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I contacted KLM website since I wanted of getting a refund and not using a returning flight. I CLEARED state that on one of my emails to KLM customer service. In any of the messages sent by KLM I was informed of the regulations above prior to requesting my refund. KLM customer service replied to me saying that I was able to request a refund.

On my first email I was cleared stating that I DID USE one leg of the flight and I needed a refund for the second one. I received a reply telling me to follow the procedure online to apply for a refund and it will cost me USD 200.

KLM employees can see each individual situation and they should be able to inform their customers what they are going to receive or not.
Not informing and clarifying the amount prior to finish the refund process is really bad and it looks to me a little bit tricky.

I wasn't expecting to receive a full amount over a refund. I thought I would receive the fair amount for the second leg. Every time we purchase any AIR FARE ticket online it shows how much we are paying for each leg and other airline companies often offer a refund or an option of holding the ticket for UP TO AN YEAR to use it. I purchased the most expensive ticket that allowed me to get a refund.

I paid a total of BRL 3, 221.54 and got an email showing that I was going to be refunded of BRL 160.87 This is simply OUTRAGEOUS!

It feels like KLM did want to mislead me for an error like not letting me know the regulations prior of requesting a refund so I would loose money.

I contacted KLM several times and asked them to stop the refunding process because I didn't agree with the amount they were going to pay for the ticket but their customer service refused to do. I requested the right to pay the fine of USD 200 and be able to use the ticket in a near future but they also refused to stop the refunding process and let me use the ticket.

I am still trying to reverse their decision via legal option.

Jul 31, 2014
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  • Al
      Aug 04, 2014

    Similar experience for me and my family. AF/KLM are clearly in red ink and it seems their strategy for getting more money is to abuse their customers. My recommendation: avoid at all costs.

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