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What is up with Kaiser's appointments. My mother in law has Kaiser health insurance through her job. She...

fraud; abuses; human rights violations

To better understand Kaiser Permanente and see the big picture read the following and understand that from its creation by Mr. Edgar Kaiser in 1973, this HMO inherited a "DNA" mutation that made this organization so successful.

"Perhaps the best introduction to the Kaiser HMO and Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Plan is the summary by Mr. Edgar Kaiser that the less Kaiser does for patients the more money it makes. To get the full context one can go to the University of Virginia and review the presentation Mr. Edgar Kaiser (then Kaiser CEO) made to President Nixon through Mr. Erlichman — the less we do the more we earn". “All the incentives are toward less medical care, because—the less care we give them, the more money we make”.

Protect yourself and your family; learn from other victims horror stories. Kaiser Permanente is in business to please the stock holders, NOT its members!
Remember Kaiser Permanente's main policy: “All the incentives are toward less medical care, because the less care we give them, the more money we make”.

Kaiser Permanente has no interest to maintain you healthy!
Is a conflict of interest--they will get broke! Therefore, KP makes more and more billions each year, NOT on maintaining you healthy, BUT on maintaining you SICK!

If you don’t get it, Google my name Marin Pitu, see video(s); check www.kaiserpapers.org and learn how to avoid being a victim of Kaiser Permanente.
Please forward the video(s) to all your friends. Expose and confront Kaiser Permanente’s illegal activities.
Kaiser Permanente HMO: The biggest scheme in the history of mankind.

ALWAYS remember: “All the incentives are toward less medical care, because the less care we give them, the more money we make”
Learn how to maintain you healthy and STOP paying Kaiser Permanente to MAINTAIN YOU SICK!

Read, see video and pictures and hopefully you will understand how America’s biggest health care scheme works!
They will ruin your health and life the way THEY did to me and thousands of other victims!

See a great documentary: “The Beautiful Truth” and learn about another best kept secret: Dr. Max Gerson’s treatment; contact Gerson Institute in San Diego California.

Remember to Google my name Marin Pitu, see video(s); check www.kaiserpapers.org and forward it to all your friends. Expose corruption and fraud on The For-profit health care.
Marin Pitu

  • Ji
    Jim Ristrem Mar 12, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please visit my blog:

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  • Ka
    Kaiser Disgusting Sep 28, 2014

    Kaiser has been stealing funds from me for two years and until just now I did not understand what a sorry health insurance plan I agreed with my employer to participate. My employer will provide an option to switch plan at the end of the year and I will get rid of Kaiser. My suggestion to everyone is not to sign up for Kaiser and if you have the plan GET RID OF IT. These people steal your money like madmen, they do nothing for you. There is a horrible practice of charging you a co-payment prior to your visit with the doctor and you wait TWO HOURS FOR A 1 SECOND VISIT. The doctor just order test after test that you do not need and types rubbish into the computer. There was one moment at Capital Hill in Washington where the security guard did not even open the front door to the hospital and I had to wait upon a patient. The security guard stated, "We get a lot of homeless seeking medical attention and they are not Kaiser members, so you have to enter through the garage or Union Station at night." I asked him if a patient was at the door having a heart attack would you sit and watch as they were not entering through the proper dam door. Another time I met a woman who had lost a leg, but stated she was a Kaiser member for 10 years prior. How can a patient of Kaiser have loss of legs when a member for 10 years what happen to prevention? I hate Kaiser, just hate it, and I am sorry I signed up for the plan. I am thinking about going to court an requesting my funds returned from this fraudulent hospital as they are sending me bills for co-payments that I o not owe since they have never given me any professional care.

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utilization/case management

My wife has been in cuma with branin anueyrism and hemmorage since Dec 11, 2010, the case manager Dot Zautner who was working to get my wife out to rehab before my wife was even discharged, and without any prior consents, conversations, or agreement, she faxed my wife's full medical record to a Rehab Center outside Kaiser operating privatly, then after my complaints about this process a new and worst case manager took over the case her name is Sharon Gray, who started to covering up for Kaiser and the previous case manager Dot, then she was trying to do her best to PUSH my wife out of the hospital to the Rehab Center since January 17th., 2011, however due to my arrguments and fighting back their process and reasons, I was able to keep my wife at the hospital. Sharon Gray continue to harasse me and many times attempted to influence the doctors to sign the discharge letter even when she was removed from my wife's case due to my request. Her removal from handling my wife case was confirmed by her supervisor and manager both Susan Lucero and Viola Davis who spoke with her directly and asked her not to be invloved in any way in my wife's case of transferring to Skilled Nursing Facility SNF, but due to her hate to me and my family, and her discrimination against me due to my Race & Religion she got invloved in the case knowingly she was removed from it, and contacted Dr. Lai plus the SNF to get my wife out of the hospital as of March 21st, she influenced Dr. Lai with her lies, and negative feedback about me, so Dr. Lai felt in her trap and signed the discharge letter, which was later over turned.
Sharon Gray has been acting very mean, very unprofessional, and very hatefull to me and my wife and the family, she attempted to do whatever in her power, influence others, gave negative feedback totaly false about me to doctors, nurses, social workers at Kaisers which will be prooven in the court of law after I bring this matter to my counsel very soon, however at this time I am just taking care of my wife, and having the daily challange to be dealing with Kaiser member services and utilizations staff.

