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Kaplan University / fraudulent practices, liars and thieves

1 6301 Kaplan University Ave.Ft Lauserdale, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 866 343-9376

I would like to start off by saying I was into my third term at Kaplan University and decided to withdraw due to the schools incompetent, tenacious and corrupt Financial Aid and Student Accounts Department only to have it go from bad to worse.

I thought trying to deal with Kaplan’s Financial Aid and Student Accounts Department was a nightmare, but after withdrawing it only got worse. This so called University has no integrity, and is one of the most tenacious predators I have ever encountered when it comes to dealing with a school or business.

I had nothing hassles when ever tried ever get in touch with anyone from this so called FA dept. I could never get in touch with my own FA advisor no matter when I tried to reach her. I would call and leave voice mail messages, send email after email and FA would never return my messages, or answer any of my questions that I had.

When I first enrolled at Kaplan, my Academic advisor assured me that all the courses would transfer and I did not have anything to worry about, but after checking into several other Universities I found out that was a bunch B.S., not to mention that they are supposed to be an accredited University, what that really means is they are an accredited school of higher learning, not an accredited University, a big difference.

It was disappointing to find out that a good majority of the credits and courses that I would earn from Kaplan would not transfer over to some of the other Universities I wanted to attend. Most of the 5 credit courses that would transfer over were only worth about 3 credits to most other Universities.

I also realized that I would be going into an incredible amount of debt for courses and credits that would not transfer. At a cost of $320.00 per credit hour, and considering that most of the courses are set at 5 credits each, that ads up to $1600.00 per course. Since it takes a total of160 credits to earn a bachelor degree at Kaplan, that would be a total cost of $51, 200.00, and that’s if the tuition would have stayed the same, which by the way it increased to $340.00 a credit hour. Even with the combination of the Stafford Loans, and Pell-Grants that wouldn’t even cover the total cost of the full tuition.

Almost from the very beginning I started having trouble with the Financial Aid department at Kaplan. I explained to them from the very start that I was living on disability Income and could not afford any out of pocket expenses. I was assured that I would not have to worry about that because of my income, and they told me that it would all be picked up through my Stafford loans, and Federal Pell Grants.

Of course I found that was a big misrepresentation once I started receiving bills for past due tuition. That was when I tried repeatedly to have it resolved with FA and ended up with many different stories as why I now have an out-of-pocket expense that I was originally assured that I would not have in the first place.
When I originally got walked through Kaplan’s financial wizard by my Admissions Advisor it showed that I would not have any out of pocket expenses, but soon after starting my first term I started getting bills for unpaid tuition. That’s when I started confronting financial aid about it.

When I was able to finally reach my FA advisor she told me it was because my EFC rating changed. I asked her how my EFC could change when my income did not change. She tried to say I went into FAFSA and changed it. I told her that was a
bunch of B.S., so I called FAFSA and found out that that Kaplan went in there and changed my EFC from a 0 to 1873 rating which lead to a out of pocket expanse that I was not prepared to pay.

Once again they assured me not to worry because it would get picked up into the following year’s financial aid distribution. I found out that was a crock of B.S. also once I started to get harassed for more money. Now their excuse this time was my grants and loans for the new FA aid year did not cover the full cost of the tuition which once again was a different story that I was originally lead to believe.

I have a friend who enrolled at Kaplan around the same time I did, and she was going through almost the identical same situation I was, and she even had a different Financial Aid officer than I did. The longer I attended Kaplan the more screwed up, disorganized, deceptive, manipulative and greedy I found out Kaplan was. Once I decided to withdraw it took Kaplan about a month to figure out what my final bill would be.

They then wanted me to take this withdraw exit test and said it was required by the lending institution who was holding my loans. The website they gave me I could not even use because I got all kinds of security warnings about the sites security certificates. My Internet Explorer warned me not to leave any identifiable information at the site, which is what you had to do to complete the test.

