Keller Williams / realstate

Atlanta, GA, United States

My fiancé and I were paying on a loan modification when we realized the house payments were just beyond what we could afford. We decided to get the advise of a "short sale" expert for Keller Williams in Atlanta, GA. The lady met with us in our home and told us not to worry about a thing that she would handle all of the negotiations and paperwork with our bank. we were relieved after three years of dealing with the bank in an attempt to keep our house. She then recommended that we stop paying the mortgage to make the bank "act" on our request for a short sale. We signed a contract with her and put our trust in her professional experience. Three months later I received a foreclosure notice, I called the agent and she never responded to my calls personally. Instead she had her office staff call me and assure me that all of the paperwork had been submitted for the short sale offers we had received. We were very encouraged by the amount of phone calls and "showings" we had from real state agents. Two weeks before the foreclosure was scheduled to take place I became suspicious and called the bank to confirm everything was working according to the Keller Williams staff (I continued to try to speak directly with the agent and she would not return my calls). I then learned that the application package was not submitted by the staff person completely. I called repeatedly and no answer from the agent just the office staff who seemed dumbfounded and unable to negotiate with the bank. I then took matters in to my own hands and faxed the missing documents. To my surprise even the application was missing! Although all of the required documentation was faxed and emailed directly to the Keller Williams office two months prior as instructed and required by the agreement signed. To make a long story short my house was sold and later I found out that the agent had an agreement with the Investment Group that purchased my home. The agent has now listed my house again for sale as a FORCLOSURE BARGAIN! I am devastated!! Is this ethical behavior? Is there no end to greed in the housing market? I remember my real state agent telling me “not to worry, it’s a done deal” when I told her I didn’t believe I would get approved for the house in the first place. Now both agents made their money, the banks got their money from the government, the investors made a profit from the purchase and sale of the foreclosed home and I (the consumer) am left with nothing but debt, bad credit and no savings. Something has to change.


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