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Keiser University

Posted: Mar 26, 2013 by    


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Keiser University
Ft Lauderdale, Florida
United States
The tuition that Keiser University charges is outrageous. I am strapped with 40, 000 in debt. Keiser University states that is is a non profit private school, but don't be fooled it is for profit. They do not care about finding a job for you once you graduate, but they will beg you to come back if you drop out. Please search for a local community college or tech school for your education you will pay about 30k less. Plus, the two years I attended I met about 3 new deans...I noticed the employee turnover rate was extremely high. What does this say? Keiser University does not care about their employees or their students. They care about money...your money...don't be fooled.
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N  14th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
With Keiser University there were so many red flags, I wish I had paid attention from the start. Now I am 30, 000 in debt making no more money than I started out with.

First off, let me tell you- STAY FAR AWAY from this school.

They will lure you in, paint this picture that it is an excellent school and that the counselors have your best interest in mind. Well they don't. All they want is your money. Here is my experience with Keiser University:

First off, several years ago I toured the school just to see what it was about. The admissions counselor- Chris, was so friendly and nice to me. I wasn't sure if that is where I really wanted to go, I wasn't even sure if I liked any of the programs. He asked me what I was good at in everyday life. I told him I use computers a lot so he suggested the Computer program. He said I was a perfect fit. Blah blah blah. I wasn't sure if that was the field I wanted to choose so I said I will think about it. Well he started calling me every day without fail. Then when I stopped answering his calls, he would call me from ANONYMOUS NUMBER! That was a red flag right there. Anyways. A year went by and I decided maybe I want to go back to the school again and see if there was something that i really wanted this time. I saw Chris again and he was raving about the X-Ray tech program saying he really sees me in it and that it is an excellent field to go in at my age. So he convinced me to sign up. They are SO CONVINCING. Anyway. I completed all the Gen-Eds. Some of them were so easy, I had never made such good grades in my life. But it was weird because I barely tried. I figured maybe I really am learning with this "individual student focus." Well once I finished all my Gen-Eds I realized maybe X-Ray isn't what I really want, so I switched to the Medical Assissting because I could get right in. The program director for the Medical Assisting was excellent, I won't lie. He knew his stuff and I really learned from him. It is a shame to see him in that rat-hole school. Well graduation time came, I completed all my classes for my Associates Degree, completed my externship. Keiser's bursar said I was financially cleared so I would be good to go for graduation. I was excited. I had a couple interviews once I finished school, but never got hired. I harassed and hounded student services to find me a job. THEY HAVE NO CONNECTIONS. When you are in the program, they make it seem like they have endless doctor's offices and employer's who come to the school seeking out "highly educated" Keiser grads. Well that is BS! They do not. I was given the run-around every single time I would speak with the job placement idiot. I would be SHOCKED if at best, she forwarded my resume out on Craigslist. I know she didn't. So I went through all that schooling. All that time. ALL THAT DEBT! And once you graduate (in my case and MANY OTHERS!) Job placement is a JOKE!!! They will NOT help you. So now I am going to have to pay off all this DEBT. And I am no better off than I was. I just have a degree from KEISER UNIVERSITY. They just suck money out of you. And give you free hotdogs and hamburgers now and then. Because at Keiser University, students come FIRST. Do you know why? Not because they want to see you succeed. No. They want all your money, no refunds, so Dr. Keiser can fly around in his fancy f***ing jet.

