Jeulia / "rose gold" ring... not really though

China, ME, United States

Don't bother ordering anything rose gold. It comes off in a few months. And they won't do anything about it. My sapphire is dull and they said they'd replace it, but now they're saying since it's been over 30 days they won't do anything. They wont give me a customer service number to call, and the emails seem to be computer generated and not an actual person who cares about the product or the customer. I'd suggest finding a different company to buy from. Way to go with the customer and the product.
I don't wear it on the shower or while doing dishes.. it just rubbed off with normal wear.

Now seeing they're not even based in the US, but came with a shipping and return address in California. They're in CHINA!


May 9, 2017

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