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190 Hayfield Rd Knoxville TN
United States
Phone: 1-800-550-8393
JTV AND JTV AUCTIONS, are still at it! I have reduced the amount I buy from them by 100's of $. Listen to this since the end of April 2010 I have had to return 4 or more items. Nikki was selling a rope chain, Item # STC1Y18". She gave her spill, great value, ...and the pic. of this chain look to be at least 2+mm for $30, yea I ordered it, it was thiner than sewing thread, I put it on and you could not see it on my neck, so return I loose the 7.50+ they charged me to get it here plus about 3.50 for me to send it back. THEN she was giving her spill about a set of 5 Burgi watches for only $59.99, get deal, one should sell at $59.99 and you are getting 5...yea I ordered Item # JWN001. They arrived with such an awful smell, chemical? don't know, made us sick, they were leather bands from CHINA, but she was throwing around Italy left and right, they are not even water resistant. Now cost me over 7.50 to get them and now must return. I think they sell stuff that is so cheap, they make money just on the s/h and the s/h we pay to send back. NOW FOR THE AUCTIONS...yup I fell for it again, a soapstone box, I was the lucky bidder who won. It arrived USED, there was sticky stuff inside the box, scratches, etc. Should they not have to tell us these things are used? Where is the FTC. I also was a lucky bidder who won a crystal opal in matrax form, rec'd it looked nothing like the one listed on the auction site. Sad again I loose $6.99 to get it to me, plus my cost to return!!! I KEEP SAYING WHEN AM I GOING TO LEARN, THEY LIE, CHEAT AND DO ANYTHING TO GET YOU TO BUY. PLEASE stay away from Jtv.com and their auction site. You will pay for junk, and pay again for s/h and pay again to return. They just plain STINK!!!
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A  28th of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
I agree with you 100%. I have never returned anything to them because I feel like I shouldn't have to pay 2 shipping charges to return something I am not happy with. The first order I made with JTV was a pair of Peridot studs for $9.99... pretty awesome price right? Yeah but the shipping was $5.95, so I was thinking my earrings would be padded and come in a really nice box to keep them in... Nope, they came in this cheap blue box in two plastic baggies. Yes I love my earrings but every purchase after just kept getting worse. My London Blue Topaz ring, the stone is a little cloudy, not like what was shown on TV. The absolute worse one is my silver Sky Blue Topaz ring... the main topaz is literally cracked and the setting for it is not straight. I tried to take it to a jeweler but told me they wouldn't touch it because of the ugly crack. I have a lot of topaz jewelry and NONE of them look like a faceted piece of glass. Also another pair of Gemstone earring I have set in silver, the metal is changing this weird yellow color and I have NEVER seen 925 silver change THAT color before. Just stay away from JTV even if the price looks good, chances are the materials are NOT! And if you're thinking about buying the stones and settings separate, don't do that either... I bought two trillion cut topazes and a pair of blank earrings to make my own and the stones didn't even fit and both were listed a 5mm.
N  16th of Aug, 2013 by    0 Votes
I have purchased 7 or 8 rings from their site. Product and service has always been good (in my experience) . So, no complaints there. BUT, I just tried their auction for the first time. I bid on a dozen items and could not help but notice I was always outbid...by the same person! In checking it out closer, I found her bidding on over 50 pendants. I'm certain there were many more..but my arm started to ache from using the mouse and I stopped what I was doing . With the few pieces I was bidding on...the auction closed, (she) won, and then (surprise) a new one of the same item would pop right back in...and she would start the bid on it too. What is really odd (I should use a stronger word) is that she was bidding on duplicates (3 and 4 in some cases) of the same item...and she would be high bidder on more than one.
It's possible she re-sells on eBay (or something like that)...or does anyone else think my suspicions of a "planted bidder" seem valid????????????? In any case...it was an exasperating experience.
A  3rd of Oct, 2013 by    0 Votes
I totally agree. I have bid on several items even until a few seconds till closing and have always been outbid by a person whose name has always upped the bid on the items. I have come across the same situation whereby the same-named person is bidding on multiple items, and often her bids outbid mine almost instantly. My suspicions, like yours, are that there has to be "planted bidders!" I am very frustrated with JTV auctions and have decided to keep away from them. I have been satisfied with the jewelry I've purchased from JTV.com, however, and will continue to purchase from there.
