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Jitterbug should be shut down. Their billing is deceptive, if not illegal. They cannot provide accurate minute usage because they are always 3 days behind in collecting the info from other carriers.
They don't provide itemized billing statements. Outgoing calls take a minimum of 20-25 seconds of dead air space before you hear the dialed number ringing (because calls have to be routed through other carriers).
Reception is mediorce, at best.
Short battery life.
Their customer service "Supervisor" is extremely rude and consistently talks over you.
Jitterbug was an awful experience!

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  • Aw
      18th of Jan, 2011

    The battery runs down because the phone you have probably is working very hard to connect with the network. The company was on "net one" prior to transferring over to the verizon network which is called "net two" You'll need help from the Lord if you have an older phone with older software. The software isn't compatible with "net two" i.e. the verizon network. The net one customers are not told they need to update the software, which most of the time can't be done anyway. You'll just have to go out and purchase a brand new Jitterbug! Lucky you. If you call to cancel, you'll be fortunate to speak to a happy Account Services representative who will offer you a replacement for $49. even though it's the company's fault you can't connect to net two. If the rep is really good he or she will be paid $8 to "save" you. Most of the reps don't give a you know what, but money motivates the uneducated lazy reps and they'll do almost anything to keep you as a customer. Do yourself a favor and complain to the BBB.

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