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United States

I booked four tickets for my family to fly from USA to Rome. I was so excited to get them for 1000 round trip each. I raved about the great deal I spent months waiting for. On our return trip United says we need to buy a new ticket for our 2 year old since his birthday happened overseas. I was told to call united and they told me the ticket was 800 dollars. I called and after being on hold for over an hour. Our flight leaves, then I tell you guys to rebook our reservation for later in the day. Then you tell me I have to buy all new tickets!!! I then bought tickets from you for another airline, and because it didn't process in time I had to then cancel and rebook another more expensive flight. We are now into double the cost of our entire trip when I budgeted. 4000 dollars just to return home another evening in Rome 200, a 21 hour layover in Lisbon, another booked room, then a 6 hour layover in Boston, Just to fly home! I was in the airport for over 6 hours in one morning with two kids under the age of two! What the hell!

Sep 25, 2017

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