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Kaplan University / academic advisor position

1 Chicago, IL, United States Review updated:

Be ware...if you get a call from Kaplan saying there
Looking to hire academic advisors, training
Starting in March they are really looking for
Individuals who don't care about education
And just looking to get anyone enrolled to keep
Their pockets happy, meaning more money
For them!!! This university is a complete scam
And I'm posting this to let others know!!! They won't
Hire you unless you are willing to lie to students
And able to keep them enrolled no matter
What circumstances!!! Who would of thought
These non traditional schools would turn education
Into Sales!!! I hope they all get SHUT DOWN!!!

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  • Va
      26th of Jun, 2008
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    Kaplan University - they can't find my refund
    Kaplan University
    United States

    Kaplan accepted funding from Citi and Wachovia. They initially told me they could not accept funds from Wachovia, so I left it alone since I was approved from Citi. I found out that they accepted both and claim to have refunded all funds, Wachovia and Citi, to Citi. After 6 months Citi finally had the correct amount I owed but still no refund to Wachovia in the amount of over 7, 000 dollars. No one from Kaplan will return my calls or straighten this out. When I find a new person to investigate, I may talk to them for a few times and then they never call back. I've tried several e-mails and no results. How can I get help without legal expenses I can't afford? This is on MY credit.

  • Je
      23rd of Jul, 2008
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    It looks like the money was lost/stolen and in the very least misapproriated.

    It is unclear from your synopsis what money was disbursed to Kaplan and what was returned to the banks.

    You need to get copies of disbursements from the bank in addition to a complete accounting of how Kaplan used the funds, where they sent it, etc. Since it looks like they refuse to do this by a telephone request, I would recommend that you document a letter addressing your issue and copy the banks involved, dispute with the credit reporting agencies that the trade line is inaccurate, and copy the Department of Banking as well as the Department of Education to trace the misallocated funds.

    In every letter you write, tell them you expect your credit history profile to be corrected and you expect response within 30 days.

    You should also copy your State Attorney General as well.

  • Ta
      4th of Sep, 2008
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    You should file a complaint with the following:

    The Better Business Bureau
    Your State Attorney General
    Federal Trade Commission
    Kaplan's accreditation source

    You should also include that they are a subsidarary of the Washington Post.

  • Ka
      16th of Sep, 2008
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    Hey Guys! If your looking for help in solving your issues with Kaplan university, Come vent on our student forums for free.

    Come join us even if your experience was not satisfactory. We can help.

  • La
      7th of Oct, 2008
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    Wachovia bank told me that Kaplan was not a recognized school so they no longer fund students for loans. You have to use Citi bank, Bank of America, or Sallie Mae. But, I wouldnt advise going to Kaplan they are truely a rip off.

  • Pj
      12th of Nov, 2008
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    Kaplan University - cost too much and teachers dont teach
    Kaplan University
    United States

    I took online classes and then i went into my second classes they didnt teach me anything and the points to pass they gave me .03 point to not pass me in two classes and then when i ask about them they wouldnt answer me
    the teachers didnt teach what i needed to learn the didnt go through all of the problems.
    and then when i decided to drop out they said i owed them $100.00 and then when they sent me a bill they said i owed $35.00 cause i told them that was crazy that you had to pay them to withdraw you.
    i was not please they way they talk to me and how they treated me with the classes
    i did have two teachers that were really good.
    but i was not please with this school at all
    then when i told them i was no linger going there they said i owed $12, 000 in loans, and when i talked to the bank they said i only owed $7, 000. and they had a lot of complaints with this school.
    i need to know what i can do?

  • La
      25th of Nov, 2008
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    When you enter an online school you have to realize that you have to be a self-sufficient learner and what your getting into this goes for any school. At Kaplan They aren't going to spoon feed you the information. I got my degree from Kaplan and I find it odd you couldn't pass a class. Simply going to the seminars and doing the discussion boards give you about 40% of your grade how hard is it to say "present" at the seminars? or respond in the discussion boards? Actually Kaplan was more help to me learning than the Campus University I went to. They offered free tutoring which is open till about 10pm. In the syllabus you not only get your teachers e-mail but you also get their aim! and office hours. I was never offered all that! sitting in my office at home. I even had one teacher let me call them at their office to help me step by step if I had any questions. You won't get all this help to come to your lap at home anywhere else. If you failed and if you didn't learn it's because you didn't exercise the plenty helpful resources offered to you: Seminars, Post Seminar question time, Aim, E-mail, Phone number, Free 9am-10pm one on one tutoring. I loved Kaplan it was always hard to get one on one help at almost all hours at my campus University. If your teacher was off campus you were screwed.

