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Kaiser Permanente / incompetent medical staff

1 San Francisco, CA, United States Review updated:

This organization is well known for hiring cheapest doctors and nurses in the area and underpaying them. As a consequence patients get low quality medical services and have to face staff incompetence everywhere. Have been with them for 1 year so far and cant wait to get rid of them. Doctors are never there for you, if they are they have no idea what they are doing. I have been prescribed antibiotics when I had NO infection at all, which caused a severe yeast infected right away I had to treat. The doctor just did that "in case".. The other time I had a doctor who couldn't give a diagnosis and wasn't sure what she was treating for 3 months, she was just trying different meds to see what will work...Another time they called me themselves to make an appointment and after coming there it turned out the doctor is not going to see me at all because there is no need and that was a mistake! After arguing for 20 minutes I finally got my appointment but it lasted for 4 minutes (!!!) and he behaved like he is making a huge favor to me (ObGyn department). At my prenatal appointment I had to wait 40 minutes before a nurse found time for me and then even didn't hear any sort of apology for being late - let me say they charge you for parking all that time. Kaiser is the only clinic where I regularly see nurses wearing no uniform - the last one I saw had winter boots on, pink sweatpants and a military jacket, and was chewing a gum! What a stupid unprofessional look! She also tried to prepare vaginal ultrasound for use and put gel underneath the condom, just on plastic thing instead of putting it on top of it! Lots of their nurses have tattoos and are constantly chewing smth when doing their jobs. My husband cant get a normal treatment from them for 6 months either. You should literally go there and die before they start treating you. If you have a chance get another health care provider like blue cross or smth else.

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  • Ib
      29th of Jul, 2010
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    They managed to kill my mother in law and a very good friend. They are socialist to the core, but we've got a whole lot more of this coming with Obama's so called health care which is nothing more than higher taxes and death care. I hope the idiots who voted the man with no skills at all into office are happy with all the hope and fine change he's given us. Oh my so very much like what we get from Kaiser Permanente

  • Sl
      30th of Jul, 2010
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    I never had any major problems with Kaiser, but your right about the parking and the waiting time! Also, many times for specialized treatment the referrals take a long time, and when the doctor finds out you have a health issues, they don't follow up. I have a cluster of blood vessels under my left eye which I have had surgery on three times. I had so many appointments that it was discouraging, and eventually stopped following up. I felt like I was some science experiment for the doctors which were learning to practice this type of medicine. I found out I had some major stomach issues also. My doctor never followed up on it, and now I am experiencing a lot of pain... So in some ways, I agree with you..

  • Sl
      27th of Aug, 2010
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    I have a problem with Kaiser now! I found they misdiagnosed me, and treated me in the hospital for the wrong condition! How can any health agency be so irresponsible?! I followed the advice of the doctor, and my primary at the time. Just to find out, all the food I was avoiding wasn't helping my situation because it was the WRONG CONDITION! I would blame myself for any flare ups I would have... Well, now I have no idea what is wrong with me, and have to start from scratch to try and figure out what is wrong... This beyond sucks... I mean where do the doctor's get their license at Kaiser, the local cracker jack box!?Why was I in the hospital for a week?! The last couple of years a total waste! At least I can enjoy popcorn again!

  • El
      5th of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I had to switch insurance companies at work six months before I got laid off becuase I knew I would not be able to afford the cost of United Insurance. What a mistake, I have never seen or experiened such incompetent doctors! As a diabetic, I have to constanly be on guard. I experienced pain in my right leg, it was red and swollen, I went to the ER, They seemed un concered and refered me to urgent care. I had to fight the doctor to perscribe antibotics. I did a followup with my primary two days later and she said, Oh I see that the infection has advanced. Instructions, go home and elevate the leg. No stronger antibotic was ordered. Then there was my experience with the cardoligst. He couldn't diagnois with I have heart problems! What is with these doctors, did they just graduate from school. Any one listening run from this company.

  • Ma
      2nd of Apr, 2011
    +1 Votes

    To better understand and see the big picture read the following and understand that from its creation by Mr. Edgar Kaiser, this HMO inherited a “DNA mutation” that made this organization so successful.

    "Perhaps the best introduction to the Kaiser HMO and Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Plan is the summary by Mr. Edgar Kaiser that the less Kaiser does for patients the more money it makes. To get the full context one can go to the University of Virginia and review the presentation Mr. Edgar Kaiser (then Kaiser CEO) made to President Nixon through Mr. Erlichman — the less we do the more we earn". “All the incentives are toward less medical care, because—the less care we give them, the more money we make”.

    Protect your self and your family, learn from other victims horror stories. Kaiser Permanente is in business to please the stock holders, NOT its members!
    Remember the most important: “All the incentives are toward less medical care, because—the less care we give them, the more money we make”.
    KP has no interest to maintain you healthy!
    Is a conflict of interest--they will get broke! Therefore, KP makes more and more billions each year, not on your health, BUT maintaining you sick!

    If you don't get it Google my name Marin Pitu, see video(s); check and lean how to avoid being a victim of Kaiser Permanente.
    Please forward the video(s) to all your friends. Expose and confront Kaiser Permanente's illegal activities. Kaiser Permanente HMO: The biggest scheme in the history of mankind.

