get any kind of warrenty extension on it
    i am also having the same problem my camera is dead and i have given for repairs about 2 months ago
    fed up of kodak and will never suggest any one to buy kodak even if its free

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  • Jo
    John Murtha Aug 21, 2010

    I purchased a Kodak EasyShare ZD710 two years ago and the problems started as soon as we got on the ship. It seemed as if the camera had its own mind. One day it worked perfectly the next day I had to fiddle with the controls. I admit it was brand new but I studied the manual and kept it with me constantly. I thought the problems had to do with being on the water but when we returned I still had problems. First The dam thing eats batteries, next it is persnicity about which batteries it will take.I went away for away with my ZD710 and a 20 pack of Kodak batteries.. would rou believe that they would not work . Of all the makes, the only ones that were Energisers or rechargeables period. Plus I hate it when A company with an American name uses their name to hide Chinese made products.

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  • Lo
    Loumic4 Aug 22, 2010

    Kodak ESP-3 may be cheap in ink costs but you pay for what you DON'T use! It takes approx 5-6 color cartridges ($17.99--price increase twice in less than a year) to every 1 black cartridge ($9.99--no price increase). This seems pointless but if you're NOT using any color - why is it being depleted? I called CSR but only India works the call center. NO U.S. located call center. I reached a receptionist in Rochester, NY where the HQS is and was refused to be allowed to speak to any engineer or supervisor.

    Bottom line - they are FORCING you to purchase colored ink even if you only print in black!

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  • Ju
    jugbhai Jan 23, 2011

    V1073 DO NOT BUY AT ALL.

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  • Ju
    jugbhai Jan 23, 2011

    DO NOT BUY V1073

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  • Gi
    Giveusabreak Mar 04, 2011

    Kodak are scamsters! I was given the run around and sent a recondition product when I hardly used it a brand new camera. I thought that the name inferred quality due to all of their previous advertisement campaigns, however this is a mere deception. Their customer service is really poor and they infuriate by sending emails out standard jargonic spiel. When I asked if there were anything they could give for my inconvenience I was told I should be happy that it was being replaced. This attitude after I am inconvenienced by their technical policies of printing of UPS slips and waiting for a block booking delivery collection. They really know how to make a consumer special?!? :-S

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  • Go
    Godfather4 May 11, 2011

    I bought a Kodak zi6 HD Flip Cam and after 45 min. of use it stop working. got it as a gift but during my move I lost the box and all the paper work. Kodak said they can do nothing about it. I will never ever but any Kodak brand again and tell all my Friends to do the same.

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  • Bo
    Bob Condron Nov 09, 2011

    Kodak 3250 printer won't print in black with new black cartridge and an empty color cartridge. Typical printer scam. No Kodak update or fix - just ripping people off!

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  • Do
    donna baldwin kodak camera Apr 02, 2012

    with then a few weeks of buying my camera it started to mess up going off all the time and then say lens error and shut off is there anything i can do to get a new one or call the company and complain?

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  • Do
    donna baldwin kodak camera Apr 02, 2012

    since iv bought this Kodak camera iv had nothing but trouble with it besides i thought that maybe it was just the one that was messed up so i bought another one and it's doing the same things i love the camera and the pictures com out beautiful.

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  • Brenda* Apr 02, 2012

    Contact Kodak donna, there is a limited warranty, read it. You might also try googling your issue. Kodak also has a website, you might get help there.

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  • Br
    Brian Sandy Oct 22, 2012

    I have a printer and the head has a fault after 1 ink change. Now does not work. I tried to call them and was kept on hold for 20 minutes @ £1.53 per minute. Its a joke thats not funny. I will never buy ANYTHING from Kodak ever again. HEWLETT PACKARD RULES!!!

