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Kelly Services


Misinformed, incorrect info reported

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Kelly Services
Gallatin office
Nashville, Tennessee
United States
I was called and asked if interested in a 3 month temp assignment at Dollar General Corporate office in Goodlettsville. When I reported on the job over a week later due to approval problems (to hire a temp), I was told by the managing person that the job would be anywhere from 2 months to 4 months. The job was doing nothing I had been told it would be; only printing leases on stores and making files of them. I had been told working in the Tax dept with spreadsheets and talking to attorneys that were working on liquor licensing for Florida stores. After 2 weeks, the manager told me the assignment was over, however I could come in on the following Monday and help pack up boxes of files that were to be sent to the attorney's in Florida. I was told this was an accounting job in the tax dept, working with attorney's, remember. I called Kelly on that Sat morn knowing they would get the message for Monday and told them I was not packing boxes. I tried to go back to filing unemployment, which I gave up to take the 3 month position, and Kelly reports that I was terminated and not eligible for rehire ??? How do they figure by me not working after an assignment was over that I quit ? And can they have the right to say something like that to a State agency ? I think they are all lie rs at Kelly Services. I have tried to get some answers and no one will call me back, or act like they know any thing about it all.
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N  28th of Dec, 2009 by    +1 Votes
Wait, you "gave up" your unemployment? Lol, that's too funny.

So the customer changes the job duties, and the time frame. But it's Kelly Services fault? So possibly the customer ran into an issue with having their Tennessee attorneys handling the tax info for Florida stores...maybe legal differences between the two states, I dunno.
Companies contract with staffing companies when their need is short-term, or uncertain. People who sign up with staffing companies should have enough sense to understand this.
You apparently did not tell the manager that you would not pack boxes and therefore would not return on Monday. You left a message knowing that it would not be received until Monday, knowing that they would not be able to have someone at the job site to do the packing. (I assume you think you are too good to pack boxes?) Basically that is job abandonment.
N  28th of Jun, 2010 by    -1 Votes
I was called to fill out paper work at the Cranbury NJ office. I was there for 3 hours filling out this paper work. 8 plus pages. Kelly Services sent me 8 tests to do at home at my leisure. My Data Entry scores were very good, however when it came to Word and Excel, I had passing grades, but it was not to the satisfaction of Kelly Services. They have very picky corporate offices, and a low passing is not good enough for them. They have also sent me a bank card to use with their bank Chase, but I already have a checking account with my own private bank whom I am very happy with. They have not contqcted me with any jobs yet they keep sending me newsletters og job openings and more tests to take. NEver mind the Newsletter and more tests give me a damn job already. There are numerous complaints on the internet about Kelly Services, and now I am having my doubts that I will get a position from them any time soon.
N  7th of Nov, 2010 by    -1 Votes
I work for Kelly Services in a factory position.When I tested, I aced the tests and met their expectations all the way.Now, they need to meet mine.My complaint is simple;If I'm going to bust my butt on an assembly line, I need to get my O.T. pay on time.I worked 8 hours on saturday, October 3rd, 2010, and I'm still awaiting my O.T. pay for those hours today, sunday, November 7th, 2010.Now, if they knew that I worked 40 hours that week, why then don't they know about my 8 hours of overtime?
N  7th of Nov, 2010 by    -1 Votes
Re:The factory position and overtime pay;In error, I wrote that I worked on saturday, October 3rd.It was saturday, October 23.So 2 weeks have gone by and still no O.T. pay for that day.
N  19th of May, 2011 by    0 Votes
I have applied for many jobs with Kelly Services, none of them ever pan out. I met all requirements and was asked when I could interview and when I could start. After answering, I get told that I do not meet the requirements. The requirements were very easy and are on my work history and mentioned on my resume. After this happened several times, I started mentioning it to others. Plus, the jobs only show their zip code, and luckily the companies are easily traced. No such jobs were posted. I had heard that Monster was "padding" their listings to make it lok like they were the place to go. As far as I can tell, Kelly Services is doing the same thing. I never have trouble calling them on the phone and speaking with them, but if the job is looking odd and I point it out, they stop answering the phone. I call on a different line, they answer. They say they will look into it. No response, I keep calling back with no answer. Now, I go to a friends phone, they answer. I tell them who I am, they hang up. How weird is that? If there is nothing to hide, why do that?