    ALWAYS remember: “All the incentives are toward less medical care, because—the less care we give them, the more money we make”.
    Learn how to maintain your health by your self and avoid paying Kaiser Permanente to MAINTAIN YOU SICK !
    See a great documentary: "The Beautiful Truth" and learn about another of America's best kept secret: Dr. Max Gerson's treatment. Contact Gerson Institute in San Diego California.
    Remember to Google my name Marin Pitu, see video and forward it to all your friends. Expose corruption and fraud on The For-profit health care.
    Marin Pitu

  • Pa
      17th of Jul, 2012
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    Boy do I have some stories about Kaiser. Let me just say, if I got hit on Morse Ave in Sacramento in front of Kaiser, I have a note in my wallet, "Please do not take me to that hospital." They are a bunch of quacks. In 2005, I had internal bleeding which I though it was due to taking the iron pills. Yes, I drank, a couple of 40s a day in most of my adult life, but gee, who would have thought all of this would happen. They did an endo-oscopy, did some band thing, told me I'm anemic, transfused me over and over again, gave me some medication and sent me home after 7 days. No follow up appoint except with my primary care physician. Went to that appointment and he asked how I was doing. He went over my lab work and told me to take care. 2009, went for a check up, was told that I was anemic again which I have been since age 9 due to Sickle Cell trait. Transfused me again, I was having pain and in the ER they asked me how long have I had liver disease and hep c. I was in shock. I have what and what? No one told me that, not even my primary care physician. My stomach was full of fluid because the week before they told me I had GERD or possibly ISB and gave me some stool softners and a pain prescription, Oxycodone. It was after taking the oxycodone that my abdomin started to swell. They drained it, I went though a colonoscopy and another endo-oscopy in the hospital another 7 days. They gave me a prescription. Then they told me I needed a liver transplant and that I needed to go to their therapy class before they would put me on the liver transplant list. They told me to quit my job and they also told me that I would be dead in18 months. So, if anyone is ever thinking about going to Kaiser because they have such a great health plan, forget it. It is futher than the truth. Now, another story. My husband has hypertension and has had it for over 29 yrs and with the guidance of Kaiser, it has not stabilized. It was always 200/140 something or extremely high enough to go to the emergency room. Then they told him after some blood work that he had CKD Stage 3. Now my question is, without doing any other testing, how would they know what stage its in for chronic kidney disease? They wouldn't. They just wouldn't without any other tests like Ultrasound, MRI, CT Scan, a blood test doesn't tell you what stage your kidney disease is in. They said his Creatinine level was extremely high but I did some research an 13-14 is not high for African American males. That's normal. I decided that because of this he should apply for SSI because he was complaining about his back and they told him that his back wouldn't hurt from kidney now the last time I checked, if there is something wrong with your kidneys, i.e. kidney infection, your back hurts. Anyway, applied for SSI and was denied because Kaiser didn't have their story straight nor could they tell social security which kidney was affected or if it was both. Another story, my son had a sore throat and it was so severe, I looked at it and I said that looks worse than strept throat. Took him to Kaiser, they looked at his throat, gave him a prescritpion for anti-biotics, they didn't do a throat culture to verify whether it was strept or not nor did they do lab work. He took the antibiotics and the next morning he woke up he looked like a bright fresh ripe strawberry all over is body and I mean literally. I rushed him back to ER and they asked why didn't the doctor take a throat culture and lab work and I said you're ###ing asking me why a doctor didn't do what? You're kidding right? Turns out he had Mono. Oh, I have some more stories but the moral of all of my stories, I had been a Kaiser patient since 1963 through my parents and other family memebers and I just thought since I knew about them, I'd stick with them throughout my adult life and had my children there too. I woke up after all of these nightmare types of procedures, diagnosis and treatment. I switched plans in 2012. All I have to say is, if you are currently a Kaiser survivor, get out while you can. This is a joke of a healthcare plan with quackhead doctor's as well.

  • Ur
      2nd of Feb, 2016
    0 Votes

    I too have terrible experience with Kaiser, just to mentioned one botched surgery... This surgeon from Kaiser Harbor City was supposed to do thyroidectomy ( he did not agree to do partial one, because I would later return for more, as he said ) and he was supposed to look for parathyroid adenoma. Turned out some unknown to me resident butchered my neck, resected normal parathyroid, cut off the blood supply to other two and left behind parathyroid adenoma. Surgeon in charge told me I am cured, they got bad parathyroid! He never, ever disclosed to me the true outcome of that surgery. He refused to meet with me to explain what happened during that surgery. I had 3 more surgery on my neck to finally locate parathyroid adenoma by the surgeon at UCSF. Then endocrinologist was mismanaging my condition by grossly overdosing me on calcium, I ended up developing kidney stones because of that.
    Right now I am going through another Kaiser nightmare, this time it is life threatening as a result of this doctor failing to diagnose condition . I cannot disclose the details right now.
    Filing complain to Customer Service only aggravates the patient, Kaiser is extremely protective of its incompetent, arrogant doctors. After all Kaiser is owned by doctors. Try to complain to Medical Board of California, useless, maybe when you dead your family can seek justice.

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