worst pain management course

I started the Pain Management Program after 9 MONTHS! of testing to finally figure out that I have A horrible...

unethical behavior

Kaiser is absolutely awful! They won't pay if you have complicated medical issues and simply don't care. They only care about saving money. They hurt me tremendously, and I am still in pain from their lack of care. When I filed a complaint with Kaiser, they offered me extended coverage and then reneged on their offer.
In addition to all the pain they caused me, I now have to pay for the extended coverage bills they were supposed to cover. Very cruel and unethical! Their complaint process is a joke and will now cost me thousands. Don't use Kaiser unless you want to be maimed or be broke!

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always give patients written rx

After paying $1200 / mo for insurance, and waiting 3 hours for simple cough syrup with "controlled" codeine...


Kaiser eye doctor failed to diagnose problem with the retina in my left eye.

As a result I had detached retina and had 3 surgeries. I have less than 20% vision in my left eye and I can't read or drive using my left eye.

When I complained to Kaiser, they denied responsibility and informed me that it is more than 6 months to seek arbitration. I filed complaint with the state optometry board and they have filed charges against Dr. Leland Toy for gross negligence, incompetence etc. and will revoke or suspend his license.

stay away

I was just denied by Kaiser Permanente for being pregnant. Apparently, the result of being in-between insurance policies that you can afford but do to pure circumstance, are not covered, results in you having absolutely no coverage or hope for coverage for nine months and going into extreme debt. To add insult to injury, you are asked to take a urine test, like a criminal. So after crying hopelessly about the evil of insurance companies and the horrific state of healthcare in America, I curled up on the couch.

Then I turned on the TV and low and behold, a beautiful advertisement with babies, strollers, and all the joys of parenthood. Then boom: Kaiser Permanente: Thrive.

How DARE you put that ad up with your policy of complete discrimination. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Pregnant women are not a disease. And I notice how no medical responsibility is carried by the other half of the equation: males. Ther coverage is both less costly and without restraints.

Thanks for making the joys of motherhood transform into terror and sadness, Kaiser Permanente.

  • Re
    Refessati Dec 01, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    As a mom of two and a former insurance salesperson who is still licensed in Illinois, I can tell you that unfortunately, what they've done is completely legal - and typical within all insurance companies. If your previous insurance was going to be terminated for whatever reason and your current insurance hadn't kicked in by the time you confirmed your pregnancy and were ready to see the doctor, then your pregnancy is a pre-existing condition. It's absolutely stupid, and wrong - I won't argue that in the LEAST - but it's completely legal and actually very common practice. I hate this loophole, as it allows insurance companies to involve the high prices involved in pregnancy and childbirth, and the subsequent immediate post-natal care of both mother and baby. It leaves far too many women and children without the vital prenatal care that they need and deserve. My best recommendation, if you haven't already found a care provider who can and will cover your pregnancy, is to contact your local DHS (Department of Human Services) office and explain your situation. They might be able to provide low-cost (I know, cost isn't a problem in this case, but saving a bit doesn't hurt) prenatal care for you so at least for now you don't have to worry. The downside is that if you're accepted into the program, you may be greatly limited in your healthcare provider options - of course, whether or not this is a problem will depend completely on where you are from and whether or not you had multiple care provider and hospital options in the first place. DHS can also point you toward several state insurance options that might serve you well in this case; once your baby arrives, you can allow the lower-cost state insurance to finish paying off the delivery and post-natal care needs you incur, then hop on your new insurance and drop your state coverage. Alternatively, you can seek pregnancy-only care through the state through some programs; this, however, is state-specific. You may need to do some digging, but at least you aren't completely out of options where the major companies all too often fail their customers.
    Best of luck, and please, remember that you and your baby are special and important to someone out there. <3

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kaiser promotes hatred of women!

Horribly sexist commercial currently running. Makes a mockery of women, especially pregnant women. Plays a stupid, goofy song while telling women that they must spend money on all this junk they don't need. Assumes women are materialistic and gullible, love to spend money on useless items, and will happily buy anything you tell them too.

Utterly idiotic and terrible offensive. This commercial is about as undignified as you can get. This is not Kaiser's only sexist commercial. There are others currently running which also encourage hatred against women.

