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Kodak / Eastman Kodak Company / Ink cartridge/usage issues

1 Painesville, OH, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 440-392-9050

My complaint about this printer (the Kodak ESP 5250) is very simple-they make it so that the color cartridge contains black ink which is used when printing black&white. I replaced both cartridges not long ago and have only printed around 5 pages in color since then. I have printed a good many pages in black but nowhere near the number that they claim that the ink should last. My black cartridge and my color cartridge are both reading as empty. I replaced the black one and it still will not let me print. I have a brand new black cartridge and an "empty" should-be close-to-new color cartridge and I can not print. This is ridiculous-I bought this printer on the belief that it would be cheap to print whatever I want whenever I want but now I find out that not only does the black cartridge not last as long as stated but it also uses ink from the color cartridge when printing in black so it forces you to buy both cartridges even if you only print in black. This will be my last Kodak printer and I would not recommend that anyone else buy one either.

Apr 5, 2013
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  • Va
      9th of Apr, 2013
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    Update to original complaint-I have tried both online and on the phone to resolve this issue with Kodak. I have been unsuccessful. Between the fact that their customer service is located in India and the fact that they are unwilling to admit any fault at all I have achieved nothing and wasted quite a bit of time. Here is the text from my online chat so that you can see how extremely helpful they were in dealing with my situation.

