Karate America / rip-off

SCAM. I bought a Groupon for each of my children for 16 classes at $30 each. I knew I'd have to buy the uniforms and was OK with that but when I went to the studio I was not given that option but rather had a choice between 2 sums both equal to my car payment. I signed up because I thought I could make it work; I can't. When I brought this to the attention of the 'Master', he yelled at me across the lobby full of parents. Embarrassing. It took me several tries to get in contact with the headquarters for cancellation and because of this I am now in debt for another month I cannot pay but after speaking with the board of directors I can pay an additional fee to cancel. My total is now thus; groupon 60 + deposit 112 + monthly 278 + cancellation 150 = $600 for my children to take not even the full 16 classes. The worst part is that my children love the class but it is a ripoff for a single parent like me who brings home $1500/month.

Jul 27, 2018

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