Altisource Complaints & Reviews

Altisource / agreement eviction pending

Nov 05, 2018

AltisourceMy name is Edgar A Razo since the 1 Of November I had agreed to vacate my home in a program called cash for keys my problem is with management whom was not able to comply with the AGREEMENT which was 2500.00 on the 30th of October i was served a 24 Hour eviction notice posted on my front...

Altisource Solutions / Altisource scam operation

Apr 18, 2015

Altisource contacted me several months ago, and asked if I would be interested in performing: Property Inspections/write up a scope of work for repairs for inspected property, and inspect work when completed. They offered separate fees - which I submitted and they 'accepted'. A...

Altisource / Entire company

May 23, 2014

Altisource was the closer for a real estate transaction. Their voicemails do not work and they NEVER answer the phone. Despite being given a "direct" line, I rarely get through. I had to go through all the numbers I had received through emails just to find one that worked. They do not...

Altisource / Rude Discriminatory Recruiters

Jul 19, 2013

THE RECRUITMENT STAFF, me and 2 of my friends applied last July 15, 2013 at the SM MOA Ecom bldg. branch, since I have a friend who was accepted 2 weeks before we applied and gave us very good feedback about the company and it's employees. at first it was okay since the guard was very...

Altisource Ocwen, Altisource, Reo Homes, Altisource Homes, Gohoming / Fraud,

Jan 18, 2013

Beware: the above mentioned are all the same place. I was looking for a house in Modesto, California. And saw this house that I like. It required me to put my offer online, so I wanted to I found out that it is a bidding process. When I entered a price, it automatically...

Altisource / vendor payment runaround

Jan 14, 2013

Been waiting for payment for services rendered for nearly 4 months. This after our bank account information was changed. They keep giving me a run around and asking for address update bank account information update this that and the other thing before they can process payments. I really...