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I was referred to the Chronic Pain Mgmt. Program by my doctor for chronic pain which turned out to be diagnosed by Darlene as Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndrome. On my second appt. with her, at a time when my pain was so bad I couldn't sleep, had daily migraines from the tension pain in my neck and back, and I hadn't been to work in over a week it was so bad, she treated me in such a rude and demeaning manner. I have no faith in her as someone who treats chronic pain, not when she tells someone with my conditions that there is no medical reason for me to be in so much pain, not even considering also the 6 knee surgeries I have had causing so much pain too. She immediately commented that someone as young as me shouldn't have the symptoms I have (I am 39 but look younger).

I tried talking to her about changing my pain med from Tylenol 4 to something stronger. I have been on the Tylenol 4 almost 3 yrs. so it is not working anymore as my body has built up a tolerance to it. She said no and told me that no narcotics would work if the codiene isn't working. When I told her it wasn't working because of tolerance she told me that doesn't happen. She also told me to give her scientific proof that narcotics work for chronic pain. She then proceeded to tell me that I can get a second opinion from an md but that the doctors there do not believe in giving people narcotics and that I will never get narcotics from them. She then said I need to taper off my codiene. I immediately filed a grievance and just found out they denied me stronger meds based on her notes and the fact that two different narcotics haven't helped me. Of course they don't mention that the first narcotic was Darvocet which I was on for more than 4 years before it stopped helping as much and that I was taken off of it because of the high amount of acetaminophen in it. Funny how that equals it not working. Best yet is the fact that the drs who denied my request have never treated me or talked to me.

Darlene basically acted like I was making up the pain, refused to even give me a note for work, and left me sobbing without a word to say she wouldn't be back. She also emphasized the fact that I had yet to go through their 4wk orientation program and made it seem like I refused. I told her I was home in bed with a migraine. She could care less and said I need to do it. I asked what good it would do if I was in too much pain or had a migraine and couldn't get out of bed. No answer to that of course. She also said I was a no show for my second physical therapy appt. Again I was in bed with a migraine and she could care less. I told her it hurt too much to do the exercises and made things worse. She argued about that too. Apparently everything I feel and the pain I am dealing with is just in my head. She knows all and can read minds even it would seem. Never will I go back to her and never will I go to the chronic pain program at south sac kaiser because I feel based on notes she made in my file possibly could I trust a single dr there. Stay away from this program!

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      9th of Dec, 2012

    I know a couple of kaiser doctors who won't get treated at kaiser. Your doctor is a real ###. Keep working up the food chain and expose them. Go to Get ready for the endless lawsuits against them.

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