Live and learn is all I can say to this. I hope other students considering going to this money-trap scam school will think twice. Don't say you haven't been warned.
N  30th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
That sounds similar to Florida Metropolitan University (now Everest). I got a BS in accounting, went to the placement services looking for work, and the individual in charge (Mary Josephs) - different name of course seemed to use her hands as ### warmers rather than do anything. Kaiser Merged into Florida Metropolitan University a number of years back. My tuition by the time I graduated was $40, 000, and they wanted me to enroll afterwards in their customer service degree program, an wondering if phone sex professional is the next degree by these predators! I hope you do better.
A  26th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
Very true i went to Keiser University located in South Florida, Pembroke Pines to be exact, for OTA Program. From the very beginning it seemed like a scam classes were beyond easy and when i started i was told to do 8 Pre-Requisite classes then i would continue into the program. Later on to find out i had to wait over a year before i could even begin those classes . On top of that after my fifth class i started questioning the Dean, Admission counselors and teachers about a wait list which they all told me there was no list that i speak of and that i had nothinng to worry about. Keiser University and 90% of the workers at that "school" are all fraud and in it to just get your money and get you out the door. I am currently trying to file a class action law suit but no attorney wants any part of it which they claim is because the school makes you sign such an enormous amount of papers before you start which all are a bunch of loop holes, so please dont go to Keiser or any other "schools" like this all it will do is put you in great debt and have nothing to show for it.
N  6th of Nov, 2011 by    0 Votes
you have 3 sides of the story. yours, theirs, and the truth. if you are a grown adult and don't read what you sign then go figure. same goes if you go buy a new car then 8 months later you take it back because you don't like the color. it seems that either of you read your terms and conditions and now your blaming the school for you not reading your legal contract. I'm studying law and that's all you learn in law school.. Read what you sign!!!
A  25th of Feb, 2012 by    0 Votes
I am a former student at Keiser university and towards the end they gave me a really hard time I sighned a form at the beginning of externship stating that i wasnt planning to take any of my gen eds so when i was half way through the extern coordinator calls me stating that i cant take the licensing exam unless I'm an active student at the time i was working at the hospital at night and completing externship during the day (16hours of work total daily) i already completed all the required classes for the licensing exam and yet if i wasn't planning to take my gen eds i wouldnt be allowed to take the licensing exam so the extern coordinator suggested online classes i told her plainly i need time to sleep and i dont think i have the time and she said it didnt matter if i passed or not as long as i was an active student but what she didnt tell me was if i chose to drop out after that class i would owe the school over 4000 for all the classes i chose not to take and now they refuse to release my transcripts untill i pay them in full
N  19th of Jun, 2012 by    0 Votes
Ok. So I was debating about going to Keiser. I visited the school in Florida and my first impression of the school was holy crap this will be expensive. Marble floors???? really at a school. When I saw the tuition amounts and fees are nearly fell out of my seat. The admissions counselor was nice. Well, I told him I would think about it because it is very expensive and I really don't want to be in debt that much for school. He kept going on and on about how it will all pay off. Just got that sinking feeling in the bottom of my stomach the whole time I was there. Then the calls started. One point he got angry and almost threatening that I was not speaking with him, but what he does not realize is that I work full time and can not answer his 100 calls all day long. Very uncomfortable. The counselors seem more like hard selling pushy car salesmen. I attended and graduated from another University and never experienced anything like this. This message board has confirmed my gut feeling...
A  2nd of Jul, 2012 by    0 Votes
Started in the medical assisting program..2yrs 24, 000..1st day of school the instructor babr mclarnin quit..the rest of the week there was no instructor..they were going to hire a rn so they did her name was pat mac she was an rn she quit..that night the program was flawed she explained and left..the next week there was a new teacher who was only an lpn ..i thought ok this is redick..i stayed..i mainted deans/honor roll never missed 1 class or was late ..even thought i had 2 small kids under 4!..that teacher was ok but often was frustrated bc there were a lot of supplies needed to teach us things in the core class we where in that month(every class was 1 month)..after having her meet with the dean as well as the same 10 students who were dissatisfied over the 3 months bc of lack of funds that keiser college was to distripute but failed u ntil i created havoc..then they cut me a back check in the amt of 3, 000 I believe..creating more hardship..when i wanted my