  • Sh
      11th of May, 2009
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    yeah kaplan university is bull

  • Fr
      14th of Jun, 2009
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    Kaplan University - idiocy
    United States

    I have attended Kaplan University since May 2017. I thought I had the best university picked out...until a few weeks ago. I received my Associate degree and continued on to my Bachelor's. I have about 6 months left of my Bachelor's and when my new classes were about to begin...I began having major trouble.

    Let's start off with July of 2017. I ended up in the hospital having immediate surgery and missed my weekend of classwork and seminars. I emailed the teachers and they replied with "you're allowed to makeup the work as long as you fill out information for an extended amount of time". I did so and keep in mind I had A's in both my classes. I turned in the late of work and one of the teachers gave me credit. The other one never graded the work and I ended up with a "D"...and was unable to change it. How unfair is that???

    I've always tried to keep my patience with calling them because you can never get a hold of your financial aide advisor when you need too (or you academic advisor). I received an email stating that I owed $21.00 to the University and then I would be allowed to start classes.

    To make a longer than necessary story shorter, they kept upping the amount. I was then told that I did not apply for a loan when I had needed too so the balance exceeded $2, 000 at this point. The woman on the phone asked me if I had a credit card handy...UM HELLO. If I had that kind of money then I wouldn't need to even have loans...! So I called the financial aide office and was told my f.a. advisor went on vacation. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The person that was supposed to help left the office and was not supposed to be back until May 25th. Classes had already begun. If anyone has attended this University then you know that if you miss class (blocked out of them even) for 21 consecutive days then you are automatically un-enrolled. So...I was pretty do you say it...screwed?!

    You would think that if you paid a school for over three years then they would treat you better. What I have said are not all of the things I have went through with them but I wish luck to anyone that wishes to attend this school. You will get the runaround when it comes to your financial I believe I would not attend. The classes are ridiculously expensive.

    The one thing I did find useful throughout this whole experience is researching. I did learn what I went to school for but is it really worth all of that hassle? Researching taught me to look up information about the school before you go to it. I pity anyone that has to go through it. I have since switched schools. Good luck to all of you.

  • Al
      18th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    Thanks for your detailed explaination. I had considered Kaplan 2 months ago, but the sales people (lol) got irritated with me for asking to many detailed questions and I sent an email to be dropped from their call list. I recently called back to ask something, ooops, that put me back into their computers. I had 3 sales reps call me, the first one was very irritating young man!! I finally shut him up and hung up. They want to charge for 6 credit hours when most all colleges give 4, that is a great way to make money.

    I was recently referred to a nice polite gentleman, rather pushy and slandering other colleges though. After his second call, I kinda went off on him and told him at least no other college had their sales reps continually call people to harass them into signing up. I gave him detailed expenses that I had figured out and told him I did not need to be pushed into signing up for a degree program. I then sent him an email stating I not be contacted again and he emailed he was closing my application. I would not go as far as allowing them to send for official transcripts nor file for financial aid with them, that really ticked them off. I read up on them on [redacted]. com before I went any further a couple months ago. A friend sent me an email to that site because she was concerned I would get ripped off as we had just done with another online college who was not accreditated as they stated they were.

    Thanks for all the posting to save me from signing up for one of their programs. It is a degree that a "normal" college does not offer in health and wellness with alternative health classes offered. I am really interested, but not for the price they charge nor the apparent dishonesty. I'll change majors and attend a reputable college. I have also told all this to the Kaplan representatives that have called in the past. They need to work on honestly and stop scamming people out of money they need to go to school and live on!! Education is not cheap!

  • Ta
      9th of Sep, 2009
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    Kaplan University - terrible school
    United States

    I have attended Kaplan for an assocites in criminal justice this school is so unprofessional and there is no one in charge this school has no director, or dean that you can even talk to you you get shuffled around from one moran to another. No one knows anything and can't tell you anything its completely amazing that now I have to get a lawyer to break free of them. This is the worst school I have ever attended they claim to be a accredited school, but I can not even attend a community college with the associates from them what is that .Thanks kaplan for the headache and waste of time . tamara richards

  • Kr
      15th of Sep, 2009
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    Kaplan University - terrible
    Kaplan University
    United States

