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I am so flustered on how retared the Kirby company is being. We came accross an ad for a free carpet cleaning and with having 2 dogs, a cat, 2 small children and a soldier for a husband we really could use the free carpet cleaning. So we set up an appointment for them to come out and clean the carpets for later that week. Soon after the lady got here we realized that it was not a free carpet cleaning she was trying to sell us a Kirby. At first we were trying to be nice and were going to hear her out just to the carpets done. After an hour of talk the lady realized she didnt have all the parts that she needed to do the demenstration and that she had to run next door by her partner to get them. We were shocked that this lady brought 4 other people with her to harrase our neighbors while she was at our house. It took over 3 hours for them to get to cleaning the carpets and were not finished till after 7pm. My husband ask what I thought about it and I told him it would be nice to have but there was no way we could afford it at the time. The sales lady and one of her friends that came over sat there for another 2 hours untill we could not take it anymore and my husband singed for it. The lady told us that we would have to wait a week to get one in but if we wanted we could have the one she used. She swore up and down it was brand new only used on our house bla bla bla so my husband was like fine just leave it. Well after I did an inventory on what was suppose to come with it I found out that a few things were missing. I called everyday for 2 weeks before they got back to me and the only reason they brought it out is because I told them one of my neighbors wanted there carpet done. After using the carpet cleaner on it only twice it broke. I have been trying to get ahold of them for the last 3 months to fix it because there is suppose to be a life time waranty on it. About 2 months after we bought our Kirby the new neighbors had fell for the same scam. They signed up for the free carpet cleaning and got a Kirby sales person. I watch a little bit of their demonstation and saw how completly diffrent it was so I asked the sales guy to come to our house and explain the Kirby to us, pretending we didnt have one yet. When the sales guy came over he told us the last people miinformed us on how to use the equipment, the rules of the contract and a few other thing we werent happy about. The biggest thing was he was selling his package with 3 times the amount of stuff for only $1100 the lady who sold us ours charged us $2700. When I call about the huge price diffrence I was told that the sales man that offered the deal was from a diffrent area code as them so they could charge a diffrent price. I was like well I dont want yours any more I want to return it and she told me that the policy states that you only have 3 days to return it. I am so diapointed in the Kirby for so many reasons and worn everybody and anybody walk away.

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  • Ra
      Feb 04, 2009

    I used to sell Kirby... unfortunitly, some dealers are that way (I got hosed by a few out of town dealers that could sell for less than I paid for the units).

    If you can locate a Kirby service center, they can fix it for you. It doesn't have to be the people you got it from.

    Hopefully after repairs, you'll be happy with the unit.

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  • Ge
      Aug 31, 2009

    yea i should've done the same thing
    you know
    they came and advertise like 20 to thirty times
    and they said that it was kids proof
    but now i found out that it was kids burner
    don't let your kids get their hand on it
    cuz the motor can burn them
    and if my kids get burned by that i will sue them
    because it burns my once
    OUCH!!! it hurt
    i regret trading my rainbow
    cuz it was more safe
    so yea
    next kirby try to advertise towards my family i will just tell them to get the F out
    because i really hated their 3 days thing
    cuz the advertiser told me whenever i don't want it
    just called them
    ###ing liars
    i called and they say passed 3 days
    i bet they probably threw my paper away
    cuz i send it to them
    and they said they didn't received it

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  • Ih
      Jul 20, 2010

    I come home to my husband buying that lame [censor] KIRBY, I HATE IT!!! It's way to big and very heavy. I tried to return it and they said the samething. It now sits in the closet, and i had to purchase a better vaccum for way less!!! PLEASE NO ONE BUY THAT STUPID KIRBY!!! run the other way when you see the saleman!

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  • Ch
      Sep 15, 2010

    I used to sell kirby (for one day) i had a manager with me and it really sucks when i have to rip off people specially old ones... after that day i quit, felt guilty...

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  • He
      Jun 14, 2013

    I had to take back a Sentria 2 model which was a new model, but too heavy for me. I allowed the salesperson to shampoo the carpet in the hall as it was covered in doggy doodoo and peepee stains. I only had a desire for the stains to be gone, but I obligingly bought a Sentria in a moment of weakness as they have some kind of brainwashing tactic. The next day I tried it out and the vacuum head wouldn't rotate. I read and applied the owner's manual instructions, but either I couldn't figure it out or the machine was a used and damaged machine (demo). The shampooing head didn't have suction either and I was not shown how to work that part and was too flustered by that time to read any instructions as I had decided to take the darn thing back. There was just a THREE day return policy and it is a good thing I read the receipt. Anyway, I tried calling the store and no one answered, so I left a message. My mom ended up calling from her cell around ten the next day. Apparently the business hours were only from 9:45 to 1:00. This would have been horrible had I had called after hours! Fortunately the Kirby store is nearby so I hastily stuffed all the parts into my car and took it back. I was supposed to get a follow up call either that night or the next day, which didn't happen! And to my utter shock and horror my mom and I realized that our Shark vacuum was outright taken from under my nose as to cover the taxes on the Kirby. This was not explained to me and I was livid. I had to threaten to use legal action if the salesperson didn't return our Shark, which he did that night. To make matters worse, I supposedly damaged the Kirby which I asked to see proof. The guy then pulled out his smart phone to show a scratch that I may or may not have made. I definitely could argue that it was there already because for all I know the vacuum was a used demo. They would charge me $89.99 (it was post-dated). This is NOT going to happen because I will change my whole account and debit card!! If you see a dreaded Kirby salesman at YOUR front door, I would RUUUN and lock the door behind you!

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