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During the black friday sales, I approached an assosiate to inquire about a product that was advertised. The associate went to check with a manager and quickly came back stating they were in fact out of stock. Shortly after another associate walked by with a cart full of items that the store was "sold out" of. Upon checking out my mother requested to speak to a manager to explain her observations. After waiting about 30 mins I went to FIND the manager. After stating how long we waited for him to come to the front of the store, he informed us of the other important matters he needed to tend to prior to him answering the associates page. While my mother explained I reassured her the customers Issues are not a priority for this store— the managers will "get to it, when they can get to it". Immediate after that Carl (the General Manager) jumped to my face with his finger pointed into my face and responded "excuse me young man". I jumped up and responded I am a FEMALE, a grown female you will not disrespect me that way. He then threatened me to that he would call security and have me removed from the store. Seconds later THREE security guards showed up. We felt so threatened and afraid, we cant even complain to the GM about or experience. If this is the face of JC Penny and how your Company standards and expectations are set to be fulfilled I am heartbroken. I will be contacting corporate and complaining that I unsafe, unimportant, and shamed there in the Brunswick Georgia JC Penny.

Nov 24, 2017
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  • Mi
      Nov 28, 2017

    Black Friday and you think the store manager was suppose to jump as soon as you snapped your fingers? Does it not occur to you that there were a thousand other customers and issues going on he was dealing with? WAIT YOUR TURN LITTLE BOY!

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