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Keller Williams Realty / fraud and scam

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Keller Williams Realty
I purchased a house in July 2006, using the services of two Keller-Williams agents - Deborah Bigby and Travis Westry. During the transaction, the agents received material facts about the foundation of the property which were not presented to me. In November, 2006 after noticing cracks around my doors, windows, and walls I had my home assessed by PowerLift and RamJack and found that the foundation needed repair. I immediately called Ms. Bigby who promised 'we will get your house fixed.'

After a few months I realized that Ms. Bigby had no intention of having my foundation repaired. I wrote the Attorney General, who referred my complaint to the N. C. Real Estate Commission. After a thorough, lengthy investigation by Mr. Stephen Fussell, a December 2008 meeting of the N. C. Real Estate Commission determined that realtors Deborah Bigby, Travis L. Westry and Wayne H. Hankins had violated the provisions of G. S. 93A of the Commission. Incidentally, before the Commission could rule against Ms. Bigby in my case, her license was revoked in another case.

Armed with Consent Orders against Mr. Travis Westry whereas his license was revoked, and Mr. Wayne Hankins, whereas his license was suspended, legal representation was engaged to offer a settlement to Raleigh Partners, Inc. dba Keller-Williams. Keller-Williams refused to settle, even after numerous attempts by legal representation.

Since December 2007, I have attempted to bring resolution to this problem, by means of appropriate protocol, waiting for the investigation to reveal what I knew was fact.

The Keller-Williams website professes 'using integrity when dealing with customers and making sure their needs come first. By their actions-or rather inaction, in this situation, Keller-Williams has not shown integrity; at the very least, they could be seen as condoning their realtors' questionable actions.

This may seem like merely another complaint in a long line of ones where big business had taken advantage of the customer, but my goal is bigger than merely the repair of my foundation. As two of the aforementioned realtors have been charged with unsavory misconduct in other cases, it shows that I am neither the first nor the only person who has had trouble with them.

The history of questionable conduct of Raleigh Partners, Inc. dba Keller-Williams should be made public so that other consumers will not have to endure an ordeal such as this one.


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A  1st of Feb, 2010 by 
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Worst Full service agent ever
This was my worst experience with a "full service agent" ever
The bare facts:

1. The agent I hired did not show up for the inspection
2. The agent I hired did not show up for the walk through
3. The agent I hired did not show up for the closing.
4. The agent I hired gave me a $500 rebate when I expected $5390 and was promised.
5. When the agent was made aware of the problems, she said it was not her problem and told me not to contact her anymore.
6. Emails and phone to the broker she referred me to too took up to 10 days for a response or were simply ignored
7. Emails and phone calls to Keller Williams corporate office in Texas went unanswered.
8. The inspector the agent recommended missed some very obvious problems. He was so embarrassed he offered a refund.
A  8th of Jun, 2013 by 
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I've seen tremendous fraud on the part of Keller Williams, including a perjured declaration regarding equity, where they conveniently omitted the larger of the deeds of trust. It looks like they push houses through escrow (need to see if there are bogus escrow companies connected with Keller Williams), pretending that the encumbrances are a fraction of what they are, but then the buyers likely find the house they thought they got a good deal on is in terrible undisclosed condition and subject to encumbrances they weren't told about.

Read these articles:http://mostblackedout.blogspot.com/2013/06/were-you-taken-in-by-fraudulent-real.html

N  17th of Aug, 2016 by 
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My daughter used them recently to try to buy her first home. She was never able to get ahold of her agent and only heard from her when she needed more money. The mortgage company they used approved her loan and gave her a closing date. The Friday before the closing date they sent an email saying her loan didn't go through. A week later her agent texted her and told her she was not able to gt their escrow money back. All total my daughter lost $1900 on the deal. She is so discouraged she will may never try to buy a home again. These people are crooks!
A  13th of Jul, 2017 by 
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My daughter was trying to purchase her first home in Pittsburgh, PA, and I feel that the property she was interested in listed by, Christian Ivory of the Bethel Park, PA office totally misrepresented the property. First he said he had an above asking offer, and after that supposed deal fell through, she made an offer. Her agent put safeguards in the contract to protect her, and the buyer/agent checked that there was a building permit issued, but when that was checked on, it turned out they did not. Chris Ivory was made aware that she knew about the permit, and he accepted her offer telling her that issues with the "first" inspection were fixed. She hired an inspector who found live wires and termites. Hmmmmm...I wonder what was fixed? She did get her money back, but would have never had the inspection if he would have not lied for a second time. When I called to complain to the office manager, Cynthia Schmidt, my mistake was giving info on the agent and property to the receptionist. Cynthia had Chris call me back, and when I asked to speak to her, he put me on speaker so I had to speak with both of them. Very unprofessional. I questioned if there ever was a "first inspection". She said she would find out, and get back to me, but I doubt that will ever happen. Beware of Keller Williams, especial in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

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