ledger card i was quite oftern told to come back upon my return they were gone...i was never allowed to view my ledger card:(.when our 3rd teacher ms.laprecia miller could not get dean scott to comply with what the medical asst. students needed to learn veinipuncture, unrinalysis, blood typing(we had no serum) along with a crappy radiography core calss that lacked the proper pins to not get exposed to radiation were all turned down..she quit..they then hired a rn who had not been a real rn bc she lost her rn`s license bc of bad check writing stealing from a dr she worked for in daytona..and she was jailed before and after she was our instructor..she would teach us..but would pay us 25-50dollars for an a(grade)i was winning the money and the students were getting upset..she said it was incentive..one night i won 50.00 she decided to not give it to me i went to the dean dean scott told him i was unhappy with the education i was not getting and now the teacher was acting nutts..i told her to keep the money i wasnt interested.she then pretended i stole the money..i asked the dean and vp to look inot her slander and lies they did..i braught in proof via newspaper artclies on her fraud/scheeming/lying ways..they did a full insetigation and foind she was at fault n fired her!! the next week we had the dean for a teache rbc they were having problems hiring a new ma teacher..by this time i was enrolled from march2004 and quit in dec of 2005 6 teachers in 9 months was not professional..that was not stable, i did not get my eduacation..i was paying for..i also suffered a miscariage and the school knew of it due to stress they created every day i was there..lots of time we just sat there with no teachers ...i filed a grievence the school said pretty much i could eithe rcome back and complete my core classes for free..i made a choice to not return.i then went on to get a good education at daytonas college for massage..i was charged over 10, 000 and i want out of those loans bc of the lack and quality of education!
N  3rd of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes
Wow, I didn't know there were so many people in the same situation as me. Keiser ripped me off 20, 000 for like 8 classes. This is crazy that they can rip off people like this. I myself was 19 just out of High school and thought I was doing the right thing. Not knowing I would be in debt 20, 000 dollars without even finishing the program. Like the post before mine, half the time there was not a teacher for the class and we would be sitting there looking at each other like what the hell are we paying for? There should be a lawsuit against this school and our loans should be forgiven. I hope one day we will get Justice and someone will listen to us. Try talking to the school about the money I owe no one wants to talk, try talking to the student loan people and they say talk to the school. I think I have tried talking to everyone I can think of talking to and still I can't get answers as to why I was signed up for 20, 000 in loans.
A  7th of Sep, 2012 by    0 Votes
Good gawd... And people think I'm making excuses when I say this school is a P.O.S.!!! I was desperate and obviously nieve about launching a new career and going back to school... I heard a commercial for the massage therapy program and being an athletic trainer in high school thought it would be a good fit. My teacher was top notch!!! I graduated in Dec 2008 and it was just at the turn where you didn't have to take the national exam for your license...they had developed a state test for massage. I was one of the few from my class taking the harder test and passing it (which didn't have a high pass rate). I graduated with a 4.0 and Phi Theta Kappa honors. When I obtained my license I had a difficult time finding work because I was a new grad. The Orlando campus' student services dept was a joke and still is. The program and school makes you think you can make all this money at the fancy hotels but doesn't bother telling you you have to have 4+years experience to land that kind of a job... This is a hands on career... Almost always you have a physical interview not just a regular talk in a chair get to know you kind. But I was judged by a piece of paper and nothing more... It took me 6mo to get my first interview which ultimately led to my first job bc I got a chance to show my talent! Unfortunately a yr and a half later the new owner decided he didn't want to deal with the spa industry and stole payroll money and shut the doors... We were shocked and disgusted as he did this to not one but two spas he owned. There was no way to recover our wages except to go thru small claims court. After Loosing my job and still not having "enough experience" I went back to Keiser to look into another program...BIG MISTAKE!!! I was sceptical and thought I did enough research but got taken for a fool once again! I had an excellent teacher again (that was the only positive) and went thru my externship with a lot of hands on experience so much so I was on my own on the 3rd day and training new externs my 2nd week...I once again graduated 4.0 Phi Theta Kappa and passed the RMA exam with a 99%!!! But once again the coordinator and student services did absolutely nothing when my externship didn't offer me a job... They never hired students just used them... Its been a year after going thru a million resources to perfect my resume and cover letter and I have not so much as gotten a call back for submitting a resume! I can't even sell myself and show my qualities