Joshua Doore - Russellsdelivery of the wrong item from stanger branch

C Nov 24, 2017

On the 28th of July, there was a sale at your Stanger branch, so we bought a bed (base and mattress). We were informed that the sale would be carrying on the next day - therefore on the 29th of July we bought another set as we were very content with the first set.

Upon delivery of the second set to my house (which took a while as we were informed that their was a strike), we noticed that the mattress of the second set was not of the same quality. We physically went to the branch in question and reported to the Manager that we were unhappy. She said she could not understand how Restonic could have sent us the wrong mattress, but that she would contact them.

Restonic contacted us and said that we received the correct mattress as far as their books were concerned. However because of our unhappiness, the manager of Restonic sent us a replacement mattress. Upon delivery the mattress was the same as the first one.

This was clearly a mistake as they sent us the same WRONG mattress twice.

I immediately went back to Stanger branch and spoke to the manager. This time she said that the sale person had put the wrong price on the first set of bed (the one we are happy with). She also said that the sale person resigned as she was afraid of her mistake (the manager added that the sale person sold three sets at the wrong price).

She contacted Restonic again and the manager from Restonic contacted us to insist that he sent us the correct mattress.

It is clear that the first mattress is of a more expensive quality and we are now sitting with two different mattresses in our home. To us it is also clear that it is not a mistake from Restonic, but the Stanger branch.

Yesterday we went back to the Stanger store and the manager Sarah was aggressive and rude towards us. She refused to hear our point of view and said that we were personally attacking her. Please view your in-store cameras and you will see for yourself that we were not at all out of line. We spoke to her respectfully. If she felt anyhow offended, she needs to learn to deal with the public in a professional manner and don't get personal about things at work.

We paid cash for the mattress and asked her to refund our money. She said it would take 7 days. We did not take 7 days to pay for the item. Therefore we want our money immediately. She also asked us to give our bank statement. But we were unsure why as we were not applying for credit. If she wants to deposit the cash into our account what she needs to ask us is our banking details, not a bank statement.

Please place on record that this is a highly frustrating situation. By giving us our money back (which we do ask for) is actually an easy way out for the store. Mistake are human but making the same mistake twice and then getting rude to the customer is appalling.

We look forward to hearing from you. Our email address is [protected]

Reference no: RE-[protected]-346 RE-[protected]-10

Mrs D Gopalan

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