Jetstar Airways / weight scale for carry on baggage needs to be recalibrated

I weighed my carry on at the gate. The scale indicated that it weighed 8kg. The attendant wouldn't let me carry it on and told me to check it in (I had no checked in baggage and no discretion was considered). I paid the stupidly expensive for no reason checked in baggage price and proceeded t0 check it in. When I put it on the check in scale it weighed my bag at 6kg.
I showed the weight receipt to the desk staff and asked that they have maintenance look into recalibrating their scale at the gate to avoid fraudulent money grabbing tactics. The man refused to acknowledge that the weight receipt was a correct indication of weight and asserted that the scale had been checked. As a result of jis confirmation of that fact, I am now satisfied that Jetstar are fraudulently stealing money from customers.
Terrible/zero customer centric service. Poor quality equipment and zero sense of untrained staff. An abysmal excuse for an airline that can't get the basics right. I can only draw the conclusion that their lack of attention to detail also means that their fleet are lacking security detail.

May 29, 2018

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