Jordan's Furniture / does not honor promotions

Natick, MA, United States

In January we decided to buy a new living room set, we went with Jordans Furniture due to their reputation and quality of furniture. At the time they were running the triple play promotion where if you bought a sofa, and end tables, and 3-D tv you recieved a discounted blue ray player, 3-D glasses and Shrek box set. Well we purchased everything to make us eligible and even upgraded the tv, sofa and end tables, spending 5, 000.00 dollars total. This was in January, it is now May and I still have not recieved my items promised to me for taking part. I have called and filled complaints. They keep just saying their back ordered. The worst part is we can't use any 3-D glasses with the tv they have to be Samsung. Jordans keeps putting it on Pauls Tv however, we took part in the promotion with Jordans. Jordans has done not one thing to rectify this scituation. They have seriously gone down hill.Buyer Beware!!!

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