Joshua Doore / broken furniture and no feed back

Commissioner street Johannesburg, Johannesburg, MI, United States

I would like to lay a formal complaint against the Joshua doore in commissioner street in Johannesburg, I went to the store to complain about the couches that I bought there last year was assisted by Mr samuel I told him that the couches were broken and that my mum went to the store in butterworth regarding the same matter that was on the 12/12/14 when she went there and they promised to give her a call on monday the 14/12/14 that has not happened till. I was speacking with Mr samuel who said to me he was login a complaint regarding the matter. Then he said I will be contacted about this matter,,,, that was on the 16/12/14 still nothing yet. I again went to the store on the 17/12/14 at commissioner street were I was told that Mr samuel was on launch a lady went to call him and I was advised that he was coming so I waited for him for about 30minents so the lady said I must leave my cell number he will call me of which he has not call me even now. I just want to complain about poor customer services in both these stores I do not understand why should I be treated like this at this stores aspecial when I have been a loyal customer does this mean that the joshua doore only cares about me paying my installment not the service or quality of my furniture they are selling? Thank you in advance Noxolo Cordelia Camagu

Dec 19, 2014

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