Kaplan Universitythey just want your money

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Kaplan university is terrible,

Instructors do not answer emails with questions regarding projects, seminars, explanations.. Anything during the whole term.

Customer service are terrible!, academic advising department treat with zero respect, make fun of you on the phone, and with "sarcastic comments".

I wam in the middle of a class... Trying to drop kaplan but once y ou there... You are stuck in this terrible institution.!!! All I got out of kaplan is bills, no degree just the bigest mistake I ever made.

Kapaln should be out of business, they want your money and could care less if you get a degree.

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      Jun 22, 2010

    Kaplan University gave me the boot after one year because they felt my writing skills were not up to par. Their rules (I was told) are if you fail a class three times you're out of the school. Now I owe thousands of dollars. I am a single woman with no job. I am 49 years old and no one is hiring. The staff are not helpful at all. Since they dismissed me from the school I have not heard one peep out of them. I can't speak with anyone, and my Student Advisor is never around. I can't pay the loans back without a paying job. I am so sorry I signed up with Kaplan University. They should lose their accredation.

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