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I think Kaiser sucks but it is the only medical insurance I can afford as I am self-employed. This year has been a real circus with Kaiser. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get an appointment to see the doctor on the day you need to see them, you either have to wait two weeks or go to the ER. When you do finally get in they behave as though they have no idea about your medical history (I cannot tell you the number of times to date that I have been asked if I have a history of breast cancer and I JUST HAD A LUMPECTOMY SIX MONTHS AGO! The clinics are all like Grand Central Station, the medical personnel are obviously overbooked and the nurses and receptionists quite rude. If you are having a medical problem that you finally can get in to see the doctor about, the doctors run a battery of tests and never find something treatable, yet push you along the conveyor belt for more and more expensive tests like CAT scans and MRIs (to cover their own incompetence). Mostly they offer you pills of one sort or the other to mask symptoms and not treat them. I have to say their breast cancer program is pretty bad, too. I chose NOT to do chemo and radiation because I was afraid they would screw something up and screw me up, too. There was NEVER ANY follow up after my lumpectomy. I read online that breast cancer patients are supposed to go in for a six month follow up mammo. When I did make an appointment for a six-month followup mammo, the radiologist made me wait for 30 minutes while she confirmed that I actually had had breast cancer and that I wasn't trying to get a "freebie screening." I could not believe it.

Jul 16, 2014
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      Apr 07, 2015

    Worst insurance in my 55 years. With ear drops they want $245.00 & the $42.33 every week for swimmers ear. It's cheaper for me not to use my insurance till there's something major, and that scares me. How much will they want then, and the reviews I have been reading say my medical service could be very bad. Worst ever, looking for a way out.

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