I constantly called and wrote about this situation that I experienced to see what I could do about or what they suggested I should do, and nobody from their Student Accounts dept. would even get back with me on it. So I contacted the bank who is holding my loans and they said there was nothing they could do until the school notified them that I withdrew. Kaplan never even bothered let the Bank know that I withdrew from school, so I was still left in limbo on that too.
So to my dismay I ended up receiving a final bill in the mail on 08/05/08, even though I did not take the exit test that was supposed to be required to take by The Higher Education Foundation. In only three days after receiving the final withdraw calculation or final bill, I then received a late notice. I don’t know about you, but that’s the quickest late notice I have ever received, in only three days.

I never even received a notice in my hard mail or snail mail, it was through the e-mail. I then started getting phone calls on a daily basis. I contacted student accounts about it, and told them I would pay the full amount next month. I have since received phone calls three times a day on both my land-line and cell phone to the point it has become pure harassment.

It has only been a little over a week since receiving that final withdraw calculation from Kaplan and they have called over 23 times now, because I have kept records of every time they have called. I even wrote and called them back several times and said I would report them to the Higher Education Foundation, The Attorney General and the FCC for phone harassment. Can you believe they even have called twice today?

I can’t believe with all the complaints filed at Rip-Off and other places online that I have read about, along with some of class action law-suites that have been filed against Kaplan University, they are still taking advantage of so many people.

This bogus school has managed to destroy the hopes and dreams of many individuals wanting to improve the quality of their lives, only to have that dream shattered by such a greedy, ruthless organization called a University that’s just nothing more than a front for dishonest, shady and manipulative practices for their own financial gain.
I stand behind and would like to join forces with anyone that would like to get a class-action law-suit against this so called University. Kaplan University needs to be shut-down so they don’t continue to wrecking the lives of hard working individuals with the hopes of improving the quality of their lives. There are a lot of people out there whose lives are totally turned upside down by this kind of ruthlessness.

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  • Ka
      16th of Sep, 2008
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    If your looking for help in solving your issues with Kaplan university, Come vent on our student forums for free.

    Come join us even if your experience was not satisfactory. We can help.

  • He
      5th of Aug, 2017
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    @Kaplan Student Does anyone know of lawyers that are willing to sue Kaplan? I was refused to reenter my program based on a clinical evaluation of hear-say. I had only two classes to complete. I was going to ask what I had to do to get back into the program, however, I figure they would require too many additional glasses. They claim their policies give them the right to refuse students. I also was told liars during the admission inquiry. Brenda

  • Ki
      23rd of Sep, 2008
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    I am somewhat worried now. I have been on disability income and did not want to continue and JUST decided to go back to school, for my bachelors. I am to start on October 15th and had 3 schools total that I was admitted to and were negotiating pro-con's. Things have been a little iffy, and disorganized at times already. Today, I got an email about the Fin-aid wizard that they said I did not complete so they will go on with their plan, when I in fact did PLUS wrapped it up nicely with a bow and confirmed it with the financial advisor. Yes-I am getting red flags already.

    I cannot get caught up in this web YOUR SPEAKING OF as I have chosen this school -KAPLAN. but it is not too late, I am not cut-out for exccelerated programs so many on-line colleges offer.
    May I please get some input-QUICK !!!

  • Da
      7th of Nov, 2008
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    I have the same problem they put me in the wrong class and won't refund my money back to my lenders. What did you do and who do you complain to.

  • Se
      23rd of Jan, 2009
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    It has been a nightmare, I loved the classes and enjoyed the professors but the nightmare began when I completed my courses. It should of sent up red flags the first time they called and wanted money but I managed to pay them the $14oo dollars they wanted with out question, then a week before compliting my classes they informed me I owed another $2000, I was upset but reassured that I was finished and no money was owed and I would be able to recieve my transcripts and degree. Weeks later I tried to order my transcripts and was told I had an owed amount. I thengot the run around from financial aid and student accounts, no return calls, no answers, the one excuse I got was that it was because one of my student loans had not paid and that it would be resolved. Now they are holding my transcripts hostage and demanding $7, 000 . I am a single mom of three and working two jobs as it is. I know am at risk of loosing my job because of Kaplan.