    Kaplan pisses me off!! First of all I finished all of my classes and completed my externship and everything. I was supposed to graduate in August of this year (2017). A few weeks after I completed everything, I get a call from my academic advisor saying that I can't graduate yet because I need to still complete a deficit credit to make up for the credits that did not transfer from my other school. Let me just tell you that every school has at least 3-4 credit classes which is normal, but nooooo they have to go and have 5 credit classes to rip you off. So now I have to stay an extra term and finish this ### class in order to graduate. My financial aid Pell grants are on hold for some damn reason and now they say I have to pay like $1, 480 out of pocket for this term!! WTF...I try calling my financial aid officer and she is NEVER NEVER NEVER in her office and never answers her phone, never replies to my e-mails about anything. If she does it's like 1 month later. No one ever answers their phones, and you are always placed on hold. On top of that the deficit credit that I have to do this term I was registered for a week late. So I have to make up a week's worth of schoolwork, and my professor won't grade the work I have done for Unit 1 without proof that my account was disabled. I asked the school to give him proof and I don't even think they did that cause I haven't received a grade yet. I am still waiting for my textbooks which are 1 1/2 WEEKS LATE!! I can't study for exams or do any projects without it! I think they are doing all of this crap on purpose so I fail this class and have to retake it in order to graduate...Well I don't think that is going to happen. I really wish I would have read all of these complaints before I registered here :(

  • Ja
      29th of Oct, 2009
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    Hello Terrible,
    I feel your pain. I am sending Kaplan my SSI check just so I can pay off a balance I do not owe. I don't understand how they can rip people off and get away with it./good and stick with it, you can do it. Jannie

  • La
      2nd of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I read your complaint & a lot of others.
    I am having problems with thier customer service too.
    I think I'm going to drop in june and I just started.
    I can not get any body on the phone to talk to me, they blow me off.
    I have been waiting to talk to my fin aid advisor since I started 8 weeks ago.
    No return calls or emails. It's like this person (who is assigned to my case) does not exist.
    Wow, I am really up set about all this.

  • Jo
      28th of Jan, 2010
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    Kaplan University - student loans
    Kaplan University
    United States

    Back in 2017 Kaplan decided to "loose" my financial Aid documentation for the semester, attempting to stick me with almost 8, 000 worth of bill. Not only did they attempt to send that to collections they attempted to do that without ever sending a bill. After running up the chain of a long list of incompetent people I stupidly settled on a payment plan and half the "debt owed" -
    Attempting to get back into classes my academic adviser signed me up for the last three classes I had left, stating that If i took a single class by it's self, I would have out of pocket expenses. I signed up and at the end of the term after all the classes were completed, was billed for the last class anyway. I never agreed to that.
    This school is a joke, filled with incompetent people and a nightmare to deal with when THEY screw up (and trust me they do it a lot).

  • Lo
      5th of Feb, 2010
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    I believe Kaplan goes based on terms, which means classes are 5 credits or as you get more in depth with your major, the classes are 6 credits. Nova SouthEastern University is based on terms and there classes are worth the same credits. So this does not mean it is more! Really, you did not do your research! I went to NSU and my classes were worth the same credits at Kaplan. I am looking in into there MBA program!

  • Gr
      12th of Mar, 2010
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    Kaplan University - money is their priority, not your education.
    United States

    I transferred to Kaplan University in December of 2017 to complete my MA degree. They convinced me that my financial aid was all taken care of and that I would be done by December of 2017 and I was told that I would graduate in January of 2017, by my academic advisor. As soon as February came along financial aid money started to disappear and bills starting coming in despite all the promises of being fully covered with student loans and pell grants. It took them month after month to figure out what was wrong and only because I had to contact the banks and other sources myself to figure it out. After that every single month they had a problem with my financial aid. They've changed my advisors five times since I started with the school and every time there is a problem. I am a 4.0 student. A professor (really just an instructor) became angry at me because I pointed out an error and literally failed me on the class which the school made me retake despite my reporting her behavior. She stated that I did not "follow directions". I wonder how I had that 4.0 average by not following directions. Extremely long story short, this school fails constantly to follow through on their promises. They are extremely inconsistent and would find any way possible to rip money right out of your pockets. Financial aid takes weeks to call, if they call you back at all. Emails? I only send them to have proof that I have been trying to contact them for weeks. My academic advisor is a sweetheart, but completely clueless and always tells me to call someone else whenever there's a problem. Why is she there anyways? Last term I received my text books the last week of class. Nine weeks after the term started and after insinuating that they had shipped it to me in 3 different occasions. They finally realized they were having system problems and had no choice but to apologize and ACTUALLY send me the books. I had to do 9 weeks of school work, quizzes, exams, etc. in one week. Regardless of their stupidity, I got a 4.0 on the class. This has not stopped them from finding ways to screw me over. They have an honors society that "automatically" invites students twice a year to join after 2 full terms of being in the school and only those students with a good GPA. Over a year later and with a now 3.8 GPA, I'm still waiting for the invitation.

