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South Africa Review updated:

First of all I would like to mention to you that the way you argue is a defensive stance to proof me incorrect as valued customer.
If you don’t consider me a valued customer (as I only bought Kodak products the last 6 years 3 cameras and a printer and Kodak paper every once in a while) then its fine that I will change my brand option in the future to another supplier that’s more customer orientated thanks to you.

The matter of the fact is the camera which I paid allot of money for, which the biggest part of the costs is build in to serve the customer especially in the case of product which is faulty after one month of
use. Kodak as a international supplier with a advance supply chain designed to add value to the customer, which I’m not getting. Instead a snotty email just pissing me off.

In your letter you state that you told me the guarantee was discontinued, I’m sorry but you never mentioned this to me.. Its less than 2 years.
If you persist that I’m a liar it will just add fuel to my future purchases with Kodak. The problem is I bought the dam camera and it did not work after one month, which is clearly a power failure and of no fault of myself. When I try to return the camera as I am studying my MBA is Sweden I was told that only the shop where I bought it can repair or exchange it. Im sorry but Kodak is international and I excepted the terms and waited for one day that I will return on holiday to SA. I explained to you my problem and you told me you will contact me which you never did.
Then when I returned after holiday still nothing. Now suddenly you come up with a different story.

If I bouaght a product from Samsung the can help me anywhere in the world atleast where they have a branch. People are traveling and people buy things on there holiday don’t you think those people deserve support when the pay so much money for a brand?

I’m am just surprised in how unprofessional you deal with this situation just to safe Kodak a request to make use of a already in place supply chain to correct a problem in the manufacturing side.

I might be one very unhappy client today, but be sure that If this is not dealt with in the correct way that witch I deserve as a client, I just want a camera that works then I will never use this brand ever again in my life.

I would like you to please pass this on to your superior, so hopefully you can deal with clents better in the future.
I will forward this email to complaints Kodak South Africa, to ask them if this is how clients must be handled.

It seems like im not the only one thinking this:

Thank you so much

Pierre Erasmus

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  • Ra
      1st of Dec, 2009

    dear sir,

    i applying for kodak camera Rs.5280 but i already comform the order from your person.I pay with Credit card Rs. 3198 on 27.11.09 but their r not tel that your order for reebok itmes.i don't want anything just returned my amount.

    as i tell you with credit card.PLEASE RETURNED MY AMOUNT Rs.3198/-

    if its not possible i take a action agst with living media india ltd.


    ramesh kumar b.s
    BANGLAORE - 560079
    MOBILE - 9945085084

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  • Li
      29th of Mar, 2011

    I have purchased this Kodak Easyshare z980 comera August 2009. I used it once in Sept. after that during the Christmas 2009, I found that camera took long time (10-15sec) process a picture before you can take another one. I thought that was setting problem, finally in June 2010 I called their tech support, the guys gave me a case# and asked me call back when I have a camera on hands. I didn't follow up till recently, I called them, they determined that is problem with camera, but warranty is out, I have to pay for the repair even they knew the problem happened during the warranty period.

    The customer service was very bad, people has very limit knowladge of the camera, but they are very strick on their warranty policy, they told me that the best they can do is that I can buy another Kodak product on line for 25% off..

    I understand that all electronic products could have problem, but none of them has such a poor service as Kodak has,


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  • Ka
      7th of Aug, 2013

    I also have had x 2 kodak easyshare cameras and one dischrges battery even when not in use ( x 2 new lithium batteries tried ) the other would boot up and then unexpectedly turn off. This particular camera used on visit to UK, mant shots taken...none saved on card. No photos whatsoever from this camera. Card used previously without issue---and yes, still plenty of memory.

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