because I am judged by a piece of paper stating I only have 2mo experience!!! All the MA posts insist that you must have a year or more and be bilingual... Well I'm full blooded Cuban but never mastered the language and quite frankly don't understand how anyone can say they are an EOE employer when there is underlying discrimination... I just don't get how you can go to school to train in a new field and then have no opportunity to work in your field because of "lack of experience"... And even with my background in massage I can't find anything or anyone to give me the time of day or a chance to prove myself when in my working career I've landed 3 jobs with -0- experience And gave each company over 5yrs of service. This school is a fraud and should be held accountable for tricking innocent people who want a legitimate education to get into a career they are passionate about only to be disappointed and in debt for being given false hope. Don't advertise how one can get a job in a field they love if you don't have the means or heart to help your students!!!
A  31st of Aug, 2013 by    +1 Votes
This is a sad situation that we are all in. I graduated from the nuclear medicine program at Keiser now I am in debt $30, 000 to be exact. The professors all lie to you while you are I'm the program, claiming that their are jobs out there. Beware of the lies, one of the professors Nicholas Neil sleeps with his students and even got a girl pregnant and married her. Becareful and don't let Keiser full you all their staff is money hungry and only concerned with keeping their jobs, hence they will always need more students.
N  9th of Sep, 2013 by    +1 Votes
I can agree with some of the comments here. Yeah Keiser is expensive, as it is a private school. My experience with Keiser was great. I too earned my AS in Medical Assisting and currently work in a Family Practice in Melbourne, FL. One fall back was that I on 10 interviews until I finally got hired. Yes, most employers wanted at least 1 year experience w/ certification and as a recent graduate, I had none of these. As a matter of fact, if it wasn't for Sabrina, in Student Services, I would not have my current job. Thanks Sabrina! I believe the market was flooded with Medical Assistants because all of the schools were promoting the career, offering people, like us, a quick way out of fast food, retail, ect.;Thus, given the reason there are very little jobs offering the position. Actively working in the field, I also understand how hard it may be to try and train someone new, while keeping up with daily business and tasks. I also can testify to how much better of an education Keiser offers because I have worked with people who graduated from both Everest and BCC. Needless to say, I am surprised they passed the program and happy I choose Keiser. Also, my employer will now only hire Keiser Graduates and is actively seeking new employees, through Keiser. I'm sorry everyone's experience was not so great, but it is what you make it. KU!
N  3rd of Oct, 2013 by    0 Votes
Contact Feldman Fox and Morgado, PA in Tampa. Florida. I have a lawsuit against Keiser. Maybe they can help you.
N  3rd of Oct, 2013 by    0 Votes
Contact Feldman, Fox, and Morgado, PA, out of Tampa, Florida. They can help you.
N  12th of Oct, 2013 by    0 Votes
Please contact Feldman, Fox, and Morgado, PA, Tampa, FL. if you feel that you were deceived by Keiser University. They may be able to help. I have hired them against Keiser for unfair and deceptive practices. There number is 813-639-9366.
N  30th of Jul, 2014 by    0 Votes
I got to the point of electronic enrollment for this school and I hate that I lost my application fee but I saw the red flags and RAN FAST. Any school that makes you agree in writing that their credits won't transfer and agree and commit to pay for an entire program...along with their attorneys fees if they have to sue you over it is nothing but FRAUD. I've demanded my application fee back but I highly doubt I will get it. Wow...to think I almost enrolled here. Scary.
N  25th of Aug, 2015 by    0 Votes
Looking for the public help against Keiser University, I was lied to saying that FASHA will pay for school and that i didn't have to pay any of that money back. 2nd they also told me in 2009/2010 i was able to transfer all my credits to any college or university i wanted to go to. that was a lie. I grad back in 2011 in business and wasn't able to transfer any of my credits to FIU or MDC. 3rd. they promise me that they have high connections to jobs once you grad. They never found me a job, all they did was forward me CL, and Ineed.com job post.. S**t i could of done that myself!!! I want to know how many other people out there like me? What have you done to fix this? If many others like me i want to join or start a group against Keiser ripoff... email me at ptanthony07@gmail.com
A  2nd of Sep, 2015 by    0 Votes
Seriously. This school will screw you over. Do not attend. They steal your money and when you ask questions about financial things, they make you feel like you're stupid for asking about your money, lo ans, and grants. The financial aid department doesn't do their job. They make mistakes then make you wait months and months before fixing it. I was told if I wanted to graduate I had to pay $1100 out of pocket, when I have an overflowing amount of money in my student account and tuition has been paid for the rest of my classes. Trust me, you do not want to go to this school.

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