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I have just opened a fresh 17 packet and started smoking a cigarette, i was finding it difficult to inhale so ive found some holes in the top of the filter, looked through the packet and there are 6 others, cigarettes are very expensive these days so i expect them all to be the same, big inconvenience for me this is as im disabled and these were meant to last me till my carer came round with some more. Not happy...

Doesn't honor promis dates verry rude to customers

I purchased a bridal set at the Kay jeweler's @ North Gate Mall in Chattanooga, TN 2 weeks ago today. I was told that my ring would be here today... Guess what after calling and calling trying to get a hold of someone I finally get an answer and was told they would have to call me back after calling the shop to check on my ring.. waited and waited no call from the called back again no answer called customer service only to find out that for some unknown reason my rings were not sent to the store and would be delivered sometime tonight. Called the store again only to be rudely talked to by some very unprofessional female that acted like it was no bid deal that my rings were not there yet.. was finally told that it may be tomorrow before my rings were there. For $20 dollars more I could have gotten my rings across the hall of the mall at Zale's and had them in 2 days time. I will never buy anything else from Kay's or recommend them to anyone else...Good thing my wedding is still a month away or I wouldn't have rings for the wedding.