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  • An
    Angellou May 27, 2013

    Yet again another complaint of kodak esp3 printers. I have wasted 4x the amount of money on having to buy a black and white and colour cartridges for my printer in 3 weeks. Using my printerfor the first couple of months was perfect I loved my new printer which my partner brought for my birthday, Ashe also brought me my new canon eos as I am a new beginner of photography. I got to print out such amazing bright beautiful pictures, inwhich I printed over 180 pictures on my first few months of using it. Then it was time to change my ink, I changed it, it worked the first time using it, but to my surprise I went to use it a couple of days later, and it started showing steaky lines, an the colour was faded . So I cleaned up printer head, and done a full clean up and test prints. It started working again for only a little while. Until I got the same faded steaky pics. I then was told I needed new ink which I'd only got to print 25+ pics on that 2nd batch of inks. Even changed the printer head. Worked for only the time I had it running, nest time of putting it on its got worse and again telling me I have low ink. Inwhich on my 3rd batch of inks I used my ink on printing out my fantastically designed party invites, a couple of pictures of my new born baby boy, and a few scan copy's for work . Which was hardly nothing at all in ink. I am getting sick and tired of wasting money on this poor quality printer. Even though the advert shows all te pictures you can print, on the stupid advert of the kids making up a football crowed, ( what a bloody waste of paper and ink that was. They used up. ) they say its cheap and great quality. But instead 'us lot of loyal, paying customers, we do t get that great quality . We get absolute bullsh!t . So really . Kodak should be known as fraudsters. They show fake advertisement because they don't tell us that we have to replace the pro tee heads. In normal printers, there ink has the printer heads already built in. But kodak, we have to buy our printer head seperately .
    So really itl be better just to get a normal printer. So if anyone's wanting an upgrade I there printers... Don't buy a kodak ESP series or any kodak infact!!

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  • To
    TotallyFrustrated100 Jul 23, 2013

    I bought the most expensive printer, Kodak, because it claimed to be able to save me money on ink. However everytime I'm halfway through an ink cartridge, or I have black ink but not color, I get a message stating there's a printer communication error and then another that says I'm low on ink. The only option it gives me is to cancle printing. The printer won't even print unless I have full black and color cartridges. I spend $20-30 on each cartridge and don't even get to use half of the ink! I recently replaced my half empty ink with new full ones but the messges still keep coming up and I can't get anything to print. I hope other people don't make the same mistake as me and they get their printer from cannon or HP even. It's a sad day for Kodak when they have become the poorest quality printer on the market!

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  • Do
    donna baldwin kodak camera Jul 21, 2016

    i have gotting two Kodak camera because i thought the first one was broke but both of them do the same thing lens error and shuts off for no reason.

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  • Brenda* Jul 21, 2016

    Fast fixit -


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  • Ta
    taster88 Jul 21, 2016

    I replaced my HP all in one printer with a Kodak 6150 all in one printer and hate it. The claim that you use less ink is a joke. I never used this much ink in my life. I used about 8 ink cartridges per year with my HP. I have used 12 Kodak cartridges in less than 6 months. It will cost me three times as much in ink!!! If one of the cartridges run out you cannot simply print in another color or even send a fax, the machine is totally inoperable. HP allows you change colors so you can continue working and the fax continues to work. The print quality is also poor. It actually soaks the paper when printing pictures so the paper is warped and looks like it was wet. It is a terrible machine and this was a replacement since my original purchase constantly jammed the paper. My advice is spend the money on HP!

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  • Fr
    Frimangole Jul 21, 2016

    I have tried 3 different labs, all of them seemingly unable to print a simple A5 image. They request image sizes to 20x15, which we provided and they still *** up and cut off sections of the photo. If you need 20x15 printed and submit 20x15 images, how can they not fit the page?? Not once did anyone phone to say there is a problem or the images are not the right size etc. They just take money and print their garbage. I would advise anyone that wants to use them DON'T. They are convenient, but can't be relied upon.