Bigotry cannot be tolerated. Please boycott Kaiser (haven't they killed & maimed enough people, anyway?)...and please call and email them to let them know WHY you won't ever use their services.

administrative incompetence

I have been a Kaiser Employee at Woodland Hills for many years. The one thing you can count on is incompetency. They have too many chiefs in the kitchen making alot of money. I work in a department that has four administrative staff members that do nothing but harass the staff. Staff members receive corrective action for calling in sick. Someone please get rid of Betsy Diep. She is the most incompetent of them all. She has a masters degree in acting arrougant and pretending to comprehend nursing. The Emergency Room is failing because of her and the other assistant administrator Antonio Molina. The Department Administrator Caryn Pola is a tyrant. When she came to our department she stated she came to fire employees. Someone look into these corrupt people!!!

incompetent medical staff

This organization is well known for hiring cheapest doctors and nurses in the area and underpaying them. As a...

kaiser refuses covered medicare

DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO KAIER FOR SERNIOR ADVANTAGE. YOU HEALTH WILL BE COMPROMISED. Kaiser medicare covered patients. Kaiser reaps big profits by monies from medicare-midical covered patients by denying covered medicare benefits and delayed services until you spend countless hours and job time lost and money lost then they say ok covered only after you complain to medicare and the medicare attorneys get involved. Delayed service created further physical deteriotion for mother and contributed to degerative ability to swallow to a point of non-recovery. They profit that for the other 20 times they denied a covered benefit, only 1 would follow through. My brother didn't know the benefit was covered for the last 3 years adding to kaisers profit margin. My mother is now in a Skilled Nursing Facility and seems to be almost 100% agree it is better to be on Medicare (and medical) rather then on Kaiser. The use the many other doctors that are assigned to different hospitals so you are not constrained by an HMO. Even the caretakers agree that it is harder and slower (as well as more limited)when Kaiser is the contracted HMO.

medicare funds wasted

Was referred to Kaiser sleep facility in Penderbrooke Va. for sleep apnea issues. Kaiser was aware of age (85...

refusal to refill hrt

I waited 4 mos. for an appt. with a female gyn, only to be told that she was not there that day and I would...

not having the medicine I need today

My Kaiser Id is [protected]. My name is Heidi Lewis. my date of birth is 01/06/1957. my signon for online services is HeidiAwsome. I do not remember my previous husbund's month of birth who I divorced from in 1991, and I want immediate online access. If this is not received in the next 15 minutes. I will have my brother's lawyer sue on my behalf for the emotional and physical damages that occurred because of this obviously ridiculous program. Heidi Lewis, 250 Wilkerson Ave, APt 190, Perris, CA 92570 Phone number [protected].

  • Co
    ConnorsMommy Jan 27, 2010

    SERIOUSLY! I agree with Mica 1755.

    How about the list of medications you take? Your date of birth?

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worst customer service

I've been calling Kaiser customer service [protected] almost everyday for a week now to cancel my moms insurance policy and its bean a real pain. First of all most customer service reps are not that helpful. The representative I spoke today 10:01 ET 01/04/10 was the worst of them, she try to ignore all my questions and attempted to hang up on me. She was very rude.

It was also especially hard to send a fax to them, I faxed cancellation notice almost everyday and they have 2 days to verify if the fax went through. I've faxed my docs at home and thru outside fax service but when I try to verify later, they were not able to receive it.

  • Su
    Super furious want to sue! Sep 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been on specific pain medications for months now. I turned in my request 3 days prior to the fill date as requested by the staff. The prescription was not filled and my regular doctor went on vacation. The fill in doctor said I could not have the medication because I was taking another medication? Yes, that is right, I take both, that is why my regular doctor prescribes both, see, A +B=C, right? The pain became so excruciating I spent 3 hours in Urgent Care, where the pretend doctor, the NP, looked at me like I came in for a paper cut. I litterally could not stand up, could not walk, she gave me a shot of an anti-inflamatory, the nurse came in 20 minutes later and said "Did that help?" I said, "No, not a bit" She looked so disapointed, like oh no, we might actually have to treat this patient. The nurse asked me "What do you want?" What do I want? What do I want? How the hell should I know what I need? Do I have a medical degree? I told her to just fill the original prescriiption. That made her so happy, how easy for them to just tap the letters on the computer and be rid of me. I walked out, sort of, bent over with an icepack tied to my lower back with a scarf I had worn, grasping the walls, wincing in pain for every step up a flight of stairs and an elevator, then waited for another hour at the pharmacy because the doctor had not bothered to send up the prescription. My husband came home from a business trip and was absolutely appalled at the condition I was in and the fact that they let me drive home after seeing that obviously I could not even walk. I hate Kaiser! The only bright spot is my very wonderful Rhumetoologist, Dr. Li, wondeful, competent, compassionate. Too bad the rest of the staff did not have her brains or her heart.

