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Keller Williams Realty / scammers

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Keller Williams opperates under the philosophy of "sharing the wealth" with its agents but let's be realistic. Where is the wealth really? On cruises around the world perhaps, or maybe vacationing in their beach homes. That's where Herbert and Ruth Taylor, owners of the New England Keller Williams region are. While agents bust their chops to bring in the dough, the top dogs, like Herbert and Ruth are rolling in it. It's unfortunate, that people like Ruth and Herbert Taylor would take advantage of colleagues and associatees in a time of crisis, but it's true. With their low compensation, high demand, and unmanageable workload They do everything in their power to suck you dry and then disregard you like yesterdays news. They've gone as far as to withhold pay commissions and change my commission structure THREE times within the past year, stating that these changes had to be made because of our tough economy. They're right, the economy is tough on everyone, except them. They're living high on the hog while the rest of us do the best to feed our kids. For those of you who don't know how it works, the regional owners receive royalties on everyone else's sales every month for doing nothing but being rich. It doesn't stop there either. While some may slave away their entire lives to scratch out a living, the owners of this company will continue to receive royalties even after they're dead! That means their spoiled, rich children will be able to live the high life at the expense of others. They don't have to lift a finger unless it is to attend a conference and perpetuate the brainwashing of thousands of innocent, hard working people. There's nothing wrong with being rich but getting rich off other people's sweat and tears is just wrong. Avoid this comany at all costs unless you want to fall victim to another couple jewish scammers.

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  • Sh
      10th of Oct, 2011
    -1 Votes

    Hopefully you aren't one of their agents or previous agents as this could be in line with defamation if the statements aren't true and it affects their business. It could cost you much more than you bargained such as your job or credability in the sector in which you work (if you are in realestate).

  • Ma
      12th of Jan, 2013
    0 Votes

    Keller williams realty is a scam/angie morris realtor who I thought could trust her gave me a moving company name R &Moving company in Seminole Fl to move my belongings. She was in cahoots with this company as I later found out that the husband of R & M Moving company had 5 prior felonies against him, robbery, dealing in stolen property, burglary of a residence, grand theft of a firearm and marijuana charges. This realtor is just as bad as the moving company. Florida is a state where if there is a woman alone they will scam her and do not care less, all about themseives...parasitic manefestation to the max. These type of people need to be in jail in cuffs. They all think it is a joke and they got away with it all. Scamming the customer is about the lowest that anyone can do to a person who pays them for services. ...Do not deal with these companies, believe me, you will lose in the long run. They know how to scam people as they have been doing this all their lives, they do not want to work for anything.

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