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  • Fr
    Francis G Boelter Jul 21, 2016

    I really do not have a complaint but I think that you should redesign the door hinge on your kodak ESP printer I got a new one a few months ago the door hinge broke so I notified you and you sent me out a new printer and I was real happy with the promt service But I got this new printer a couple weeks ago and guess what the door hinge broke I am not asking for another new printer as guess I really do not need this door but you do need a new design I have a daughter who has the same printer with a door hinge broken so thought I would let you know about this problem with your printer Francis G Boelter
    324 maple drive
    Detroit Lakes Mn.56502

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  • Pt
    pthdkc Jul 21, 2016

    I bought a kodak all in one printer at best buy on rt 9. When i opened it an plugged it in, it said "paper tray error" paper jammed. I found that very funny since there was no paper in the printer.??? I called Kodak, and after an hour on the phone unplugging and plugging back in the printer.. I was told they could not fix it and they were going to ship me a new printer in 5-8 business days... I complained and they said they could send it next day after i emailed or faxed a copy of the reciept. I did, and it sat on the guys desk for 3 days until I called back and asked what happened. Long story short, it took 3 weeks to get the working printer thru the mail... absolutely unbelievable

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  • Ch
    ChristineMB Jul 21, 2016

    Kodak should re-design their all in one printers so that if you do not want to print and just use the scanner you should be able to without having ink in the printer. Scanning doesn't take ink!!!

    I purchased a 5100 all in one printer after watching an advertisement on television in 2007, but what a nightmare it has turned out to be because this is the worst printer I have ever purchased. I set-up the printer and it worked fine for 2 weeks, and then the problems started. I kept getting error messages and the black ink would not print. I called Kodak and spoke with a gentleman from India who doesn’t truly speak or understand English, yet he is the technician who is supposed to assist me with my printer problems. The technician had me run the print head-cleaning function 4 times in a row, which used up what ink I had in the machine plus an additional two cartridges I had on-hand.. He then decided that the problem was the print head and he would send a replacement. I said what about the ink that he caused me to use which ran out. The technician had to speak with his supervisor, but finally agreed they would send me ink replacements as well as the print head. It took two-weeks for the print head to arrive and another three-days past that for the ink to arrive (only one black and one color cartridge). I replaced the print head and installed the ink. I calibrated the machine and within a week of printing maybe 10 sheets, the printer stated the black ink was low and the color ink needed to be replaced. I tried to print in only black and of course the printer will not let me do that unless I have a color cartridge in the machine. There is ink in both cartridges (at least 40%) but the printer states they are low or empty. Subsequently, I have replaced the print head additionally four-times, and again the printer started having problems, but now it is out of warranty and Kodak will not help unless I want to pay for the print head and more ink. I cannot even use the scanner without replacing at least the ink cartridges. When I spoke again to a Kodak representative, another gentleman from India he had no explanation, but suggested that I may want to purchase the newer model Kodak printer. I am disappointed and disgusted with Kodak and will definitely never buy another Kodak product again. I promise to tell all my friends and neighbors and anyone else that will listen that Kodak printers are the worst investment a person can make.

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  • Fa
    familytree Jul 21, 2016

    I had picked up my Pictures from Best Buy and did not look till I got home down the road. Wrong Pictures and some other family and got in contact with Kodak and sent them the pictures back. Well they kept the pictures all 100 and told me they did not have my email address on file.Well it has been over a year and asked for the pictures back and have not heard anything. They take your money and no response just telling sorry out of luck. I have now dealt with Kwikpix.ca Wonderful Pictures and fantastic price for Photo Books as well.

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  • Pe
    Penthawk Jul 21, 2016

    Kodak is on my mind. Tales of missing photos of 2 young girls stolen from a badly secured package by Kodak. In this world of pornographic/tittilating internet activity the thought scares me rigid but Kodak are not concerned. NOT CONCERNED!!! Made no attempt to respond to phone cals and discussions.
    I haven't yet had the courage to tell the mother while I find out what happened.. but I will. 4 missing photos were of her on the beach etc.!! She will hit the roof!! Watch this space.

