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I am a long time customer of Kay Jewelers and have spent thousands on my wife, but after the last time I went into your Casper Wyoming store I am tempted to take my business to Riddles.
When I arrived at the store a woman, that I assumed was the manager was "counseling" a employee in a manner that I thought was unprofessional, but when she told her that she was pretty much an idiot and know absolutely nothing I figured that this was a discussion that should have been conducted in the back room especially since the employee was in tears.
I had brought back a necklace I had bought for my wife, and the chain that came with it had broke after the first time on. The employee that I was working with interrupted the conversation and I sorry to say ( now I know she is the manager as she told me as much) that " this is what happens when you don't upgrade your chains, and give crappy chains". She was quite rude to me, almost speaking in the same tone/manner she was speaking to her employee. I finished my business with the young woman that was quite nice, and left. Your store is in the center of the mall, I could still hear this shrill woman's voice belittling her employee when I got to the Target store.
I feel bad for the woman that work under her, and the moral at this store must be horrible.
Thank you for listening, as I'm sure nothing will come of this.

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    I would like to remain anonymous

Apr 29, 2017

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