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We ordered a free trial and were charged later on our credit card. When we called they now say - "oh you needed to return the product in 30 days".. But that was not mentioned anywhere on their website or when we ordered..
It's very misleading and exploiting unsuspecting simple folks..Very bad and shameful.. A reputed company will never do such a thing !!

Mar 31, 2013
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  •   Mar 31, 2013

    Good grief. How could you miss it? The terms of the free trial are posted all over the site.

    Here -, and in their Terms and Conditions, as well as in their return policy.

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  • Ju
      May 12, 2014

    Dear Customers,
    I am SO glad that the net has the ability to warn the consumer of fraud. It USED to be, that there was a check and balance system to all advertisements; all products. People that experienced just a quarter percent of what I've read in these reviews, who sent complaints to the television station, but more importantly to a sponsor that aloud false advertisements on his air wave, would either cut the commercial or face ridged sanctions. A court order, bench warrant to appear before a judge would have been issued. We had more protection against fraud back in the 60's than we have today. NO one polices the Net or for that mater there isn't any agency to protect the average citizen against from false advertising in general on the Net, cable, or the satellite stations. Yeah, I've heard the phrase, "Buyer be ware!", but THAT is assuming that there exists some type of level playing field. Some agency assigned to protect the public
    We no longer anyone protecting us, so it is refreshing to know that we can at least warn each other..

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  • My
      Apr 21, 2016

    Re: Brenda "How could you miss it?" I disagree wholeheartedty. It is easy to miss

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