Kirby Capret / LIARS

MN, United States

DO NOT do business with Kirby. They started calling and badgering me to let them come and clean the carpet in my house. I said I wasn't interested and they continued to call for two weeks. Finally I caved and said yes so they would quit calling. They claimed they are super flexible and will come at my convenience. This is not the case. They only want to come when it is convenient to them. I have three small children and did not want them to come late at night. We finally agreed on 5 pm. They called the day of and cancelled. I rescheduled two more times. Each time I took off early from work and each time I spent the night before preparing and cleaning out the room to have the carpet cleaned. Three times they canceled at the last minute. Upon trying to reschedule the fourth time, I said I was a little sceptical and didn't know that I could trust they would come. I nicely explained that I needed to trust they would come before I tried to take off of work for the fourth time. The saleslady made some rude comments to me and hung up on me. How RUDE!! I will never attempt to do business with the Kirby carpet company.


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