Kay Jewelers / no commitment to customers

HI, United States
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Phone: 808-488-5818

While my husband was deployed to Iraq his hand was smashed in an armoured door. Needless to say his wedding ring was smashed along with his hand, it lost a diamond and had to be cut off of his hand. Kays response when i wanted to have it fixed was "It hasnt been inspected recently, so you will have to pay, your warranty will not cover it." Tell me how is he supposed to have it inspected in iraq? He didnt even have a toilet to piss in, let alone a diamonologist to inspect his ring. I feel that we were not provided with the customer service we deserved. I dont not believe they have any type of commitment to thier customers. Obviuosly not to thier military service members either. We have been customers with them since 1996 and I will never again buy a piece of jewelery from them again. So this is my warning to my fellow military members and family.. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING OF VALUE FROM THIS COMPANY. YOU WILL NOT BE PROTECTED WHEN YOU ARE CALLED UPON TO SERVE YOUR COUNTRY!!

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