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International Hair Institute LLC

Keranique, LLC., PO Box 1366
Jersey City
New Jersey
United States - 07030

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Keranique Complaints & Reviews

Keranique / unrequested shipments

Audrey Wilson on May 9, 2017
Ref customer ID SPTV2017030417120176 Yesterday and again today I received merchandise from you which I did not order. The accompanying statements indicated Shipping and Processing $7.95 and $5.95; Payment type: VISA. I will be grateful if you will cease such shipments until I place an order...

Keranique / customer service

Jo Ann Sawyer on May 4, 2017
I called May 4th and asked to cancel my future orders. I explained that I would call when I finished the product I now have and do like. I spoke first to Justin and was cut off. I recalled and spoke with Heather ex. 289 and she would cancel my program and would send me a e mail at...

Keranique / still be charging for the product I canceled

Glenda Richards on Apr 14, 2017
I send this back in February 2017. I have not received any more. I was looking at my bank statements and seen I have being charged at least two times for this product. Please look into this matter for me... If true please either send a check or let me know how I will be repay. Thank-you...

Keranique / I answered a survey and was offered several products as a thank you for taking the survey

Jane Evans on Mar 26, 2017
cstomer ID: SPTV2017030909132144 Invoice No. ICEA659DD158EE06 3/9/2017 I answered a survey and was offered several products as a thank you. I chose Keranique to give it a try I was only to be responsibe for the shipping cost to me of $3.95. I see if I don't cancel, and pay the return...

Keranique / Shampoo/conditioner/boost / serum/regrowth and customer service

Ryan Putman on Feb 25, 2017
Customer Id :NSCL1311746 Invoice #: ICD71F53DBD4EA373 Order Date: 11/29/2016 Received the products frozen in the month of December in Ontario, I phoned company Keranique unfortunally no call back. But was told to go ahead and use product after thawing. Did not see any results so I called...

Keranique / Customer service

Joi Seleste Gillespie on Feb 17, 2017
Good afternoon, It is 5:30pm in New York City. I just got off the phone with "Sonia" with the I.D. # 571. I received horrible service from her. I 'm not complaining because I did not get what I wanted, but the way I was treated. During our 8- 10 minute conversation, "Sonia" repeatedly attempted...

Keranique / Keranique 30 days trial

Felicia Bentley on Feb 11, 2017
I call to cancle before my 30days well they said I couldn't and been taking money out of my account so I closed my account and getting a lawyer. because they still keep trying to send me that mess the pills made me sick. I have recorded all my message with customer service and my bank have...

Keranique / Keranique

algernonn on Jan 30, 2017
Hi I called customer service and the representative who assisted me was very helpful and patient. I recorded just to make sure they no lie to me. https://soundcloud.com/user-845623728/hair-help My complaint is my hair is very bad. Looks like string popping out of a croissant. But keranique i don't know? Should i buy it?

Keranique / Free trial.

mantus417 on Jan 27, 2017
I had the online survey thing happen to me. They said I only had to pay for shipping. They called me shortly after I received their product and asked if I wanted to pay for more and I said NO! in plain English and about a month later they charged my card $80. I called them to resolve the...

Keranique / Free trial

Chrissy Lin on Dec 19, 2016
12/19/2016 Worst Promotion skills i have ever seen in my life!! First the staff cannot even speak English properly, second the staff kept murmuring a lot of information including all kind of packages and offers which can never be well understood in the phone!!! I urged the staff to be more...

Keranique / Try-it-before-you-buy promotional offer

Edith Minde on Dec 17, 2016
Re. : promotional advertisement from keranique. Customer id sptv 201 6081 3005 10836 On 8/13/2016 I found a promotional advertisement seemingly sponsored by amazon, with a promotional offer for keranique products, for only s&h of 3.95. I ordered it out of curiosity. Little did I know what...

Keranique / Hair growth product

Byzantine on Dec 15, 2016
I was charged $49.99 for four products... have yet to receive any of the items... and apparently have been already been put on some auto- order system... I have made two separate calls to their customer service dept to no avail. I have received no email explanations, receipts, or future...

Keranique / Hair loss treatment/minoxidil dual dropper

Suzette S on Sep 14, 2016
1) why can't this company be put out of business? 2) i ordered a sample of everything (It seemed), was billed for it, called, was told i could try a different product and would be billed for it later. I know - why don't i have the exact information? 3) the bottom line/most important part is i...

Keranique / Keranique

Corrie Sssmith on Aug 11, 2016
Everyone please please understand Keraniques commercial leaves alot to be desired. Nit once do they explain how keranique works to promote hair growth. This type of advertising preys upon anyone that is desparate for relief only to promise you are protected to get you to believe you have...

Keranique / Unauthorized charges

veeherr on Jun 21, 2016
I am like everyone and answered the ad for free trial. Got the 2 boxes, called and complained that I did not want all that stuff, did not realize that I would get vitams, and shampoo. So called immediately to cancel this and about 1/half later listening to who ever I talked to, tried to...

Keranique / Keranique fraudulent charges

lraekim on Jun 11, 2016
First they tried to use my Paypal account but was refused. But somehow they got my credit card and used this. I got a notification from Visa so i tried to stop the shipment. Keranique said it already shipped and to call once i receive it. When it arrived, i called again to close any...

Keranique / Hair regrowth

Tealisa Davis on May 21, 2016
I tried the free trials canceled both the hair and provitamins within the thirty days paid the 38.41 or whatever I was charged both times only to be charged 59 dollars that over drafted my account and have customer service say I never canceled or returned my products even though their...

Keranique / Sneaky business model

Charles Packer on May 18, 2016
Keranique has a confusing (and clever) business model that could soak the unwary for at least $160. This is what happened to my wife. It could happen to you, too: You will see its ad on TV. You will be lured by a "free trial" offer. But perhaps you will think you are getting a free sample...

Keranique / Keranique

Clvrleaf on May 12, 2016
Fraud charges, charged over $200.00 for free trial and my banks fraud department actually contacted me Cancellation of free trial same day, by 2 emails and phone call Bank just today had to reverse 2 charges, for this month, which r 1/2 of the original "free trial" charges last month All...

Keranique / Hair growth product, and vitamins

Ronda Lundberg on May 10, 2016
Purely a scam, I have received NOT; any type of bill, receipt, breakdown and explanation of charges, how many months of added fees Keranique will keep charging me for a product I cancelled, we are now up to hundreds of dollars for one bottle of cheap vitamins and one "free" sample box of...

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