  • Sh
      11th of May, 2009
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    I was attending Kaplan University online program for one year. When I first enrolled I was promised a $3, 000 scholorship for having my associate degree completed with a 3.5 gpa. Each term I would try to contact Gillian Smith the advisor by leaving voice mail messages and sending email messages. She NEVER replied until after my account was disabled due to over due balance. (Which the scholorship should have covered) Long story short I now have a $4, 000 balance and can not complete my degree which I started. I contiue to send them emails (which I have read receipts) with no responds, but I do get calls from their collection account wanting me to pay this balace left. Which I also told them upfront that being a single parent I could NOT afford any out of pockets payment. I was told my loans & grant would cover everything. UNTURE!
    They only want the money, they are not concern about people completing their degree!!

  • Ly
      6th of Jun, 2009
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    I know i'm ditto as far as this complaint goes. They are a ###ed up school, that should be closed down. The FA dept is totally hell, they are dopes, slum-dwellers whatever, and probably comprised of reformed prison inmates, cause that is just what they all sound like to me. And act it as well, like they have a loaded rifle to your head only over the telephone. I will never acknowledge another single piece of garbage paper bill in the mail from them again, I'll just pretend I never knew them in the first place, and as though i no longer exist. If they do try anything, i'll have every single one of them arrested on fraud and indentity thieft charges, long arm statute can make it possible.

  • Ly
      6th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    Don't ever pay them ANY money, guys, ### them. They can never reach me anyways, so i can say i never got any calls from them or bills. Thus they can't prove you ever corresponded with them, I have a background in bankruptcy law, guys so listen to me. I have no assets they can touch, etc. and i could also have them all arrested.

  • Cu
      9th of Sep, 2009
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    Most of the education that people are lacking is the Department of Education's platform on transfer credits and FAFSA rules and regulations for Federal Aid.

    Regionally accredited schools all have classes elligible for review when it comes to transfer credits... 1st you have to transfer to a similar major at a different University that has the same requirements. Tradional State University students often times end up with way more credits than needed for a degree, but have taken classes outside of the degree requirements. In that case you lose transfer credits because they do not match the new schools required classes within a degree, not because they were not properly accredited.

    The Department of Education is the one that establishes Semester schools are 3 and 4 credits, while quarter schools = 5 and 6 for the same class. In a transfer situation they are apples for apples 3 =5 and 5=3. It feels like a loss, but it takes 160-180 credits for a BS in a quarter school and 120-130 in a semester school.

    FAFSA schools are so heavily regulated that a school can not change nor would they benefit from changing your EFC. Mistakes made during FAFSA filing and financial guidelines changing from year to year keep your EFC adjustable. Changes in income are only a small part of the equation. The cost of education, family dynamic and FAFSA guideline changes play a part as well.

    For the time it takes to make complaints about these things... you could have contacted reputable sites that would have given you the information you need to not let this happen again in the future.

    You will end up with a ton of student loans... a hate list of all the schools you attend... and a stack of excuses... but still no degree if you are not careful.

    It is not a college's job to do the due dilligence of making sure you understand your rights and qualifications... did you research at all before signing up for $60, 000. Hate sites are free... anonymous andoften times the postings are from competing schools... look at wikipedia, department of Ed, to find out about schools. You can find out about any law suits, etc. All of these hate sites, but you don't file suit raises red flags to me as a TRUE researcher.