A  3rd of Oct, 2013 by    0 Votes
I suppose "planted bidders" should not come as a surprise. I registered my suspicions to JTV in 2 emails. Their response was
" there is someone out there with the same taste that you have". When I replied ..."but she is bidding on 2/3rds of all the pendants", they replied that "some people re-sell". Just the shipping fees alone would really eat into "re-salel" profits (unless they gave someone, buying in bulk, reduced shipping fees...which would skew the auction's fairness to other bidders). I did not check out any of the other categories to see if she was all over them too, or pay too much attention to how many she ended up winning. I think the reason some people get it at the last second...is because they have pre-set "maximum" bids. I was certain I had won an item, until a minute or so after the auction closed and it showed a higher bid from someone who had been bidding against me all along. Also...they do not use the same mailing method as they do with their regular site.
I have received excellent (2 day) delivery of everything I have ordered from them...except the auction. UPS and USPS "partner" in the delivery. One took 10 days and the other took 20 days to get to me.
I ended up getting 2 items. They were really nice...but it was so time consuming and frustrating, that I got turned off by it. So I think I will forego the auction.
A  17th of Feb, 2014 by    0 Votes
I have been using the JTV Auction website for about six months. I' have thought about taking my complaints on the website to the Better Business Bureau but know that the JTV upper echelon will have a justification for the complaints. I have printed before and after copies of what I have been interested in that has had a "ghost" bidder put on them. BEFORE is less than 15 seconds before the bidding is closed and AFTER is two minutes later showing that their "ghost" bidder has come in - usually 1-2 days BEFORE the closing time. I have also noticed that sometimes my bidding times are changed to 6 hours before closing bid. I also have copies that show "Cannot place a bid. You are the current high bidder." BUT when the "ghost" bidders name appears after I bid - sometimes 5-6 times, that name disappears. I have copies of "Sorry, but your bid is less than the minimum required at this time", meaning that their "ghost" bids the same amount only the day before my quote. If JTV wants $X__ for an item, then say so and go from there. I have won some beautiful jewelry from the auctions. I've just won a number of bids on pendants, earrings, and necklaces. Because the dollar value is low, I now have to pay $6.99 for each item, billed separately even though I won them all at one time. This hasn't been done on the higher value items. Beginning on 2-7-14, I also tried the DROP TIL YOU SHOP portion of the JTV auctions and won a good amount of jewelry from them. My credit card was charged at the time of winning. It is now 10 days later and I've yet to get any notification on the items being shipped. Also, I've returned a number of rings because they didn't fit or I had ordered duplicates (my fault) and it has taken almost a month and sometimes longer for them to credit my charge card.
A  25th of Feb, 2015 by    0 Votes
I've decided to contribute to this discussion because I've felt the same kinds of frustration. However, I remind myself that this is an auction site open to millions of people. But, when you see the same name opening every gemstone aution and literally driving the price up you can't help be suspicious. And, there is absolutely nothing more frustrating than losing a bid in the last 5 or 10 seconds of an aution when their name has never appeared prior in the bidding process . Just venting, maybe, but it's not just in the pendant category that this happens.
A  13th of Dec, 2016 by    0 Votes
My complaint is they claim that they have had pieces for 15-20 years and still look just when they purchased them...NOT so on the pieces in bought after 3 months the color started to fade on both the gold and silver rhodium. I contacted customer service and was told I should have purchased the protection plan, My statement was why should I buy a protection plan for jewelry that can last up to 20 years and still look new??? You guessed it no reply. Beware
A  27th of Jan, 2017 by    0 Votes
I have won 2 items on the "new" JTV Drop Auctions. Their shipping process is horrendous. After 31 days on the first one and 22 days on the second, I have not received either. According to UPS tracking, the second one has been sitting at my post office for 15 days "in delivery process." The first one claims in UPS tracking to have been delivered but I never received it. I called JTV customer service and they informed me I have to fill out a paper claim form to get the item. It takes at least 14 days for them to send me this claim form. JTV, get to the 21st century and email the stinking form! Their time is nearly up and I haven't received anything! What a rip off. Avoid these auctions. (Note that I never have problems with my regular JTV orders. But this is ticking me off so bad I'm not ordering anything until they make good on what I already paid for.)

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