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Key Bank in Columbus, Ohio, doesn’t even check ID's when people take money out of their savings account. I walk in and filled out a withdraw slip. Handed the teller the withdraw slip and placed my ID on the counter. The teller gave me $500 cash and never looked at my ID. I then asked the teller what my name was and she stated that she didn't know. My questions are:

What would happen if I made a mistake and wrote a wrong digit down and it turned out to be your account number. The teller would have given me $500 out of your account. How would you feel?

What would happen if a bad guy got your bank statement out of your mailbox and used the account number on the bank statement to withdraw money from your account? Since Key Bank doesn’t check a person’s ID when they take money out, who knows who is taking money out of your key Bank account.

I ask, why do people put their money in the bank, for safe keeping.

I am going to take my money out of both my checking and savings account the first thing in the morning.

There is more security at a gas station – you can’t pump gas until you pay for it, but Key Bank is giving away money to people who they don’t know what their names are.

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  • Dl
      Jul 11, 2008

    Keybank stinks. If they haven't screwed you out of hundreds or even thousands of dollars consider yourself lucky. They got me for several thousands of dollars in overdraft fees when my account wasn't overdrawn. The sad part is that I got 3 different explanations from 3 different people, which tells me that they are wrong. Smart move getting your money out.

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  • Sa
      May 18, 2014
    KeyBank - Their free gift is lie and scam
    45402, 10 West 2nd Street
    United States

    I found the offer of KeyBank Dayton and decided to open account in their bank. I needed to open account and made more than 1000 transaction within 90 days. I spoke with the agent, who really helped me and explained the rules, and I hoped to get Kindle fire as a gift. But after 90 days, it turned out that I wouldn’t get anything from them, because they changed the rules and everyone knew about it, except me. So I searched for this info on their website, but nothing was there. So they scam people and don’t provide free gifts. Don’t believe them and don’t open accounts in their banks.

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