    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: Welcome to Kodak, my name is Mobaiz Ali Mohammed. Please wait while I review your
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: If you have an incident reference number from a previous contact or from a My Support on-line
    session, please provide that to me.
    Chris Morris: This is the first time I have made contact.
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: Okay.
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: You have the KODAK ESP 5250 All-in-One Printer. Am I correct?
    Chris Morris: yes
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: Okay.
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: I would be happy to assist you with this. May I please have the Kodak Service Number for your
    printer? This number can be located by opening the printer access door as if you are going to change the ink cartridges.
    The number will be located on the bar coded label.
    Chris Morris: ID44723
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: Please check the number once again and let me know.
    Chris Morris: ID44723
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: Thank you.
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: May I know your country of residence?
    Chris Morris: USA
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: Thank you you.
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: In what month and year was this printer purchased and where was this printer purchased?
    Chris Morris: It was purchased at an Office Max store about two years ago-I am not sure of the exact month
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: Thank you for providing the information.
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: Please give a minute.
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: Thank you for staying connected.
    Chris Morris: You are welcome
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: Do you see any error code on the printer's LCD screen?
    Chris Morris: It says that the color ink cartridge is empty
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: Okay.
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: We would like to let you know that KODAK All-in-One Printers use an advanced, built-in
    printhead system that is designed to provide excellent image and text quality, while eliminating the need to purchase new
    printheads every time you replace ink cartridges, and saving you money.
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: To ensure the health of the printhead, a printhead maintenance procedure occurs after every
    print job . All inks are used during this procedure.
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: In some cases when you print or copy a document, the text may actually be a shade of gray
    rather than true black. In these cases, a combination of black and color ink is used to print the text. Also, if you print or copy
    black-and-white photos, a combination of color ink is used from the color ink cartridge to produce the correct gray scale.
    Chris Morris: I always chose black and white when printing so anything that was gray or any other color should have
    printed as black. I dont care what the reason for it is-I should not have to purchase both cartridges when I have only
    printed in black and white.
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: The printers with the capability of printing black when color is out of ink are not the type of
    printers with permanent or built-in printheads. The capability exists only in printers having the printhead as a integral part
    of the ink cartridge, which adds to the overall cost of printing. KODAK All-in-One Printers use a built-in printhead, removing
    the need for customers to purchase a new printhead with every replacement ink cartridge, which allows us to pass on
    substantial savings to our customers.
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: As I mentioned earlier that in some cases when you print or copy a document, the text may
    actually be a shade of gray rather than true black. In these cases, a combination of black and color ink is used to print the
    text. Also, if you print or copy black-and-white photos, a combination of color ink is used from the color ink cartridge to
    produce the correct gray scale.
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: However, to maximize the number of prints from the ink cartridges, we highly recommend that
    you follow the suggestions below:
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: Print regularly - Frequent, regular printing reduces the need to perform printhead cleaning,
    which consumes ink.
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: Update to the latest firmware for your printer whenever prompted - The latest firmware
    continually improves the performance of your printer.
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: When the “Low Ink” message appears, take a moment to order more ink - or plan your next ink
    purchase - press Cancel on the printer control panel to dismiss the message and continue printing. You can print until the
    cartridge is empty and an “Out of Ink” message appears, or until the print quality diminishes. It will not harm the printer to
    print until the ink supply is exhausted.
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: Replace only the cartridge that is out of ink - you do not need to replace both cartridges at the
    same time.
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: For photo printing - Use KODAK Inkjet Photo Paper because your printer automatically detects
    it and uses just the right amount of ink to provide excellent image quality. You don't have to experiment with printer
    settings, which can waste ink, photo paper, and time.
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: For document printing - Setting the print quality to Draft will conserve ink, but the print quality
    will be reduced.
    Click Properties or Preferences from your printing application to access the print quality settings.
    Draft quality applies less ink to the page compared to Normal quality.
    Best quality applies more ink to the page than Normal quality.
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: To maximize the life of your color ink cartridge - Use the “Print Colors as Black and White”
    option for routine documents where color is not necessary.
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: Turning the printer off when it is not in use will not conserve ink. If your printer is connected to a
    power source and turned on at all times, it will go into power-saving (sleep) mode to conserve power. To return to
    operating mode, send a print request to the printer or press a button on the control panel.
    Chris Morris: which allows us to pass on substantial savings to our customers.???????? That is very much not true-I
    have not printed many pages with these cartridges and they are empty-I have only printed maybe 100-150 pages and they
    are both empty. This is not saving me money-i have owned several printers and this is by far the worst I have owned in
    terms of value. I will definitely be visiting as many massage boards and complaint websites as I possibly can to let people
    know what a ripoff Kodak printers are-you have been friendly but the company you work for has taken my money and I am
    not happy about it
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: We are sorry to know that you are quite unhappy with the ink yield and you believe that it does
    not save your money; we truly apologize for the inconvenience caused.
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: When shopping and comparing printer and ink value, we believe you should consider the
    combination of ink cartridge price and actual output page yield. In fact, for a valid comparison, you should compare the
    actual cost of ink per page; this is the only reliable metric to provide you with the best shopping experience.
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: Overall, to compare how much ink is in a cartridge is misleading because the ml (milliliter)
    volume is based on a combination of the cost per cartridge, output page yield, and varying printer efficiencies among the
    four leading printer systems today.
    Chris Morris: So that is it? We're sorry you aren't happy and we dont care if you are no longer a customer?
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: Kodak's aim is to resolve its customers' concerns and make them happy.
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: If you believe that the ink yield was not satisfactory, we highly recommend that you follow the
    suggestions which I have provided.
    Chris Morris: That does not make me happy.
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: I request you to purchase new ink cartridge and try the suggestions.
    Chris Morris: Wow-i did not think of that-thank you ever so much
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: I am quite confident that those suggestions will certainly help you in maximizing the number of
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: We would like to inform you that QualityLogic (QLI) has conducted exhaustive ink yield studies
    of Kodak All-in-One printers and numerous comparable inkjet printers, leveraging ISO Standards. Ink yield values for
    black text documents and color graphics and text documents were obtained by continuous printing in accordance with
    ISO/IEC 24711 testing methodology. Ink yield values for photos were obtained by continuous printing in accordance with
    QualityLogic Color Photo Yield Test Methodology. QLI conducted a total of five North American printer-model-cost-of-inkper-
    page studies; reports can be found at
    Chris Morris: I will try your suggestions with my next printer-which will not be a kodak
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: Kodak recognizes that you have the choice of purchasing products of other brands, but we just
    want to remind you that Kodak’s aim is to simply meet significant, unmet consumer needs . As the world’s foremost
    imaging innovator, Kodak helps consumers, businesses, and creative professionals unleash the power of pictures and
    printing to enrich their lives and strengthen and deepen relationships. Kodak believes that the time is right to offer a
    choice in consumer inkjet printing that encourages people to print more for less.
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: Please try the suggestions which I have provided. It will certainly help you in getting more
    number of prints from the ink cartridges.
    Mobaiz Ali Mohammed: Is there anything else that I may assist you with?
    Chris Morris: Anything else? That would imply that you have helped me at all. I thank you for your time and I will let you
    go so you can "help" someone else-good night

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