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Palmdale, CA, United States

I was pointed to Anusha Paramesvaran, a Keller Williams agent by Dave Ramsey (the debt management guru). It was the worst choice I ever made! She was very pretty, very personable, a liar, unethical and totally unresponsive. She told us what our house was worth and then listed it ten thousand dollars less than she said she would. She held open houses several times and failed to secure the house when leaving resulting in a robbery of irreplaceable personal items, computers, etc. When notified of the theft, she refused to respond. She kept pushing offers from real estate holding companies for $40K below the listing price and failed to respond to other realtors who were interested in showing the house. This was to ensure that she got both the buyer and seller fees. We traced one of the potential buyers to a company that buys houses cheap and then turns them into halfway houses for felons leaving prison. After we refused to sell for $40K below the listing price, she sent us an offer for $15K below list price but they wanted a bunch of changes made at our expense. I refused to sign the agreement. She told me she would get me an estimate of the costs involved (the only response she ever gave me). I have never heard from her again although I understand from the buyer's agent that the changes are nearly complete. I suspect that there will be lawyers involved when I refuse to pay whatever costs she tries to pass on to me during the closing process. I called her broker and complained and he said he would talk to her. He no longer answers his phone and her voice mail is always full. The closing date has been delayed three times now and it will probably be delayed again while we litigate the change costs. In the mean time, I am paying a lot of rent because I can't buy a new home until I get my down payment and a nice, you hispanic family is stuck in a rat infested hovel in one of the worst areas of Los Angeles. I will never recommend Keller Williams or Anusha Paramesvaran to anyone.

May 19, 2015

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