N  17th of Dec, 2011 by    -1 Votes
Call or email your attorney general of the state you live in. I did that online and got a response 2 days later and then they are now making them pay me unemployment. I tried and tried to contact Kelly and they never called back, but as soon as the attorney generals office contacted them they have done nothing but kiss my ###.
I did some research on them and found out they have a major lawsuit against them in the US for fraud/lying/wrongfulterminatin/denying benefits, etc.
I hope that helps you...if you ever have a question please feel free to send me a message. I will help you as much as possible. Good luck to you.
N  17th of Dec, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Temp agencies are under no obligation to offer you full time or permanant employment.
N  17th of Dec, 2011 by    0 Votes
I understand that now. I had never used one before, but the papers that I have that they made me sign state otherwise. I do appreciate that you told me this, however, they are the ones who messed up on their end and all I am trying to do is let other people be aware when they sign anything from an agency.
The thing that totally upsets me is what I signed, and I have a notarized copy of it from Kelly Services contradicts the idea of a temp agency. But that is something they will have to deal with in court.
N  12th of Feb, 2013 by    0 Votes
I Was let go from kellys service for making a complaint about another worker he was making racial conments to me and about me i reported this to the supervisor and he said to keep this in the office and that he will separate us from working together i ask to be put on first shift and day put me there right away but Monday came around i got a call from them saying that i was terminated for threatning the line coordinator i did not belive what i was hearing . I call the main office and they said they will get back to me and never did. i never wanted to work for this agency i heard so many bad things about them but i was desperate for a job i need to pay my bills, i still cannot belive this still happens in America.
N  29th of Apr, 2013 by    0 Votes
Kelly Services does not allow its entire management staff to know everything. So when fishing (and I do mean fishing) for answer to your questions you must contact at least 7 different persons in different areas of Kelly Services.
Kelly is notorious for not being up-front and honest. They cloud job assignments in mystery as they are too reluctant to tell you exactly what the job entails and what shift you will be on. You do not find out the complete facts until it is too late to go back to what you were doing before with them.
I can say that I am glad to be working, but Kelly Services inability to say it like it is leaves something greatly to be desired.
N  10th of Sep, 2013 by    0 Votes
Kelly services in Bangalore is worst office, they won't work properly, they forget for what reason they are coming to the office .they won't respond to the mails & calls too., to submit PF withdrawal application they will take min 4 months. kelly Bangalore is worst then government office...
A  14th of Oct, 2013 by    0 Votes
I want to start off by saying that the company that Kelly sent me to work in..Zappos was a great place to work, it is Kelly services that are horrible to work for. I was hired as a floor supervisor for Kelly services in charge of the seasonal team members in 2-3 depts. When I started, we had a shift supervisor.. he was ex military ( very good at his job, great guy). He always did what was asked of him by the zappos management, which was essential to maintain a work environment of peace and walking out the seasonal employees that missed too much, wouldn't work, stole etc. then one day he was fired. The new supervisor that took his place was a lesbian. I have nothing against lesbians but I'm not one. The entire Kelly shift management team were lesbians. The other floor supervisors and this shift supervisor and I would all eat supper together, I would check the voicemail for her in the afternoon (this took most of the time 15-20 minutes) for the absentee, etc. ( something that was her job) because she always ran late. I had zappos managers come to me and ask me to have seasonal team members fired ( missed to much, etc.) She said "I don't have time to do that, I can't be everywhere at once I'm not firing nobody for these Zappos people". Let me tell you of just 2 incidences of where I could have used a little help from this supervisor Robin. The first is one seasonal employee that was on the 4th floor who was supposed to be picking orders when another employee came to me and said that he was leaning back and forth and about ready to fall off of the railing. Myself and 2 other employees went to see what was wrong with him and upon getting within 1-2 feet of him he had a strong odor of whiskey and was completely out of it. I called my supervisor and my zappos supervisor as well because of the safety concerns When we got him down the stairs, it was obvious that whiskey wasn't the only thing he was under the influence of. He had