Keller Williams Realtyreal estate

J Nov 14, 2017

Fellow Veterans, Retirees and Service Members. I am a retired COL in the Army. Please do not support this organization. Any business that would deceive a Retiree and Veteran is about as crooked and unethical as you can get.

Do not utilize Keller Williams to sell your home. They are independently owned, so if you run into issues their home office will not be able to assists you with your issue and they could care less if it get solved or not. They are all about the bottom line and will do what it takes to make a buck. They have no integrity and are very dishonest. Bottom line is that I lost a great deal of money on the sale of my home because the realtor outright lied to me about their fee. You may email me if you would like to know more or specifics. [protected]

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