Jenkins Restorationshorrible

Worst Contractor Experience Ever.
Jenkins Restoration was recommended by my insurance company to provide comprehensive care after a water leak in my home. I did not realized that "comprehensive" would include all of the damage, mistakes, miscues, and lack of attention at the hands of Jenkins. Since they first came to the house to estimate the damage:
1. I've never seen their project manager again. Their management has not responded to call and email.
2. They have had to be prompted to communicate with me by my insurance company about the most basic of things.
3. Their contractors have damaged heirloom and other furniture to the tune of thousands of dollars of repairs. More headaches in the future.
4. Their contractors have damaged new hardwood installation causing yet another day of lost wages to be home for the repairs and less-than-seamless hardwood install.
5. They have scheduled folks to be here without our knowledge or agreement causing further delays and time off work.
6. They have left a massive cleanup in our basement from the splinters and dust from hardwood installation. More time off work, delays, and money out of pocket to cleanup.
7. They installed new vanities on tile that was to be removed first. More time off work and delays.
8. They installed new faucets that did not work, bent the pipe underneath, the sinks did not hold water, and there was a leak under the new sink after their install. More time off work and delays.
9. The vanities arrived without the ordered hardware and full compliment of backsplashes. More time off work and delays.
10. Their contractors were smoking in our home and walked on carpet with wet/salty (snowy day) boots. More headaches and cost to have professionally cleaned.
11. Their contractors came THREE times to measure for vanities. Each time causes lost wages.
12. Their contractors left sawdust, debris, and plumbers tape in vanities without cleaning up.

Each of these mistakes are costing us money out of pocket through lost wages to be home to fix, actual damages, and actual cleanup etc required. None of these issues alone are cause for concern or not showing patience/grace. Mistakes happen. BUT, the aggregate is alarming. Jenkins clearly does not care for its clients professionally or provide the level of oversight necessary to assure that things are done correctly. My insurance company's recommendation of Jenkins is dubious and I have strongly encouraged them to seriously consider removing them from their preferred vendor list. They are a horrible representative to what is an outstanding insurance company. If they would put themselves in the client's shoes perhaps they might better appreciate how successful business are run.

Jan 17, 2015

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