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  • Me
    Mellasion Jul 21, 2016

    Listen to this one, I take in a camera for repair in march 15 2009, month later i get sms that its going to cost R750.00 to repair, i reply with the go ahead, well time goes by and I need to go oversea on personal mather, i left my phone in good care and when i came back the 1st place too was KODAK, when i got their, i'm getting this LAME ### excuse that they can't find the camera... and i now must phone some dude or the other to make a compromise... Wow next time a customer walks into my shop, i'm gone point them to some random dude in the street to solve my indoor problem... wonder how my customer must feel... but hey if that the kinda trade mark KODAK as what can i say, pay abit extra and deal with professional who know what they doing, because you might as well by a camera off the flea market stand, you probably get better service...

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  • Ph
    phil737 Jul 21, 2016

    Kodak scamming people by saying theyre ink cartridges are cheap, when in fact you have to have a full color cartridge just to print in black and white. It wont simply let you print in black and white with a black ink cartridge. What a load of crap and cheap marketing schemes to sell theyre junk to unsuspecting poeple thinking they are getting a good deal.

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  • Wa
    WadeWass Jul 21, 2016

    I agree - had the same issue.. They basically do not warrany their products and they are crap to begin with.

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  • Ar
    Artofzinn Jul 21, 2016

    I purchased a kodak all in one printer scanner the 3500 model less than two months ago . the cheap ink they advertise is cheap but I have replaced the cartridges four times and have not printed that much with it . now it has decided not to recognise the new black ink cartridge and I contaced kodak whose response is well we will send you another free ink cartridge ? what's that supposed to do when i have two good ones here and it still wont print ! also I dont understand the logic behind the fact that it has a new color cartridge in it and this cartridge has a black ink well as well . it recognises this cartridge as good but refuses to print from it what *** programmed this *** thing? take my advice don't buy kodaks junk spend a few more dollars on ink and buy a printer that actually prints !

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  • Pa
    Patrick Jul 21, 2016

    I bought a Kodak cw330 camera and printer dock in December 05 about three years ago. Only four months of using this camera it was only partially working. Only 4 out of eight settings on the scroll wheel were working. I contacted Kodak via email, it was still under the Kodak warranty, because I had only owned it for four months. I did not get a response and contacted Kodak a few more times, again I received no response. Now I have a camera that works half way, and a jammed printer dock. The moral of this story is... stuff made in china is always complete crap, customer support via email to someone in India is nonexistent, and don't buy any Kodak products, because they will only work for four months. I have told all my family and friends not to buy Kodak and they haven't!

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  • Ro
    Roger Mowbray Jul 21, 2016

    The print head on the Kodak C110 is not fit for purpose I am therefor considering taking the company I purchased the printer from to court under the trades description Act 1968 Section:
    (Each product sold must be as described, of satisfactory quality, and fit for purpose. "As described" refers to any advert or verbal description made by the trader. "Satisfactory quality" covers minor and cosmetic defects as well as substantial deficiencies and means that products must last a reasonable time but does not give any rights if a fault was obvious or pointed out at the point of sale. "Fit for purpose" covers not only the obvious purpose of an item but also any purpose determined at the point of sale as a result of queries by the customer and assurances given by the trader.) The Act will be in conflict with the EU Unfair Commercial Practices Directive, which has been adopted in the UK and will be implemented from April 2008.

    As this is a maximum harmonisation directive, the Trade Descriptions Act will be heavily amended or possibly repealed. See DTI announcement: The relevant provisions are contained in the UK through Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 entry into force 26th May 2008; missing the EU deadline for implementation by 12th June 2007. The repeals and revocations for TDA 1968 are: Trade Descriptions Act 1968 c.29 Sections 1(1), 5 to 10, 13 to 15, 19(4)(b) and (c), 21(1) and (2), 22, 24(3), 32, 37, and 39(2).

