Jetstar / lack of customer service

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

I have many problems with this airline and hyere are the letteres I have sent to the with stil no outcome. Please help.

Ref: BNE JQ 826 06 JAN 10 / V1V46L

Dear Jetstar Customer Relations,

I am writing to now make an official complaint regarding the way that I have been treated, spoken too, messed about, lied too and had costing made to me in an unacceptable way by your airline that advertises as ‘an airline that likes to save you money’.

The bullet points below summarise what has happened:

* I booked a flight from Sydney to Brisbane whilst in the UK, I called the service centre at a later date to add baggage allowance. After an hour on the line and not getting to speak to anyone, I gave up as it was costing me so much money, I tried a number of times to do this.

* On the 6th Jan I checked in for my flight at Sydney airport to be charged $110 for baggage allowance, I explained the situation that I had tried to call and arrange for it to be added to my booking as it was cheaper, but I was told I would have to pay the amount or not allowed to take the baggage.

* Around the 8th Jan I called the customer care centre to wait over an hour to speak to someone who then told me I would have to write in and gave me the address to do so. Around this time I sent a letter to you at this address to explain what had happened.

* A member of your team called me to resolve the issue, and stated that there would be a $50 voucher issued to me via email within 5 days and when I book another flight the voucher could be used.
I was happy with this outcome.

* Over 2 weeks later the voucher had not arrived so I called you ounce again to see what was going on and I was told ‘we are very sorry the voucher was not sent and we will send it again’. I was told it would arrive within 48 hours via email.

* Funny enough 2 weeks later the voucher had not arrived! Once again having to call your ‘service’ centre to once again see what was going on! On this occasion I was told that a member of the customer relations team would be contacting me within 48 hours!

* A member of your customer relations team (Adam) contacted me and said that there was a mistake made, apologised and said that he would increase the value of the voucher to $100 and this would be issued within 48 hours and that he was also passing this onto supervisor to see if anything else could be done. I was not happy with this as the previous phone calls had already cost me $80 so the problem from the beginning with the baggage charge had not been resolved. This was around the 15th Feb.

* Then guess what? 4 days later I still had no voucher! (Eric) in customer service (yes I had to call again) said that he would get a call back within 48 hours from customer relations….. 48 hours later…SO did (Rob) in customer service…. As I had to call again as no call back was given.
In-between all this I have sent 2 emails to which guess what? I have had no reply.

* I booked a flight to Sydney to leave on the 25th Feb. I paid full price for this flight.
The $100 voucher arrived the day before the flight. As you can imagine, I found this very useful or not as I had just paid full fare for a new flight, a very good way to save your customers money indeed.
The day before my flight to Sydney, I went to the check in desk 2 hours early to speak to someone about the problem I was having, I went to the check in desk as obviously there was no customer service desk.

After nearly 2 hours a member of staff at the airport in Brisbane managed to get one sector refunded for me at a value of $89, this would have covered the cost of my Phone calls and then the voucher that was sent would have resolved the issue at the beginning. I then thought that I would not have to speak to anyone else from Jetstar again! How wrong could I be.

* When I returned from Sydney, I went to book a flight from Brisbane to Melbourne for a date in May, using the voucher that I have waited nearly 2 months for, to find the voucher was invalid and could not be used.

I called ‘customer service’ and once again waited 45 minutes to get through to then be accused of using the voucher already and how dare I call. Apparently I had used it for a flight to Sydney on the 25th Feb, Which works out the refund that was issued was given instead of the voucher, which was not the agreement. I was disgusted at this attitude, lack of respect and rudeness by your customer ‘service‘ agent. But there again what can I expect from such a badly ran company.

I requested a call back from the customer relations team to find out what was going on. This was on the 14th March. Funnily enough it is now the 19th and I have had no call back.

I have no idea why you have a customer service centre that has no idea how to provide a service and a customer relations department that have no idea how to build good relations with customers?!

What I want from this is to resolve this issue with a written apology, the voucher returned to me at a higher amount and within a time frame that is kept too and to be at least treated with respect as a customer.

I want to make you aware that I will not be contacting you via telephone, email or letter again, I will be going direct to a newspaper, news company and use the internet to publicise your extremely bad and ignorant way that you think you can treat customers that spend money with you.

For an airline that advertises ‘An airline that likes to save you money’ I find this to be a total lie, and from recent events that are already on the news I think others agree.

I look forward to your reply very soon, and I hope not to be waiting another 2 months for this, also I do not wish to be left voicemail to call you back as like I have stated already I will not do so.

I then sent a letter to The CEO of jetstar with stil no reply...

Dear Bruce Buchanan of Jetstar Airlines,

I write to you in reference to my previously sent letter which is attached and which your company emailed me stating that they had received.

After waiting 3 weeks for Jetstar to reply I have no option but to do what I stated in the previous letter unless we resolve this matter immediately.

I will commence distribution of this complaint along with witness statements and call records over to the news agencies, reporters and various websites around the world if I do not have a reply within 5 days.

I will be doing this with the support of, witnesses who have been present when I have called Jetstar time and time again, call records that I have gained from my telephone network company and the help of Robert Heath Solicitors, Brisbane.

I see Jetstar as a company that has total disregard for customers. So much so that your complaints team can’t seem to deal with complaints in a time frame that is set by themselves.
As for a call handling agent, answering a telephone call in a decent manner, is unheard of and a waiting time for them to do that is a disgrace and if you are lucky to get in contact with one of these rude agents you normally get ‘cut off’ as they don’t seem to be trained to be able to transfer a call in a correct manner, all of which I have proof of.

I hope to get a reply from you to resolve this issue.


Jay Williams


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