joy mangano kids huggable hangerspoor quality

I ordered 4 sets of the Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers Kids 36-pack Plus Bonuses Item: 273-975 off of HSN.COM. Over 50% of the hangers arrived DAMAGED and glued together! I was so impressed by the presentation and potential of these hangers; however, the quality is really lacking. On some of the hangers black tape was sticking out of the hanger, making it look really tacky!

I like th color varitey, but the fact that the BRASS smells really harsh and "made in china" logo shows on all the brass hangers is REALLY a turn off.

Please make these hangers the way the orinigal adult huggables were made and with the choice of CHROME. And, if you are going to put "made in china" put that on the OTHER side of the hanger so we don't see it when you hang your kid's clothes up!



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