Joshua Doore - Russells / poor service

Barberton, ZA
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I submitted my laybye refund claim forms with all attachments required including bank statements and receipts in July 2016. I never got paid until today 30 Nov 2016 and I went to the branch to purchase some item but requested them to subtract the claimed amount since I never received it but the branch manager told me he needs the proof, which is another bank statement that I never received it. It does not make sense for them to request the proof of non payment from me since they didnt even bother to check their records if they made the payment or not. Instead of them producing the proof of payment (if they made it) they demand that I give them proof of non payment. I requested the manager to simply call the accounts department to make a follow up but he insists that I do that myself or else bring the bank statement. I called the head office but yhey also sent me from pillar to post and hung up on me. I'm not the one who is supposed to prove their non payment, they are the ones who should prove their payment but because they are lazy and incompetent they turn the responsibility the other way around. The branch in question is Russels Barberton branch in Mpumalanga. My number is [protected].

Nov 30, 2016

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