Jewelmint.comThe jewelry is of atrocious quality

The jewelry is of atrocious quality. The plating is inadequately thin; it wears away after a mere two or three uses. I take fantastic care of my jewelry; I do not shower in it, I put it on after I've done my makeup, I make sure it doesn't come into contact with hairspray or perfume, and I store it in a jewelry chest. I have had the rhinestones fall out of three pieces of the 8 pieces I received as a gift from a friend.

The thing I was most displeased with is how they make their website look like something like Baublebar (which is actually a great website) a pay per piece service, but it is actually something more akin to BirchBox, a pay per month service. At sites like Baublebar (and flash sale sites) you get credit to your account for referring people, or just for being a new member. I am so accustomed to that format that when I saw the $29.99 "credit" on my Jewelmint account, I assumed it was something along those lines, and had no interest in using it as I didn't like the quality of the jewelry. I was pretty irritated to realize that this is a subscription service I signed up for, and even more irritated that I only have the first few days a month to skip the month, or I'm billed. Meaning if I don't want to pay each month, I either need to cancel after my first purchase, or go onto the website during the first five days each month and skip it. That's shady as hell. Even their Faq page features the same wording over and over again, "Just skip within that window and you won't be billed!" as if it is some marvelously feature of convenience. A cancelation button would be a marvelous convenience!

Why not put the credit on your account, and if you use the credit that month, you get billed, and if you don't, it just sits there? Because they're trying to be sly about playing by the rules and duping people out of their money, that's why. I can only wonder how much money they are taking from people who have just not noticed the $29.99 a month on their credit card bill.

The process of canceling is much simpler than it used to be according to other reviews. I simply did a live chat and was told that I would have a cancellation immediately and would be refunded the $29.99 credit sitting in my account. They then of course tried to save face and told me to make sure that I read the agreement that was sitting directly below where I purchased my jewelry. Okay, let's get real here, who reads 100% of the fine print when purchasing anything? Furthermore, let's be incredibly honest, Jewelmint, you could CERTAINLY make it far more apparent that we are signing up for $29.99 a month. They refuse to admit that they have made their website look and feel like a store, when it is in fact a subscription service. It plays by the rules, but it is MISLEADING! Being misleading is an unfair sales tactic and it makes you a bad company. Yes, it is my fault that I didn't read the fine print, or research the company beforehand, but if I'm obviously not in the minority with my belief that it was incredibly misleading, then there is a large portion of your customer base who feels the same way and not correcting that is POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE and quite frankly makes you morally reprehensible!

I was told that I simply needed to pay more attention when shopping in the future. You know what? That isn't your place to tell me that. I came to you as a retail store selling jewelry, not for life advice. It was not and is not your place to patronize your customers. I have worked in so many retail establishments since I was 15 years old, and two customer service call centers in my early twenties. I would have never dreamed of telling someone, "Okay, I fixed everything just like you asked... but you know, you should really be more careful next time because this was TOTALLY your fault" You do not shame your customers. GOOD customer service response would have been: "I've canceled your account and credited you back the $29.99 from this month as you requested. I apologize that our company seemed to be unclear in being a subscription service. Please fill out a survey and give us feedback on how we can improve and get your business back. Thank you!" Which response would get more customers back in the future, hmm?

Once you have canceled, do not think the e-mails will stop because they will not. Unsubscribing did not work. I searched for how to make a spam filter for Jewelmint on Gmail and had to do it that way, and things still get through sometimes. Customer Service was unhelpful in that scenario.

I also find the jewelry being designed by their designers to be a total lie. You can go on Aliexpress or Ebay and find many of the pieces for $5.


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