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My son has chest pians in his right rib. He wants a doctor's appointment. Kaiser Permanete was telephoned on 5/11/09, 5/12/09, 5/18/09 and 5/19/09 for an appointment with any doctor. No appointment was given. He was informed he would be called back. He spoke to a nurse named Jim by telelphone on 5/18/09, but no appointment was given Membership servies were contacted and "Rosie" attempted to make an appointment on 5/19/09, however she has not yet been successful. What happpened to the days when you called your doctor and the receptionist gave you the next available appointment. If your doctor was not in, he had a back up physician. My son was only told if it was an emergency to go to urgent care.

  • De
    Denise020455 Jan 02, 2014

    Double nightmare with Kaiser. I am livid to the point of tears. These people are more interested in the number of paitents and days of stay than providing care and information. I am still dealing with a mess of a system that only cares about the kaiser bottom line. I can not seak to one person that can answer my questions or provide advice. Everyone tells me I need to talk to someone else, yet I find that decisions are being made without my knowledge, consult or advisement. I can not plan for these descision without being advised of then in advance. They have major implications for my time, purse and other resources that I have to have in place. I would have appreciated some prior discussion before they decision regarding care were decided and put in motion. I am not invisible, deaf or dumb.

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doctor refusing to refill insulin prescription

Doctor at Kaiser Permanente Panorama City, has refused to refill insulin prescription for a long time type I...


Every thing started when I called Kaiser Permanente in Mountain View, CA to get proof that I was immune to

Hepatits B (for work purposes). When I received the bill in the mail, I was

charged for 4 additional tests that I never asked for. The total bill was $690. I filed a grievance with Kaiser

Permanente and it was denied because they claimed I asked for these tests. When I asked, "Who said I asked for

these tests?" The doctor said, "There was a note on my desk and it wasn't signed." I ask them to search the phone

records, and they said they found nothing. What it boils down to is they have no record of me asking for these

tests and they are taking the doctor's word against mine. Please help!!! I don't want to pay for tests that I never

asked for in the first place.

  • Bj
    bjl84 Sep 21, 2009

    They charged my pregnant wife $2, 000 for a sickle cell test. They told her they were doing routine blood work and did not tell us they were taking the test. This is our second pregnancy. The first baby was born without any complications and we have no history of sickle cell in any of our families. We are both white, where sickle cell happens to approximately 1 in every 100, 000 babies. How is this routine? We have been appealing this for months and they simply will not cooperate.

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  • La
    Laurice Evans Aug 26, 2019

    I got on my husbands medical in March I was also on Senior Advantage, because I am also on Medicare, I called Kaiser's customer service and told her I was on my husbands medical which his job also have Kaiser, I asked the customer service person would I still have to pay premiums, she told me no and that I would not get a bill, my husband got laid off and his coverage ended 8/1/2019 then a week later I got a bill for $728.00, when I called and asked why I received this bill, Kaiser told me that I needed to put in writing that I was cancelling my Senior Advantage, they told me this after the fact I told them if I had of know that I would have put it in writing, they were still billing me while I was on my husbands medical plan I told them why would I not sign and pay premiums when I was on my husbands medical which would save me money, they could not answer my question and I know I am being ripped off, they never told me I had to sign anything, so what I am going to do is report them to the California Attorney General, Kaiser will not cooperate with me or answer any questions, why they never told me I needed to put this in writing, I see greed here, I'm also reporting Kaiser to the Governors Office, I had to report other companies to the California Attorney General and the Governor and they did help, I'm also reporting them to my congressman I had to report a company to him before also and he helped. From all the complaints about Kaiser I see they are ripping people off, if I could find another worthwhile supplemental plan I would, I a still appealing this I know I am being ripped off.

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Resolved falseteeth fiasco

93 yo admitted to KP Harbor City via ER. Between the ER and admission, upper plate was lost. Risk Mgt took report. Replacement teeth cost $1295. 93 yo was readmitted with new upper/lower plates. Within 2 days of admission, set was lost, again! Staff cannot explain where teeth are. 93 yo's quality of life greatly reduced by KP's repeated negligence! KP says will reimburse, but takes time. 93 yo now eats babyfood and shakes.

  • Jo
    john carter Aug 20, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Every time I go to the pharmacy they don't have my medicine. And when they do it's less than half! The lady who runs the pharmacy at night is extremely rude! The head pharmacists always has a excuse

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  • Bi
    Billie Coulter Aug 21, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I can not afford this coverage. I can no longer pay the monthly cost. I called the Seattle office to cancel and was told I cannot cancel until October.

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  • Mb
    Mbrumfield Aug 28, 2018

    I have asked that a supervisor please call me as Kaiser Permanente members services have violated my privacy. I will contact legal as well regarding this. I have yet to receive a phone call

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