    The clinical department, that's another story. They can only be reached by email and can't ever give you a straight answer. They ask you to apply for clinicals 3 months prior to the term starting, but will not give you an actual deadline. Give me a date or at least tell me the day the next term begins! I applied early and they denied it then when I finally turned everything in it was 2 days late and still denied it. Why make things complicated. Give me a dead line and move on.

    Also, after I repeated the course I mentioned earlier, I called my advisor to consult about me having to stay an extra term due to repeating the class. She proceeded to tell me that I still had another 4 terms of school left to complete (which means graduating in August...not January) and that now adds another $9000 to tuition. Currently, I actually have to pay to pay out of pocket because I have completed all of my classes and now I don't have enough credits to qualify for financial aid. In other words my academic advisor never looked at my degree plan and now I'm expected to pay a $5000 out of pocket expense or I will not graduate. Seriously? This was informed to me in the last 2 weeks of the term. In other words, three weeks before school was to begin. Now I am blocked and cannot finish my degree unless I come up with 700/mo to pay for tuition. Nice. That is a very realistic sum. Unfortunately, I have several fellow students who are in the same hole as I am. It is unbelievable that this school only focuses on getting as much money out of you regardless of how and they get away, constantly.

  • Tt
      20th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    I have had the same situation occur. My degree plan and enrollment application stated that I had to take 180 credits to get my BS in Criminal Justice. I'm now at 197 and they're telling me I still have two classes left to take. My financial aid advisor (who mysteriously was replaced two months ago) sent me a refund check for my tuition because he thought I had already graduated!!! Then the school called and wanted the money back. Now they're telling me that I have to come up with over $5, 000 to graduate, this time they're saying I have reached my aggregate loan limits. I like the school, I like the instructors, and the work is challenging and interesting...but the FA Department is total crock and all this school is out for is your money! I have $40, 000 in student loans and two classes left to take...but I won't graduate unless I come up with more money. Absolutely disgraceful!!! I have called the Department of Education's Fraud and Abuse Hotline to see if they will help, but I don't see any choice but to find the money...otherwise the last 2-1/2 years will have been wasted. So much for a happy ending!

  • Ol
      29th of Apr, 2010
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    Kaplan University - shady and unprofessional
    Kaplan University
    United States

    I have never gone to school at Kaplan but You should understand about what I learned during the hiring process!!! I have a graduate degree in business which led me to pursue a position as a program chair for their IT program at the W. Des Moines Iowa campus. After a month of interviews and run arounds, and a powerpoint presentation, I received a voice message on my answering machine (by an assistant)telling me they were going in a different direction. How professional is that? I'm not overly concerned I didn't get the position, what I do have a problem with however is the lack of communication with me about the position status, and their overall professionalism. Some of the things they asked me in the interviews was how I would keep students in school because they are losing a high percentage of them in the IT program? I replied that it depended on the situation and the student. They replied that instead of trying to understand the situation, I needed to sell, sell, sell the program to the student and refuse their wishes (I later discovered that program chairs are fired for not meeting student enrollment quotas. Not graduation quotas. If you have 25 in a class, you are in danger of being terminated if more than 3 drop).This struck me as funny but I didn't think of it any further. Now I realize the kind of atmosphere I would have been working in (after doing more research on Kaplan) had I been hired. It seems they are more concerned with bringing in the money, and less about the students well-being. I'm also happy I didn't make the choice of ever going to school there. I'm not sure the degree would mean anything in the long run and I'd probably be deep in debt. I feel extremely sorry for the students that are going to enroll, and the students that are in the middle of the program. I hope anyone thinking of going to school at Kaplan or pursuing employment with them will read this message before they make a decision.

  • Ke
      7th of May, 2010
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    Kaplan University - fraued and over charge?
    Kaplan University
    United States

    I was a student at Kaplan from 2/09 thru 4/09. I was assured that because I was a veteran that was eligible for the GI Bill, and I was laid off form work so I would be eligible for money from the government I was assured I would have no out of pocket expenses by my Military advisor Wendy Robinson. After completing the first term and enrolling for the second I was notified by Kaplan that I have a Balance of $4100.oo! I tiold them that I was not able to pay out of pocket at the time and they locked me out of my classes. Later I found out that they had locked me out of those classes but still charged me for them. Now I'm trying to enroll at another University so that I can finish my degree but can't. According to the new school I need the transcripts from Kaplan so that they can do a degree audit. So now I'm stuck up S#!* creek without a paddle. Anyone who has any advice or help please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you from this discouraged Veteran...

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