    Should anyone who has experienced problems with their KODAK C110 print head and would like to do something about it please email [email protected] and let me know what problems you had and what did you do about it. All information will be treated in confidence. Small man against a big company. Lets do something about it.

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  • Ka
    kathy Jul 21, 2016

    i purchased a kodak easyshare camera with dock had it now less than two years dock no longer prints photo contacted kodak no help after almost four hours back and forth to differant departments they said i could get a new dock with an adapter just when i thought great to order dept. tells me they no longer make docking stations for the camera's and after reading other complaints about there repair service i just cant understand how a company like kodak went so bad

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  • Da
    dave46alex Jul 21, 2016

    I bought 4 Kodak batteries for my digital camera @ the exorbitant price of 9.99 GBP. Less than an hour later the batteries ran out having only taken about 30 still pictures. I think this is extremely poor and they were certainly not fit for purpose. I purchased another well known brand and am still using them 10 days later! The words of second shopkeeper are still ringing in my ears, "We used to stock Kodak batteries as well but discontinued them due to the high volume of complaints."
    How do I get a refund from Kodak?

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  • Cf
    CFrancis Jul 21, 2016

    I submitted an order online on 12/11/11, Kodak waited until 12/18, over a week after my order was placed to tell me it could not be fulfilled because they ran out. I tried to resolve the problem via live chat and over the phone. I was basically told I was out of luck. I asked to be sent a similar product for the same price, I was told no they could not. The replacement product I was offered was 3 times more expensive than my original order. The best Kodak could do was offer 25% off, which still is not even close to the same price. This was not my error, Kodak has horrible customer service. Plus my order was guaranteed to arrive by 12/23. Kodak please have some integrity and fix your mistake. I don't think it was unreasonable to ask for a similar product for the same price. If you're out of stock, keep your website up to date. Thanks to Kodak's delayed response to me, I cannot get my frames ordered from any website and still get them by Christmas. Thanks for ruining my holiday gift.

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  • Pa
    Patrick Cr**** Jul 21, 2016

    I bought a Kodak ESP3 all in one printer after my HP ink cost seemed to be so high. This printers has been a joke from day 1 and I wish I would have just return the item. It always quits printing one or more colors even after repeated new cartridges. I've cleaned, aligned and completed every maintenance item with no help. I finally quit using it as someone in house hold bought network printer. I have since moved and thought I would revive the Kodak ESP3. After putting in new cartridges I hasn't printed right yet. Once again I remembered how terrible this item is. I regret no getting ink for my old HP, I'm sure it would work fine and the more expensive ink is better than the time wasted with bad prints. I can't believe, as and engineer, that these problems couldn't be foreseen in product testing by Kodak. Reading reviews it's a common problem. Kodak either doesn't care or is unable to correct the issue. After this experience, I will never by a Kodak printer again. And will be suspect in buying other Kodak products.

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  • Na
    Narendra Singh kushwaha Jul 21, 2016

    we purchased a kodak camera(with chagrer) date-24/11/2009 after 5 days charger is not working and we give charger to the shop keeper for warranty repair.
    After five month we have no response by shope keeper
    and my camera useless without charger. After 15 days my brother
    married .

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  • Ra
    RandKCMO Jul 21, 2016

    Kodak ESP C315 AiO Printer. Same complaint as everyone else. Shows out of color ink though cartridge is nearly new and utility shows the cartridge to be almost full. Total scam. Printer should be recalled. Can't even print with black ink only. This will be the last Kodak product I buy.

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  • Bp
    B Pandin Jul 21, 2016

    Sometimes when I turn on my C633 digital camera, the LCD screen will be white. The lens will deploy and other buttons on the camera will work, like the "review" button, but the screen will remain white. If you turn on the camera later in the day, it may revert back to normal, and then maybe not.

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