  • Ne
      3rd of Dec, 2009
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    I just completed my Associates in Paralegal Studies with Kaplan University and for the first year and a half everything went well. I was an A and B student until my Algebra teacher became unresponsive to my emails for assistance and I eventually failed that course. I was told by my Academic Advisor, Shannon Watson that I could retake the classes and not be charged but lo and behold they charged me again and now want me to pay $3500 that I should not owe. My 2 classes didn't even cost that much and no one can explain why I still have a balance, not even the Financial Aid rep I spoke to. My account ledger on their website makes little to no sense and shows that I have a zero balance. I was told from the beginning by my Admissions Advisor that my entire program would be covered by grants and loans. I wish I would have checked into this so called University a little more before signing anything. I now owe thousands in student loans and I can't even reach anyone in Financial Aid or Academic Advising to try to get any type of resolution. When someone from the school does call, it is Student Accounts (who call 2-3 times a day as late as 830pm) and they don't care about my issue. When I got a call the other day from Academic Advising-surprise, surprise it was a new person I've never dealt with, I told him about my issue and that I would not be returning due to my experience. He didn't even seem to care and simply said ok and hung up!!! I guess I'm not a valued consumer as far as Kaplan University is concerned. Once they get your money they don't really care about you. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT ATTEND THIS SO CALLED UNIVERSITY. It will ruin you financially and emotionally. I put 2 years and thousands of dollars into a program and I can't even check my final grades on my last 2 courses because they disabled my account! I don't even know if they are going to give me my degree. What a nightmare. I am going to try to contact my Governor, the Better Business Bureau, Dept. of Education, Attorney General's office, and even write a letter to President Obama to see if I can get any assistance.

  • Ih
      28th of Jan, 2010
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    The situation that I have with Kaplan University, is that they owe me money that they will not pay. For the past three terms now my account is sitting with credits that are not forwarding over, and are not being stipened back to me as they state. I am told over and over that they have it scheduled to be released, or that they are going to manual batch process it, but still NOTHING. Like everyone else I never get responses from their financial aid department, or my advisor. Never receive return emails, never receive voicemails, or when I do speak to someone else in the department that says they are working on it that they will call me back so they don't leave me on hold for another 2 hours back and forth, they DON"T return phone calls. When you call back, no one seems to know anything. My financial aid advisor when finally speaking tried telling me many different stories. I caught her in the lies as I have screen captures that show my credits carrying over, but in trying to fix they end up just sitting there and not transferring over to the next term. I have confirmation emails that others were working on the situation saying funds were set up to be released back to myself. But again NOTHING. In the mean time when I call my financial aid ledger has a patchwork of an entire year of student loans and grants posting and not posting. I have letters from my loan company stating when the money was released to the school. Upon calling the school out on this immediatley loans In January of 2010 finally posted to a July 2009 term magically. But what do they say? You have no missing money that hasn't been posted. Idiots, read the dates you just posted it as we were speaking. I understand financial aid quite well as this is not my first time in school. I just want to know how they can get away with the crap they are pulling. I'm so happy to hear that I am not the only person that has had issues with this financial aid department. Everything about them says RED FLAG, Fruad, and Theft.

  • Jb
      9th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    I am researching some lawyers to file a classaction lawsuit against Kaplan. If anyone would like to join please email me at JESSICALBOYER@YAHOO.COM. I am fed up with the corruption! In order to file a class action suit, I need people who are serious about this that want justice just as much as I do. I can't file a class action without more people. Thanks.

  • Pa
      6th of Apr, 2010
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    Kaplan University is terrible,
    Instructors do not answer emails with questions regarding projects, seminars, explanations..ANYTHING during the whole term.

    Customer service are terrible!, academic advising department treat with ZERO respect, make fun of you on the phone, and with "sarcastic comments".

    I wam in the middle of a class... trying to drop Kaplan but once y ou there... you are stuck in this terrible institution.!!! All I got out of Kaplan is bills, no degree just the bigest mistake I ever made.

    Kapaln should be out of business, they want your money and could care less if you get a degree.

  • As
      29th of May, 2010
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    Kaplan's financial aid department is the worst. I have been there almost four years. I have seen the financial aid deparment everyone there looks like there from Compton. They must have requirements of being from the hood with gold teeth, fake hair, and tatoos on their face.
    Every other deparment runs smoothly. If you are not enrolled I would NOT advice in doing so unless you are paying in full and not dealing with their fiancial department. I left 2 voicemails for the lazy fa managers and nobody called me back. Everyone who works in their FA dept either dosen't speak English, straight ghetto trash, or just plain ignorant (or a combination).

