JustFabyour shipping department screwed up

I changed my shipping address in the beginning of the week. I also called, and emailed your company multiple times. Before deciding to order this month. I had been skipping the last 3 months because of a previous issue... And now your company sent out my 2 orders today, 1 package going to my new address, and your company sent my second package to my old house, in another state... So I just called customers support, the staff member was completely rude, and told meit was my issue, and thati had to call fedex, and track my package down... Im sorry but your company screwed up... Not me. If this isnt resolved and mypackage not found and shipped to me. Youcan cancel both my orders, and I will never purchase from you again. This shouldnt have happened. Or made to be my problem. Thats the worst customer service ive ever dealt with. And I feel highly disrespected...

Jun 03, 2018

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