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Kawasaki, Honda, & Yamaha / False Advertising about Extended Warranty

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On the websites of Kawasaki, Honda and Yamaha they state that if you purchase their extended warranty for your product that you can "... take it for warranty service at any authorized dealership...". This is false and misleading advertising and all three of these companies know that they are deceiving consumers. After purchasing a new Kawasaki Jet Ski and a 48-month extended warranty with it, I found out when I needed warranty service that the local dealership would not honor the factory warranty because in their words, "I did not purchase the Jet Ski from them". After contacting the customer service section of the Kawasaki factory they admitted that because of the proprietary ownership of the dealerships that the factory has no legal grounds from which to insist their dealerships honor the factory limited nor extended warranties. Of course they say nothing about his in their warranty contract nor on their website. Wanting to discover how widespread this problem is I called the other major recreational vehicle manufactures and found that Honda and Yamaha are also conducting false advertising of their extended warranties. It is not universal but all three of these companies have renegade dealerships who refuse to work on anything not sold from their dealership. Of course this doesn't not solve the problem for consumers completely because we all move frequently but no matter how you purchase your Kawasaki, Honda or Yamaha (Internet, out-of-town, eBay or similar auction site, craigslist, etc.) make sure you ask your local dealership if they will honor the factory limted and extended warranties. In many cases the extended warranties stay with the product and are not limited to the original purchaser. So if you purchase a product that includes an extended warranty make sure you properly transfer it into your name during the transaction of the sale, verify with your local dealership that it actually is covered under an extended warranty and for what period, and most importantly check whether your local dealership is willing to honor the factory extended warranty. Lastly, please help me in my campaign to get Kawasaki, Honda and Yamaha to change their false advertising on their websites. Write them letters and write to the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC will only take action when they receive numerous complaints so I need your help to get this solved. Thanks.

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      12th of May, 2010
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    Sounds like sour grapes to me. You must have seriously ticked off that dealer that refused to honor the kawi warranty. Why would he? Why would he be telling customers to go to other dealers like this. He makes the same profits doing repairs under the warranty as he does if the customer was paying. The only other thing this could be is if the dealer is telling you it needs a certain repair, or causes a repair to be needed - or does the repairs not using the kawi hour book. (charging more per hour than kawi would allow).and he doesn't want to take a chance of Kawi noticing he's a fraud.

    I'd go to other dealers. This one doesn't sound like a reputable one. Never in 40 years of having warranty work done by dealers other than where I bought the item from, have I seen a dealer refuse this business. It's dumb - and doesn't make good business sense for him to do so.

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