  • Ka
      10th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    My thing is that the campus in Texas is like going to high school or even an elemetary school. They ask if you want a hall pass to get into class and the last I knew I was an adult. I personally feel like this school is going to fold and then we are all left to pay this outstanding school bill without a degree to show for it. This place to me is not a school but it is a business for the higher up people. I just hope that I am able to get my degree before Kaplan does go completely out of business...

  • As
      16th of Aug, 2010
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    I am a student now at Kaplan. I will not leave you with what has gone on with me at Kaplan but I will tell you this, I'm going to bring those Mother[censored]ers down and I'm almost there. I have some info I would like to send to anyone who is interested in a class action suit. I am currently in contact with an attorney who is educating students on the tactics of these online Universities. FYI: Kaplan University "states" that they do not get a commission for enrolling you but they do. The more students that they enroll the more their salary goes up. What you pay for online tuition vs. going to a community college is $1, 000 less. Is anyone on the Dean's List? Making straight A's every term? Having major problems with the financial aid department? Did you know that Kaplan is not an Accredited University? That means that your diploma is not worth the paper it is written on and if you think you're going to find that dream job, it's not going to happen. I found this information out by my attorney.

    Well in order for them to keep enrolling students and taking their grants and loan money they have to make it look like you are passing with flying colors because if people start failing they drop out and then Kaplan can't get anymore money from their lender. This is only .1% of what I have to say but, anyone who wants information on what they need to do to make these schools stop taking advantage of students trying to better their lives, Email me at In the subject field write, "Class Action Suit". I will in return email you the information that you will need. I am very skeptical about who I send this info to so I will ask questions first, and wait for your response before I send the info. The more people we can get this info out to the quicker and more successful we can be as a people to bring these universities down. So, find as many people as you can to send me an email.

  • Et
      19th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    I am going through the same thing. First off, when I first started talking to an Advisor my house was broken into and my laptop (the only computer I had) was stolen. I was then told that I'd never be able to attend if I didn't enroll then and there. I should have known better. I told them fine I won't do it. Then my advisor apologized and said she worked it out to where I can enroll at a different time. I was so excited to be able to go back to school with my lifestyle. I was told that I'd never have any out of pocket expenses either. I did everything I needed to and got into classes. A week after I started by first 2 classes I received a phone call saying that I owed almost $800. I asked why I am being charged for something I was told I didn't have to pay. I then called my advisor and it took the longest for her to call me back. When I finally was able to talk to her, she was all "oh they didn't tell you?" I then informed her that if I would have been told this I never would have agreed. Every document I was showed told me I didn't owe anything. Now they are trying to collect from me. I withdrew the same day, a week after I started school. They waited long enough to where I couldn't drop or add anything. In July, I only owed $986 after everything. Well a week after I was informed that my loan was refunded back to my lender without me knowing and now I owe $2800. They keep telling me that I have to make a payment plan, and it has to be a fixed amount. I can't make the payments because I am already paying on 2 other school loans. They don't listen. I am getting numerous amounts of calls everyday. It's always a different person telling me the same thing. One day I had to inform a woman that I already spoke to them and talked it out. Well now I was able to go online and see what I am being charged. For some reason it now says $4, 000. I then saw where I could make a payment without it having to be fixed. I also saw to where I could make whatever payment for however long I need. I now see how they operate. Tonight when I get off work I am calling student accounts and informing them of everything I know. And they are going to have to take my deal or else they will always be owed something because I can't pay it. They have met one perso who is not going down without a fight. I still can't believe that they are doing this to people. Is there not a way to shut them down?

