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Kaplan University High School / unfair academic practices

1 MD, United States

Currently I just finish a course in Computer Literacy and have been given a grade that is not fair. I am a student of Kaplan University High School, and have been having some problem with the schools staff. The school staff always wants to place the blame on me for their short comings.
The first problem arose when I was unable to fully access the Computer Lit course, I could see the assignments but not the projects. I asked for help with this problem via email in early October 2009, and did not recieve any response until late December 2009, and then was given the run around and treated very badly if I must say so myself. Anyway figured out the problem was with the way part of the course was coded and a student had to tell the schools tech support that, in order from them to finally give me a reasonable response to my complaint. Also, that my wireless USB modem was not supported for the type of coding for that part of the class. So, I was given two other classes but was going to receive a incomplete for the class. I felt as if I had been stabbed and I was under contract what was I going to do. I called the academic advisor and requested to finish the class since I had spent over $100.00 to upgrade to a wireless router so I will not have to run into a problem like that again, especially when I am the one to be penalized for it. I was able to get the class extended but was being told and mind you very rudely and crafty that an additional $50.00 would have to be paid in order to do the extention. Do you feel their is a problem here or is it just me that feels I am being scammed? I said heck no not paying an additional $50.00 and besides the whole course is almost $3, 000.00 @$89.95 a month and they want to scam me because of their program problems. I don't remember seeing that disclosure information in my contractual agreement.
Anyway got the extention at no charge but I had a very strange feeling these academic staff members were going to come up with something else, and they did. Now they want to mess with my grade by giving me INC because the teacher is saying she can't open parts of my assignments. Mind you I am not having that problem, nor my son, nor the tutor, nor the other teacher that teachers Computer Literacy. So I say no way will I except a lower grade because now they have a teacher whom is bias and quite frankley to me dishonest. But of course this is all my fault and I am not giving up until I get the grade I worked so hard for. I see what other students are talking about when they say things like this school scams students, with unfair academic practices. But I will not take this one laying down and if anyone out there has had or is having the same experience with Kaplan University, please let me know. Because you should not be taken advantage of either.


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