no idea where he was, what his name was, nothing. He literally could not hold his eyes open or sit up! The zappos employee that was there was an EMT and he said we needed to call an ambulance but he couldn't do it because it was a Kelly employee not zappos and Kelly's would have to make that decision. I told them that absolutely I thought he needed one, because I was having to hold him up with my arm and he was sitting down. Then Robin said no we aren't calling an ambulance I'm not filling out paperwork on that, that would be a lot of paperwork and I don't have time for that. She said to send him home and he could come back the next day. I was floored to say the very least. The zappos mgr that heard this went and got his boss who is in charge of the building and told me to go get Robin (NOW) he told her to get him the he&& out of there now and he better not ever show up again, ever! So, I had to take his coat off of him, look for a cell phone call this 40 something year old mans 78 year old mother and sit by the security guard until the mom and dad showed up.. oh when I did this he pulled a big unmarked bottle of Xanax out of his coat and tried to take the entire bottle ( maybe 50 pills) The security guard saw this entire thing. He couldn't even hold his eyes or his head up but he was going to try and take more Xanax.. I gave the bottle to his mother and she thanked me for not calling the police evidently that had been a trend with him. Another night a seasonal employee was found in the bathroom putting on stolen clothes, she had several layers and very expensive headphones as well. I of course called my supervisor. She asked me what she was supposed to do about it. I had Zapoos managers that I had to work with and when they wanted something they expected it to be done, it was her responsibility to have done her job and she didn't. She eventually took it out on me. I have an autoimmune disorder ( pancreas) that I have to take medication for. They knew this when they hired me, I showed them the bottle. I passed the drug test. They also knew that I had an appt at a national renowned hospital for a second opinion with my condition. This woman literally harassed me everyday telling me that I could not work here and take medicine while I worked there. There was nothing in the handbook that stated that. After I got back from the hospital she wanted to know what the dr's had told me and I told her what they aid...1. take my med, 2 get a intrathecal pump, 3 Get my pancreas cut out. She looked at me and said well then its an easy decision you have to get your pancreas cut out. Because you cant take medicine here. At this point I had, had it . I went to the kelly website and wrote an email telling them exactly what she was doing. So fast forward to when we work 2 days later, I am on the floor working she sends me a text message asking me to come upstairs to the lesbian den and then proceeds to tell me that she is terminating me because I have been sleeping everyday on the job for the past 5 weeks. (Totally untrue) I asked her if this was true why didn't she say something the first time i was allegedly "sleeping" and why it would take 5 weeks to say something. She said she "liked me and was giving me the benefit of the doubt" this is total bullcrap and anyone knows it. If you catch someone sleeping you fire them then and there, no second chances. She then said o.k. well I will watch you tonight and see if you go to sleep tonight. She harassed me everyday because of my health and I don't think it was any circumstance that I turned her in to corporate 2-3 days before this and Zappos Was hiring me on full time next week until this happened. Oh yeah, also she offered to place me in another job with Kelly services in another factory/ office but she saw me TALKING to my Zappos manager and then she said you can't talk to him you're fired. I kid you not, I was talking to him on my break. These people can take the Kelly jobs and stick them up there butts because I will NEVER work for them again and put another PENNY in their pockets.
N  28th of Apr, 2016 by    +1 Votes
I am really disappointed in Kelly services as well. The lady in the Monroe Louisiana office has her picks and choses. I was picked by the company Supervisor but I had to go through Kelly to get hired. The lady had an attitude immediately. I told the truth about a misdemeanor I got 6 years and 9 months ago. She made me go get an affidavit from the police station. I had to pay 50 dollars. I came back and gave it to her and she still had something to say. A misdemeanor almost 7 years ago. I hate Kelly services
N  24th of May, 2016 by    0 Votes
Though I have never done business with this outfit (and never would), they continue to do robo calling offering their "service". Robo calling is against the law and I have reported them several times to the FTC, but the calls keep coming. Because they are always robo calls, there is no way to tell them to remove my number from their list (though, with tactics like this, I doubt that they would stop).

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