  • Lv
      13th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    I'm in my 8th term at Kaplan. I have not had any problems so far. There is a wait to talk to someone from FA but I have always gotten a response. My academic advisor calls me within a few days of my emailing him. So far they have done everything they said they were going to . I started my clincals for medical assistant, and the first round went great. The clinic I did my first round at had nothing but good to say about Kaplan, and had already hired a graduated Kaplan student. I only have 2 terms left, so I guess I'll see what happens after graduation, but I have confidence I will find a job once I'm done. I am just curious if any of these people have gone to a campus school? My experience here is exactly the same as I had at the University here, except I get to go to class when I want, from home. I do not see how a school can fake the FASFA process etc, when it is all government monitored.

  • Ma
      9th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    I am in desperate need of help. I am going through many of the same issues mention on the above posts. My email is mcaba1970@yahoo, I would greatly appreciate any feedback because I'm in debt $ 11, 000 and cannot pay it back. Was promised no out of pocket expenses, a degree, etc.

  • Ma
      10th of Nov, 2010
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    All this time I have been thinking that I was the only one having issues with Kaplan. I am so disappointed with them. They think that it is o.k. to take all of these monies from banks, the government and those of us who paid even one cent toward a degree that never came. I have had a bad experience with them also. It began when my academic advisor suggested that I take a leave of absence since supposedly I had missed the deadline for my externship. It seems something or another was missing. Needless to say I signed and faxed the form to her, which by the way she did not send the first time. I contacted her the very next day and told her that I didn't get it. "Oh really, wonder what happened, I will send you another". I signed and faxed the form to her the very same day. Guess what people. Without my consent she withdrew me because apparently "it was too late to file for a leave of absence" When I received a letter from kaplan stating that they "were sorry about my decision to withdraw" and "should I ever wish to continue my studies" I should "they would be happy to help me". WHAT?!?! Called the academic advisor she said that she tried to contact me. Yeah, right. She put me in touch with another person at the office of returning students who had me write an essay as to why I wanted to return along with having me go to another web site for another loan. WOW. That was back in April of this year. He said that he would get back to me when he found out what term I would be starting in. Since then I have not only called, but also emailed him - he does not respond, not even out of courtesy to say I got your email or I got your phone message. Last month I finally was able to reach another representative who wants me to pay an application fee and sign off on a new program plan, AS THOUGH I NEVER TOOK AND PASSED ANY OF THEIR COURSES!!! Are you kidding me? I want to know what the heck they are thinking. Do they seriously think that "Uh ok, I will take all of these courses over again and rack up more debt as I stress myself and family with endless study hours." I also worked full-time and had to deal with family issues as we all do, but I never quit. I now owe loans for but no degree. Lovely isn't it.

  • Je
      29th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    I am at my last term at Kaplan. I have a fairly good GPA. I have always been able to reach my FA and my SA whenever I call them. My emails are answered within 48 hours and though I have failed 2 classes, I have never had to pay a balance to retake them. I am currently awaiting a check (my second) from the school for credited funds. I did have an issue with the check being late however, I called them and they quickly reconciled the issue. The problem with the payment of classes is this, if you have to retake the class and fail it, you then have to pay for the class. If you retake the class and pass it, this does not happen. This was explained in detail to me by my SA when I failed the first class. I do not have a 4.0 nor am I on the Dean's list any longer (I was for the first year) This is not due to Kaplan but to my own personal family problems. I have also scouted out jobs in my field and have found several that are willing to accept me into my chosen field (with no prior experience other than Kaplan) once I graduate Next month. Complaint boards are common and yes, as said before, free. The problems that most of you are having are a simple case of you not doing your research before committing to a school. I looked into many schools and spoke in depth with them as well as other students before deciding on Kaplan. Every school has their issues. The question is, are those issues going to impede your progress? For me, the issues at Kaplan have not. I have had concerns about specific instructors, some course material, and even a change in me SA however, none of these things have made me stumble in my quest for an education. I am sorry that those of you that have had an issue have not gotten it resolved but, to demonize an institution because that institution did not work for you, is not fair to all those it did and is helping. I wish you all luck in your journeys.

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