Joss & MainStrange company

L Dec 09, 2015

I am furnishing a very big apartment and so am ordering from multiple sites. I wanted to order a few lamps from Joss & Main, because they have pretty nice prices and items look great. I requested a delivery for the end of the week and they told okay, no problem with that. It was Friday when my lamps were delivered. I was at work and didn't receive any calls from them. Thank goodness my wife was at home and received the lamps. I called them later and spoke with customer service. They told that did call me many times and I said that I'm fine with Friday. But I never did that! They also told that I need to pay some extra money for delivery. I asked why didn't they told me anything about delivery fees when I placed an order. They said they were very sorry that I forgot that they did tell me about it. Well, that was very rude. I was left very angry. Horrible service, horrible staff! But the lamps are great. Furniture there is nice, but I will never buy from them again.

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