JG Wentworth / Confusion? Or lack of effort?

United States

Jg wentworth has promised so much and given nothing. The paperwork was sent to us next day, fedex, filled it all out n sent it back. The little man we dealt with was so helpful up until that point. Sent us a 250$ discover card with nothing on it. Because he lost paperwork, (And never called to tell me he lost it) it hasn't been funded. I call and call but he hasn't been to work in a week. Promised us a advance on our settlement and, wouldn't you know, more paperwork I was not informed about. The guy I spoke to today, cause little man went home early again today, says it must be a confusing mistake. No it's lack of effort! My court date is 2 months after the first date I called. I pray the cancellation process is faster then everything else i've been through but i'm willing to wait!!! I would compare it to putting your money and paperwork in the hands of a 14 yr old. Actually I know more 14yr olds with responsibility then this god awful company! I take full responsibility because all the research I did said this is how this company works. Kickin myself in the butt for not listening!

Feb 18, 2013

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